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Para cuando tenes «La Charla», ella ya empacó y esta lista para irse


You know what ‘the talk’ is. You probably got it over the phone.

Her: “Can we talk?”

Her: “Do you think we will last?”

You not having takin’ the red pill, went all “honey what’s wrong? I know we fight sometimes but we’ll get through it I promise”

See, you made the mistake of believing this relationship was reconcilable. False. By the time you’ve had ‘the talk’, she’s already packed and planned her exit. It’s over bro. Time to move on.

Why Do Women Bring Up ‘The Talk’?

1) Closure

I say this all the time and it bears repeating: ALWAYS let them leave without consoling or trying to justify yourself or arguing against her or whatever. Just don’t react.

A ton of guys make this mistake. She’s gonna try to get you to chase her. If you don’t chase her however, in her mind you two are “unresolved” or “lack closure” and come back. Why?

“Closure” to girls is a basis to be unattractive to you. They can’t be more invested and just let go. They need something to support letting go. This could cover a whole post ultimately they need you to do something beta-ish to “get over you”. Else they’ll just become another Alpha Widow.

– Omlala on …And Ruth Gets Jealous

2) She’s Cheating and Needs ‘Closure’

3) Her Ego Needs Fluffing

She feels in need of validation and starts this drama in hopes that you tell her how important your relationship with her is and give her compliments and do more shit for her. What she doesn’t know is that by doing this, she only further decrease her own tingles.

4) Has a Lot Invested

‘The Talk’ doesn’t usually appear unless you’ve been together for awhile. In this case, it means the woman has a lot invested in you. She could be looking for a reason to stay, rather than leave (still packed and ready to leave just in case). And by ‘reason’, I mean become attractive in her eyes again. No one likes to think that their efforts were all for nothing.

The Secret Reason Women Do This: They’re Hypocrites

~”Men are romantics trying to be realists. Women are realists trying to be romantics” – Fartholomew Simpdaughter commented here

The only reason she feels comfortable destabilizing the relationship in this manner is because she has another option she’s considering. Women fear being alone on a level men will never understand. They need some kind of man in their lives to be emotionally stable. Women don’t simply unattach from one man and walk the lone rode, they transition from one man to the next. For this reason, she ensures she always has some dude to fall back on when things don’t work out.

Note: This does not have to be a boyfriend. Orbiters and some dude she fucks on the side will suffice.

Remember how she questioned your interactions with other women? Ever have a woman discuss her discomfort towards the actions of another woman towards you? A facebook like, a text, a phone call, a friend request, a compliment? I’m sure you have.

Women tell you to cut off all ties with other women because you’re together with her now, right? What do you need them for if you’re with meee?!?

Guess what? She told you that while simultaneously creating a safety net of men to fall back on should the relationship go south. All women have back-ups, new batters in line for the pussy plate should you strike out (Women are practical, “why WOULDN’T you cultivate more options?”). Women are masters at corralling male attention onto themselves while providing nothing in return. She not only gathers these guys, but she maintains their orbiting status on a regular basis by flaunting her body, insinuating the promise of pussy, or taking advantage or of a guy’s natural presumptions.

She will tease the beta orbiters just enough to keep them around to provide an ego boost and run errands for her with as little reciprocation as possible. It is also not uncommon for a woman to have ‘platonic’ conversations with Chad on the side as to entertain the idea of hooking up with him though she may not have an intent to pursue him just yet. A woman is a planet, and she periodically flashes a visual appealing aurora to have other men in space pull out their telescope and check to see if they can land their rocket.

These guys constantly communicate with her in person, through social media, texting, and phone calls. They tell her how pretty she is, help her with her problems (including those in your relationship), and try to woo her for a fuck. You’ve probably seen this in action while chilling at home with her. She receives a text from some guy you don’t know and she responds, then puts the phone down. You probably asked her what that was about. She probably said “oh, nothing”, “just a friend”. If you interrogate her on this, she will come up with all sorts of excuses for why she has these men in the vicinity, then flip the script and call you insecure and tell you you’re just imagining things. Don’t kid yourself, women are fully aware of the intentions these men hold and that she encourages this behavior.

You think I’m joking about how women blatantly use men to do shit for them?

Read: Women have men order them free pizza on tinder

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#GiveYourMoneytoWomen and posting their Paypal accounts

Read: Woman gets $1200/mo in free dinner dates from

Read: Women are using Tinder to con men into doing chores

How Do You Solve This?

You don’t. This issue didn’t just appear out of nowhere, it occurred in stages that you were unaware of. You fucked up at various points in the relationship, she just didn’t say anything about it (directly). The signs were all there, you just didn’t see them for what they were. Anything that you can salvage from redeeming yourself isn’t worth the effort. The relationship will never be the same with your past forever lingering in her mind.

It’s important that you don’t show any kind of emotion. Don’t even address this question. Mainstream advice will tell you to do one of two things:

  • 1) Beg for forgiveness, buy her flowers, and take her out somewhere nice.
  • 2) You need a ‘break’.

If you considered the first option, you’re a bitch. ‘Communication’ is validation-seeking behavior. The second option, however, has merit, but isn’t worded correctly. What you need to do is conduct Operation: Dread Game. Stop answering her calls and texts and just do your own thing and talk to other women. After a little bit, say “my bad, I was busy”. This will drive her nuts. Now the frame will be flipped back in your favor. Originally she tried to have you explain why she should stay, but now you made it about why you haven’t been paying her any attention. Women have a love/hate relationship with this. Is this manipulative? Yeah, but who gives a shit. They crave it and more importantly, it works. You should apply this ‘soft dread’ periodically to keep them on their toes. As a matter of fact, if you have shit going on in your life, you will necessarily do this automatically (‘naturally’). It creates the much needed drama for women without being ‘dramaful’.

Always remember gentlemen, your most powerful tool is the ability to walk away. She has to believe in her heart that you’ll entertain the thought of leaving if she ever acts out of line. YOU have to draw the line and be willing to drop everything at an instant and walk out the door should she cross it.

Wanna know more about this dread-game concept? Read below …

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I typed in ‘dread game’ in the Red Pill Subreddit search bar, this is what i got. Start reading.


You probably were ‘alpha’ in the beginning, then started softening-up, began prioritizing her over yourself and believed you could let go ‘cuz unconditional love ‘n shit. Wrong. Always be the man that got her in the first place. The game never ends. Get used to it.

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