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Cómo levantarse minas muy lindas en un bar

In club/bar environments it’s often thought the most difficult approach of all is directly approaching a group of uber hot women and successful endgame of taking one home. This post demonstrates a number of methods to give these girls the good seeing too they all crave and make everyone happy in the process. The methods outlined can be deconstructed and used in isolation in various other situations, but in this case they’re usually all needed due to our quarry being in a group and all hot. Social engineering methods will run alongside psychological ones for maximum impact. The group should be of a minimum of four women and a maximum of ten, and preferably receiving a lot of passive attention from other males.

Please note: This is a meta strategy to achieve an end goal. If at any point your target shows genuine interest you can skip steps, as you’re already where you want to be (but watch for compliance tests).

Step 1: Identifying Your Targets The first step is deciding which girls you’re going to use as your gateway strategy. I say, «girls» because as well as selecting a target (your end game girl) you will also need to identify one of the other girls as a leverage point for the social dynamic aspect of the method.

[ In this case it doesn’t have to be mother hen as the status of the girls in the group is pretty similar so there’s little difference in «ranking» due to them all being 9’s or 10’s.]

The girl to use as leverage will be the girl most interested in being approached and thus most likely ascribed by the other girls unconsciously as their biggest sexual rival. To identify her, study the group carefully. Your selection will seem less interested in the inane female chit chat taking place and will tend to scan the environment, looking around to check who is in the venue (which Chads) more so than the other girls.

She’s looking to see which guys are there as it’s her intention to get laid that night. She will most likely be wearing the most revealing outfit in the group and peaking in her ovulation cycle. Possibly wearing something red or maybe just red lipstick or nails as women seem to have a predilection for the colour -combined with skimpy outfits- when they’re at their most fertile, and thus at their horniest.

[Not wearing red isn’t a deal breaker, but if you’re 50/50 over two girls in the group, then use the red wearing one as your default selection. A number of scientific studies have correlated the colour to women at their most fertile/horny. As the saying goes «Red shoes, no knickers».

Women are always checking out other girls in public venues to monitor their status in the ongoing attraction hierarchy – but if you watch – you will see that girls with red clothing or nails/lipstick receive particular attention when they’re first spotted. The other girls know full well the significance of what’s going on, even if it’s just on an unconscious level.

The other girls in the group will know this too unconsciously and attempt to engineer spoiling strategies to counter their rival. You may notice they will look at her more to check what’s she’s up to and rubberneck during conversations they’re having with the others to keep tabs on her: Watch for this.

The final sign is a body language indicator much beloved by used car salesmen and one (now that you’ve read this) you’re going to see, all the time and even notice yourself doing it to the point you say «WTF!» when you see the hidden matrix of attraction cues going on around you.

Have you ever seen two people who know each other, meet and stop in the street for a chit chat, but one needs to get away because they’re busy? Have you noticed what happens to the angle of one of their feet? It POINTS towards the direction they want to go: the direction they were originally heading, it’s unconscious body language leakage indicating an ongoing desire that’s found even in higher primates.

Good car salesmen know this too, when they’re chatting to a prospect on the lot they’re keeping a close eye on where your foot is pointing as THAT’S the car you like. Your foot points towards things you like, and away from things you don’t. We all do it, I do it, you do it and hot bitches in bars do it.

Of all the body language clues the most accurate (and only ones which can be used in isolation) are eye contact and foot pointing. When you’re stood in a bar or chatting to your buddies, the default position for you feet are the 5 minutes to 1 position. Look for girls who have a foot deviating from this stance unless there’s a good reason, then look to see where it’s pointing.

[In fact; next time you’re in a bar or club with your buddies, look towards where one of your own feet are pointing. If one of them is pointed away from its default position then it’s very likely pointing towards some hottie you have your eye on]

In Summary: The girl you are going to use as leverage to assist your entry will be exhibiting what’s known as an «R cluster».

  • Reconnaissance: She’s scanning the bar looking for which guys (Chads) are in the venue as potential partners.
  • Revealing: She will most likely be the most sexily dressed of the group.
  • Red: She will most likely be wearing the colour red.
  • Real Interest: One of her feet will be pointing away from the group and towards where her real interest lays, usually a man or group of men.

[Disclaimer: allow for pointing which may be towards the bar (she wants a drink), the toilets (she needs to pee), the dancefloor (she wants to dance) or the exit (she wants to leave) although you will only see these indicators when she’s in conversation with someone else. If she’s not engaged in something she’ll just act on what she wants without pointing ]

Under any other circumstances this is the girl whom you should target in an approach strategy; whether it be a mother hen gateway -then move to your interest- or a direct approach to your interest from off the bat. Either way this is the girl most DTF that night.

In this case however, with the group all being uber hotties this is the girl you will use as your leverage point for entry – without activating any alarm bells or bitch shields [sure you can game this girl after, once you’re established yourself ] but the purpose of this strategy is gaining access first, disqualifying yourself from your approach girl (albeit temporarily) and then use your game skills to move things on.

Your actual target girl is the next one down on the «R cluster» scale. She will be exhibiting some or all of the «R cluster» traits (though not to the extent of your leverage girl) but also target girl will be rubber necking your leverage girl as her prime sexual rival that night. Women pick up on other girls who are ovulating on an unconscious level and adjust their behaviours sub consciously by mate guarding their partner more if they have one, and cockblocking their female friends if they’re both single. You’re going to use this unconscious behavioural drive for your own ends.

Step 2: The approach. In this situation you have two types of frame. 1/ The extant frame: Group of super hotties too good for anyone in the bar and «girl power» blowing off men and acting like a pack of bitches.

2/ The intrinsic frame: The real frame, a group of sexual rivals jockeying for status, utilising devious feminine psychological methods on each other, but pretending to be best girly friends while they do it.

The problem is: An extant frame can be pretty solid due to what’s known as embodied cognition and the girls actually start acting as if this is the reality they’re in, they start feeding their emotional states off each other in a feedback loop known as «Limbic resonance» and post hoc rationalising their own behaviour (known as «Hamstering»….) to avoid cognitive dissonance.

In broscience this is called «Believing your own shit». A radical deframe is required. Gentlemen, such a deframing exists.

«The Queens Of Sheba Opener.»

Internalise your RP mindset as the selector and approach your target girl direct (ensure she has a full drink as you don’t want any distractions or default «drink tooling» programs firing up). Make sure she sees you are approaching so you don’t trigger an auto pilot response by surprising her, then stop in front of her as if weighing her up for a few seconds, then ask the question.

«Who’s your friend?»

She’ll be expecting a chat up line or random beta validation, but gets surprise instead (the type we DO need) which derails normal shit testing programming (we’re also generating an emotional response here, which is good) but curiosity will make her ask…

«Which one?» [ that’s why we need a minimum of 4 girls in the group ].

With a nod of your head towards your leverage girl reply…

«The one all the guys are interested in»

This is a huge deframe. There she is enjoying all this attention and validation, then all of a sudden the rug is pulled from under her: The attention and validation may not actually be for her!

Hamster central rapidly boots up to protect her self-image.

«The guys are looking at all of us….?»

«Is nobody actually interested in me and it’s actually my friend that’s creating all this interest from guys…?»

«I’m beautiful, but is she so much more attractive than me that all these guys don’t care?»

«Am I the least attractive of my friends…?»

«What the fuck is my status in the group…?»

All these thoughts go through her head in a split second as you’ve just triggered an «imposter syndrome» program to run in her mind. Not only that, but the source of it is her prime sexual rival who she unconsciously ascribes as a threat.

Oh fucking dear…

Her status is now in limbo and needs a reference point to stabilise itself so her limbic brain creates a sense of dread causing her to reframe from the bottom up to achieve some stability to build from. The dread is hard-wired into her brain: In the ancestral environment a rapid change in circumstances could mean imminent danger or a big survival opportunity. The limbic brain doesn’t trust your pre-frontal cortex (the conscious) to deal with it so pulls rank and drops into heuristic mode.

Heuristics are nothing more than pre-wired emotional responses on how to deal with something quickly. They come from the emotional brain and are combinations of responses based on previous similar experiences (the social emotions like, shame, guilt, jealousy etc) with some actually hard-wired into the brain’s source code (like fear, anger, lust etc ). When these heuristics are running then you’re also susceptible to influence, as you’re locking onto someone else’s frame as a scaffolding to bring you back to normality/stasis and the «emotional traffic highway» is now open for emotions coming in the opposite direction (from the other person).

Your frame as selector and alpha is incorporated into her own.

[ To the vast majority of girls «status» within their peer group (which used to be the tribe) is of considerable importance as it had to be kept a close eye on in the ancestral environment to maximise the potential of mating with the highest alpha male they could get. It had to be monitored at all times and like I said action taken to avoid any potential loss and seize on the opportunity for any potential improvement.]

With very hot girls status is even more important as being «top girl» was the genetic jackpot for their genes. These girls now pretty much have everything, the looks, the orbiters, the protectors, and all the other benefits which come from being an uber hottie. The one thing they have to work for is their status/value with other uber hotties in their group/tribe.

Lost at sea she now starts to do something she very rarely does: She starts qualifying herself to you and sabotaging her rival.

Step 3: The Lock In

Important If you start validating her now, then any potential attraction will disappear very quickly. Remember this as you will have an urge to do so.

The behaviour you drop into now is that of «amused mastery» with a heavy emphasis of skepticism. Cross your arms when she’s validating herself, but listen to the criteria she’s basing herself judged worth upon. See if you can find an adjective she seems keen on which you can use to preface the word «Confident». When you’ve identified the word then make sure to slightly nod when you hear it (more about this later, but it’s to do with what are called «trancewords».) The nod is a way of analogically marking it through body language so that its significance is processed unconsciously, as body language is decoded by the unconscious brain first and the conscious secondly, but only if it appears to be incongruous will the conscious boot up to give it «due process».

Keep a wry amused smile on your face, she will sense that you’re not taking the bait and most likely go some light kino on you to punctuate her emotional state and expect you to invest with some validation. Kino her back, but always in a pushing fashion and don’t look where you touch (it’s creepy). Because of her emotional state your kino won’t be processed at a conscious level as the cognitive buffer is filled with other concerns, but unconsciously it’s getting through to her attraction centres.

Step 4 The Lock Down The key now is to drop her out of her emotional state temporarily and then spike it back up again using a process known as «refractionation». Basically when someone comes out and then back into the same emotional state, the second time they go into it, it’s more powerful. It’s a method used by the «speed seduction» community to generate high levels of arousal in a woman, but in this case we’re just using it for a different emotional model to suit our strategy.

Uncross your arms with a sigh, relax and then change the subject to something mundane going on in the venue as if you’re just chatting to one of your buddies. Men do not do this to uber hotties as their usual remit is to try to impress them. She will think you’ve disqualified her (causing slight confusion) as a potential partner and up your ascribed value in her mind. Carry on the conversation for about a minute and then drop the line. «Actually you have three big advantages over your friend» (leverage girl).

[Credit for this goes once again to Mystery and was originally known as the «Three Things About You Technique». Its methodology was to tell a girl two things about herself attraction wise that she didn’t know, but not the third. The PUA could then either go sarge other girls or go to the washroom or bar knowing he had inoculated the girl from further approaches by other guys hanging around as she always wanted to find out the third.]

It uses a cognitive bias we all have known as the «Zeigernic effect» and is very effective [I can vouch for its impact as I’ve had girls come to a bar they knew I was going next, wait outside a wash room for me, and even been pulled out of a taxi to find out the elusive third thing.]

The Three Things: This time, however we’re going to use the «things» as vehicles for some pretty devious and cunning psychological deep mind influence.

When she asks what they are, use the ones below and make sure to preface the first with the words «The first one is». This is to create a language pattern known as an *»Ordinal».

An «Ordinal» is a presupposition that there will be a number of things. By using the word «first» you’re implying that there will be a second, third, etc. The second, third may not even exist, but the listener presupposes that they do as you used the word «first».

[ The woman already knows there will be three things, but in this case you’re using it a reinforcer to prevent cognitive drift ]

Then use the word «Because». «Because» is a statement as opposed to a question and various studies have discovered the word as a preface generates more influence from the speaker. This is because the laws of cause and effect are programmed into all higher animal brains, but by using the word at the beginning of our list (use it only for the first thing) and going through the list in this order, we are starting a process called *»State Titration» so each separate «thing» titrates into the next one, making the process seamless and generating *»cognitive fluency» to prevent her critical factor booting up.

[Count them off on your fingers as you do so. In this way you’re again using a body language cue to anchor them.]

1/ » The first thing is because….» Then a comment on her appearance, but not anything physical. It’s important that it’s something which you genuinely like as the very fact that you have spotted it means it will be something which she wore for that purpose. Something like her dress or shoes making her look «classy» or «sophisticated» as if these are essential criteria for you in a partner (if you DO have essential criteria then use those instead as it will help your congruence).

She will see this as an advantage she has over her fellow beauty leverage girl and mentally agree.

You have just started what’s known as a «Yes Set» (getting her mind into the house of yes) to ease the next two things through.

2/ A comment on how she’s a friendly girl and not standoffish. The reason for this is you’re «priming» the «friendly» behaviour mindset (by «half cocking» the relevant network of neurons» ) into her brain, so she will more likely to act friendly and less keen to start shit testing you. Because you’ve already got her brain into yes mode (the essence of the «yes set») from your first statement and you’re titrating emotional state, her critical factor (the pre-frontal cortex) usually lets the idea into her mind without much introspection. ( No need to use «because» or «The …….thing is», from now on as their work is done ).

3/ Now we use the most Machiavellian attraction trigger in existence…

The Amygdala Feedback Loop.

But first some background. You may have noticed I’m a big proponent of «embodied cognition». This is for good reason. It’s commonly reasoned that when the mind wants the body to do something, it sends a signal to cause the result it requires. This is true, but only half the story. When the body commits the action the mind requests, it sends a signal back to the brain to announce its new state. The brain analyses the return signal and tweaks its instructions in a feedback loop to fine-tune everything and achieve maximum efficiency.

However…if you consciously induce that state in yourself or someone else then the unconscious picks up the return signal and assumes that the signal is the current «state of play» of how things are, and sychronises itself to it, feeding back the new mental model to the body in an ever strengthening loop until the new state becomes the new reality.

There’s been a lot of research into this and the original model was proven by researchers who asked test volunteers to read jokes with and without a pencil held in their mouth. They discovered that the volunteers found the jokes funnier with the pencils then without them.


Holding the pencil in the mouth requires the face to use the «Zygomatic major muscle» to do so. This muscle is also the one which unconsciously triggers when we smile. The brain senses that the muscle is triggering and infers that activity is happening in the body which correlates to a happy/funny state. Instead of the feedback loop going «brain to body to brain to body….» it begins at the state of the «body» instead. The mind adopts the state of the body (happy) to avoid dissonance and the new state becomes the norm, but in this case… You find the jokes funnier.

So…we trigger a behaviour in the girl which correlates to her being attracted to someone.


Sometimes however, this feedback loop runs out of control and can actually cause a panic attack. Calibrate her state closely at this time as any other emotions ongoing in her psyche can hitch a ride on the loop, and some girls can go really crazy when this happens. We’re running a pure attraction loop and nothing else here so be careful what you’re doing.

We count off our third finger, look her in the eye, pause, and then say……

«The third thing is you make lots of very confident eye contact».

Why? Because very attractive girls are very adept at avoiding eye contact with random guys who constantly try to make it with them. If they didn’t, then they would have no end of loser types she has no interest in approaching her and wasting her time.

The only guys she *does make eye contact with, are guys she is interested in or attracted to. You’ve induced a state of attraction in her as she will now adopt that behaviour with you. The body is saying to the brain «I’m making a great deal of eye contact with this guy» so her mind says «Ok that must mean I am attracted to him, so make more of the same» and the feedback loop continues.

The reasons she adopts the behaviour are.

1/ She’s in validation mode with you as her sexual rival is stealing her thunder; she wants it back and if eye contact is an ace up her sleeve, then so be it.

2/ She’s in the final stage of a «yes set».

3/ Do you remember the bit about «trancewords» earlier? Trancewords are words (usually adjectives) based on a person’s sense of values. These values are an actual part of someones identity at their most powerful. When she’s stating her case for being more attractive/desirable than her rival she’s using what she considers her main advantages over her.

They could be: «I’m more passionate», «classy», «sophisticated», «deep», «seductive» etc.

So the final push to get this behaviour through to her limbic brain is to utilise a value which has already been «preapproved» by her unconscious as being important to her. This is a technique known as «tailgating». You take a value very close to another person’s belief model, link it to the value/behaviour you wish to induce and the very association of the latter to the former stamps the signal approved for access to limbic brain to the package as a whole. Into her mind it goes to be unwrapped back into its two separate values once it’s arrives.

Machiavellian? Totally. Manipulative? Absolutely.

So….For the final push… with a slight nod (our earlier state anchor) we say…

«You make very confident (insert trance word here) eye contact».

Step 5: Welcome To My Frame

This stage is the stage to drop her totally out of her frame and into yours. You invite her into your territory. One of the remits of an alpha male in the entire animal kingdom is that they have their own territory. In this case, it would either be where you were originally stood if you’re on your own, or back to your wingmen/wingman if you’re in a group. By doing so you’re demonstrating territorial, attraction generating cues at the very deepest parts of her limbic mind. That’s the place (amygdala) where the values «Fight, Feed, Fuck» reside.

This is deep core and the place you want to be.

Step 6: How The World Is

If you’re on your own, then project the emotional behaviour and frame that’s she’s a plate that you’re very fond of (mentally not verbally) and run with that, with the odd unpredictable intercession (this refractionates but also loads up her cognitive buffer to keep the unconscious highways clear).

If you’re with your buddies then brief them before the approach on what to do when you bring the girl over. A good first thing for one of them to say is.

«Are we staying or are we going?»

By doing this you indicate to her that you’re the leader of your group (the alpha) but also imply a «scarcity» mindset in her so she will infer that you may actually be leaving (after all this chemistry!) and make her invest more.

You of course reply…

«I haven’t decided yet»

The mindset your group should now operate on, is as if she’s a girlfriend you’ve been dating a while, but they’ve just met her. The group frame that this is the reality in question will permeate unconsciously and eliminate any residual frame she has (people drop into the strongest frame they’re interacting with 95% of the time).

No doubt the buddies will be looking for a piece of the action too, in which case ask her a female opinion on something then get her to invite one of her friends over to back her up. Now her group is splitting, some of your guys can go over and chat to the remaining ones. Top R cluster girl is your best bet here for ease of entry.

After that is up to you, but the goal you want is to separate and isolate all the girls into groups of two (two girls-two wingmen) then run with it, with the end goal of bouncing in pairs to the next venue, but keep your frame tight at all times.

End Note

The most important thing about this method is YOU. In all human interactions, people send out what could be called «reality pings» like a submarine’s sonar. These «pings» detect the frame of an ongoing interaction and who’s going to drop into whose frame. The pings happen on an unconscious level and give an emotional valence to the frame at hand. Most people know about body language communication at a meta level, but below that there are tiny nuances in behaviour and physiology called «BMIRs». This stands for *Behavioural Manifestations Of Internal Representations».

BMIR’s are impossible to consciously fake and also very difficult consciously to detect. They just give us a gut feeling about someone (although the American secret service does train its agents using some BMIRs called «Facial Action Cues» [Micro gestures of the face which last only 300 milliseconds] developed by a guy called Paul Ekman so it can be done.

Alas we don’t have access to this level of training but there is a fast track method.

Genuinely believing your TRP frame and knowing 100% that the method will work. When you do that your BMIRs are a 100% reflections of your intentions and mental frame. The woman gets the «feelz» about you on an unconscious level. Her «reality pings» are mapping your psyche and getting the thumbs up (it’s based on the «limbic resonance» I covered earlier). Hypnotists utilise the concept by what’s called «going first». They adopt the emotion they wish their subject to have, the subject picks up the BMIRs of the emotion, their mirror neurons inject it into their own «global-workspace» and they feel the emotion themselves.

Remember though: In field is chaos at the best of times with people coming in and out of set and a great deal of distractions (Mobile phones!) but the greater the integrity of your frame (your force field) the less effect these things will have.

TL;DR Look up the bit about foot pointing. It’s the matrix unveiled of attraction intentions.

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