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Leaving the space, James finds the resort flooded and you will burnt-away and finally discovers Angela on a great stairwell surrounded by flame

Leaving the space, James finds the resort flooded and you will burnt-away and finally discovers Angela on a great stairwell surrounded by flame

Angela and you can James talk for the last some time and, even with James’s pleas, Angela continues within the stairs and you can disappears beyond the fire, implying one to she plans to commit committing suicide.

Typing that was as reception, James finds parece due to the fact she is flanked by the several Pyramid Brains. Declining to flee away from their opponents, the guy converts and attacks the Pyramid Heads. That have James now trying to revenge in place of abuse, the Pyramid Brains cease to your workplace plus they deliberately impale on their own to their spears.

James try led to a hallway in which the member hears an earlier conversation which he and Mary had while she are however alive. Within this dialogue, James also offers Mary plant life they have delivered this lady. Immediately after it, she skills another feeling swing and you can begs James to help you forgive their, pleading getting him to stay with her and you may assure this lady one to the woman is perhaps not attending pass away.

She instantly rejects them, lashing aside during the your and you can protesting you to definitely this woman is too unpleasant and you can unappealing for plants

James fundamentally matches a female exactly who is much like Mary before last workplace battle. The outcomes associated with the stumble on hinges on the fresh new player’s measures from inside the games.

It is uncertain what happened in order to James throughout the or adopting the situations out-of Silent Slope 2, thus James’s future are remaining deliberately ambiguous. An interpretation of one’s Publication away from Forgotten Memory states «Of your own four findings, there is absolutely no you to definitely best interpretation. For every stop implies an alternate possibility.» [7] The writer off Silent Mountain dos, Hiroyuki Owaku, has never made an official report away from a cannon finish.

For a third time, es in the end knows what Pyramid Lead and you will es themselves, authored unconsciously so you’re able to discipline him having their sins

  • Inside Quiet Mountain step 3, that also has a lot of Quiet Hill 2 references, Douglas Cartland states he had been involved in a missing individuals situation where a guy went missing in the Quiet Slope and you can is never ever receive, and is possible that Douglas is actually speaing frankly about James no matter if the guy gone away together with girlfriend.
  • Silent Mountain 4: The space showed that James and you will Mary «vanished inside the Silent Slope», meaning he’s got canonically disappeared.
  • Quiet Slope: Homecoming had an advertising journal to your its site authored by Alex Shepherd and he writes, «Since then, nobody keeps viewed or heard many techniques from James Sunderland. Oh yes, and his awesome wife’s label try Mary Shepherd-Sunderland. Is actually she pertaining to me?» Because Homecoming is set into the late 2007, that it supporting James might have been shed doing that it time.
  • In water is the basic finish placed in the publication out of Missing Recollections.
  • The latest novelization uses the latest In the water end. However, it needs to be listed that it was authored by Sadamu Yamashita, exactly who appear to did not wskazówki dotyczÄ…ce quiver manage new video game and you can utilized the A beneficial+ conclude into first game’s novelization. [8] and you will Kid Cihi both prefer «Within the water» since their individual cannon finish, regardless if Ito including told you «I do believe there are a lot real stop for each associate/athlete.» Cihi prefers this new «Leave» end. [9][10][11][12][13][14][15] Cihi 1st imagine the latest Get off end as his very own canon because it are an educated lead to possess James and believed James deserves a happy conclude once their guilt and you will distress, but sooner or later made into In the water given that the guy thought it was even more bittersweet and you will fit the fresh heartbreaking build of one’s tale finest. [16]
  • Masahiro Ito generated Pyramid Direct with in Liquids planned. [17]
  • The new protection of the guide and you can inclusion video off Hushed Mountain 2 reveals James holding Mary’s corpse, hence only takes place in the In the water finish.

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