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Una naturaleza solipsista


  1. Introducción
  2. La Pausa en la Prioridad
  3. Comunicación, Abstracción y Solipsismo
  4. La Lucha
  5. Cierre
  6. Lectura recomendada

1 – Introducción


Women conflate histrionics with characteristic depth, because to women, depth is defined by interweaving hues of diverse emotional experience and how they relate to one another rather than an understanding of the abstract. Conversely, man defines depth by struggle, knowledge and a capacity for the abstract thought necessary to think critically.

The masculine does not view the incessant cataloguing and processing of one’s emotional history to be particularly interesting or deep. However, this propensity is an intrinsic fundamental of the solipsistic rationalisation process native to women. It is this process by which women build their self-perception. Naturally, the flaw of this process is the dominance of the catalogued emotional narrative and an absence of introspection in regard to it.

The distinction between introspection and solipsism lies in that introspection assumes the external world is the root, attempting to understand where the individual fits in relation to said world. Solipsism assumes the individual is the root, and attempts to understand how the external world fits in with relation to the self. “What I think” becomes “I think that made me feel because…” And so whilst a woman considers it enlightenment to explore every nuance of her emotional palette, men view such fixation as nothing more than infantile self-absorption.

Antithetically, what man views as immature behaviour, woman perceives as mature. To a woman there is nothing more interesting and mature than “understanding herself.” Whilst man desires to understand the world, a woman desires to understand herself. When a woman declares “she needs to find herself,” other than riding a train of exotic men to accomplish the task, what she means to communicate is “I’m leaving to seek nuanced emotional experiences I haven’t felt before.” Eliciting the further unspoken implication “…and I don’t think you can provide those experiences.”

By nature of solipsism, women deem the abstract obtuse and the solipsistic reasonable, whilst man, the contrary; the solipsistic obtuse and the abstract, reasonable. Within the sexual differences into what constitutes human depth, we merely scratch the surface in elucidating how distinct the psychological perceptions of men and women are.

2.) The Pause In Priority:

Free a woman of material dependence, and any polite sensibility or sense of self-constraint flees in an unending pursuit of new emotional luxury. When surviving is no longer an issue, the pursuit of rich and nuanced emotional experiences come to the forefront of a woman’s wants.

Really, a woman’s need for resources is nothing more than an unwelcome interruption of her primary psychological drive, emotional self-discovery. And so the gratitude of a desperate woman provides the perfect guise for solipsistic selfishness, it will make her seem like a good woman; one who cares for others more than herself. But the mere act of provisioning shifts her priorities, for she must no longer behave deferentially to have her material needs met.

For the pursuit of intense emotion is only paused by the urgency of material needs, it is never vanquished. No wonder then that a woman’s directive is to first seek out a man who can provide, only to later seek a man who can induce emotional intensity should the prior be incapable, or no longer capable of providing it. The boring sycophantic domesticated male is a necessity of bated breath for the woman without wealth, but truly it is the detached, ever alluring, but never quite attainable alpha she truly longs for.

Romance and sex, as distinct as they are, are the culminating opiates of emotional experience, fear and power but the aphrodisiac to wetten the feminine emotional appetite. Therefore in the pursual of unending solipsistic self-discovery, it seems only natural that women would be most permanently drawn to such things, for their ability to provide the most compelling fantastical emotion is unchallenged. It is female nature to learn about herself via the emotional roller coaster, so what better way is there for a woman to research herself other than to pursue romance?

The fixation with romance is not solely part of her biological imperative to produce offspring, but likewise a window into the feminine soul, the need to indulge her most visceral emotivity. And this inclination refuses to cease even when a woman has reproduced countless times. This suggests its presence within the feminine is not a clear-cut evolutionary psychological benefit we can glibly deduce to be a simple manifestation of the feminine biological need to seek out optimum genetic material. Because if it were, a craving for romance, the opiate of solipsism, would diminish if not vanish in women who have birthed multiple children. Instead, we note its persevering intrinsicality.

A 60-year-old woman with 5 children is no less solipsistic and longing for romance than a 20-year-old with zero. She may be less optimistic of the endeavour, but nevertheless it is something she shall crave should she lack it. And I think it not that romance is a solipsistic determiner for commitment and provisioning; as the most sought romance is always that which is unabashedly obsessed with the woman, never any children she has. Likewise for good measure, such romance is forbidden, often sexually depraved and absent the mundanity of everyday life. Female solipsism goes much beyond a woman’s role as a mother, and if too pervasive, can actually undermine her capacity in that role.

3.) Communication, Abstraction & Solipsism:

Much unlike man, who searches for understanding in the external world, a woman’s quest for understanding lies within the emotion of the internal word. Women are not so interested in the quirks and qualities of the abstract world in so much as they are ever perplexed by their emotions.

Where a man’s curiosity lies in how the external world functions and how he can best manipulate it, a woman’s curiosity lies in how her internal world functions and how she can best utilise the external world to manipulate her well-being. Essentially, men are knowledge focussed whilst women are self-knowledge focussed. Men are curious of the abstract, women are curious of the fluidity and sentiment of the self. Man defines himself in relation to what his observations conclude, woman defines herself in relation to how her observations make her feel.

Women are near constantly preoccupied with their emotions in response to external stimuli. This inhibits external analysis, focussing it internally. Women will communicate how they felt from memory, eliciting further feelings, leading to word-by-word disseminations of how she believes her feelings define her – as she feels them. And so there is this continuous cycle of feelings eliciting further feelings, which a woman then needs to factor in to her overall view of herself. Only with a conclusion rationalised to be emotively acceptable does she find relief. Such a conclusion is rarely ever THE truth, but rather, HER rationalised, chosen truth. A truth that reconciles negative with positive emotion to bring about an internal balance that is completely unconcerned with the abstraction that is objectivity.

As such, the solipsism of women appears to be not just a limitation, but an addiction. An addiction man finds psychologically arduous should he find himself in the not so pretty situation of playing therapist to the ever dissatisfied self-discovering woman. When a woman talks about her feelings, she is defining them as they are brought to the surface and expressed. Women need to talk about how they feel, because although their focus is internal, their process is external. As such, they address external problems from the position of their emotions without even so much a hint of desire to remove said emotional filter. This is the core of what we mean by “women are solipsistic.”

Sanity to man lies in understanding the world, a woman’s sanity lies in understanding herself. A woman who cannot understand herself is fraught with distress, compelled only to seek further self-understanding. Man experiences a similar distress in an inability to understand the world rather than himself, in this we note the similarity yet complete distinctiveness of the sexes. Much unlike the self however, surroundings can be replaced. The self can be influenced, but it is ineludible. As such, a woman cannot escape herself, for she is always herself. The craziest woman is therefore the woman who has no outlet to process her emotions, for her relative sanity is entirely dependent on the process of emoting.

So despite women being stuck in their heads (or should I say hearts?) they speak loquaciously. To process her emotion there is talking, lots of talking. So why does a man stuck in his head tend to focus outwardly and process his observations inwardly, whilst a woman focusses inwardly but processes her observations outwardly, namely, with voluble chatter?

It is a most quirky irony that in a quest to comprehend herself, a woman will speak constantly. It is by merit of solipsism and this constant need for emotional self-discovery that every woman considers herself an expert on herself, and as such, is inclined to talk at great length about herself. In terms of attraction, there is nothing more that a woman loves than for a newly acquainted man to tell her something she considers true about herself. A man who seems to know a woman on the emotional level without that woman having to express herself exudes his own enchanting intrigue. By being able to communicate with a woman on this level, man creates his presence within her solipsistic world. “He just, like, totally gets me!”

This is oft mistaken for narcissism, but should she lack narcissism, such a quality still persists. For not only is self-obsession a product of narcissism, but likewise a product of solipsism. Therefore being that solipsism is intrinsic to women, self-obsession is an unavoidable by-product. Indeed a woman’s most profound hobby is that of her self-interest, chiefly, the catalogued history of emotions she has experienced, how they shape who she is, and which ones are desirable enough to be pursued for re-creation.

To summarise this section:

The emotional world is solipsistic, for it is singularly distinct from individual to individual, like a series of unconnected universes existing simultaneously. The abstract world on the other hand is a shared constant, external, one we all operate and cohabit within. To women, there is no distinction between the emotional and the abstract, for she believes the emotional is abstract. Her instinct is that her inner-world is an abstract world she must constantly process and seek to understand via external communication. To men, the inner world is a solipsistic world. Both men and women have an inner emotional world, but men have less interest in processing the nuances of this world and live their lives mentally more in the abstract world.

4.) Struggle:

Few women play the male game, that is, that depth is a product of hardship, study and self-awareness. To women, self-awareness amounts to nothing more than solipsistic indulgence; this is to experience strong emotion and to then process that emotion via further emoting. The reason women constantly communicate and address their emotion, is because they seek to understand past emotion. And then by understanding past emotion, they experience the sensation of discovery. To experience emotion and process emotion is what a woman considers growth.

Histrionic solipsism is a female simulacrum for depth. Where genuine struggle is not achieved, it will be manufactured. The modern woman believes experiencing a wide range of emotion is what makes her deep and worldly. Women have a propensity for histrionics, because it is through drama and subsequent emotional reflection that a woman evaluates herself as a person. The female mind is characterised by its solipsistic nature, therefore it stands to reason that women intuit their self-awareness rather than deduce it.

5.) In Closing:

The emotional narrative on which a woman’s solipsism is predicated is so disjointed in nature, so very non-sequitur to all but her, that an element of the purpose in a woman’s communication of her feelings appears to be a need for her narrative to be externally corroborated. If we assume this principle is true, it further elucidates women’s need to be understood no matter how unintelligible her line of reasoning.

6.) Relevant Reading:

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Ser Rechazado es mejor que Arrepentirse

Casi el 90% de lo que defendemos en La Red Pill se puede reducir a superar el miedo al rechazo. El 90% de los dilemas que enfrentan los AFC (Zoquete Frustrado Promedio), y la mayoría de las preocupaciones de los hombres de cara al sexo opuesto nacen de los métodos y actitudes que usan para reducir su exposición al rechazo femenino. Todos estos son buffers cuyo objetivo es reducir el potencial de rechazo a la intimidad. Claramente no solo los hombres usan estos buffers – las mujeres también hacen su parte – pero creo que seria mucho mas productivo para los hombres reconocer la predisposición que tienen y ver qué métodos usan, y como terminan incorporando estos buffers contra el rechazo en su propia psicología.

Prácticamente todos los típicos problemas que los hombres encuentran son causados por estos buffers:

RLD – Relaciones de Larga Distancia. El AFC acepta una RLD porque se basa en una aceptación previa de intimidad y al dejar de ser conveniente (dada la distancia) el tipo se queda aferrado a la «relación» porque es un buffer contra el potencial rechazo que le puede dar una nueva mujer si acepta que la relación esta terminada y vuelve a la soltería. Esta relación es percibida como «algo seguro», aunque rara vez sea gratificante.

Jugar a ser Amigos – A menudo después de un rechazo del estilo «podemos ser amigos» queda la percepción de que calificándose ante la chica y que con tiempo, ella «pueda llegar a» intimar con el. No importa cuan equivocado sea, el tiempo y esfuerzo utilizado por un AFC para probarse a si mismo como el próximo «novio perfecto» es un buffer contra futuros rechazos de cualquier mujer que pueda venir después. Esto se potencia con un sentido moralista del deber de realmente ser un Amigo de verdad a esta chica PPSA. En si, este buffer contra potenciales rechazos futuros es una dedicación equivocada hacia la chica PPSA. Otra variación de esta dinámica es la del «Capitán SalvaTrolas».

Email, Chat, etc – Podríamos incluir también cualquier tipo de conversación a largo y tendido en esta lista. La realidad es que cualquier tecnología que aparenta aumentar la comunicación en realidad sirve como un buffer (para ambos sexos) limitando la comunicación interpersonal. En el caso del AFC, la racionalización es que se puede mantener en constante contacto con la mujer que le interesa (lo cual en si es un error), pero solo le termina sirviendo como un buffer contra el rechazo de ella. La percepción latente parece ser que es mas fácil leer un rechazo (o escucharlo) que ser potencialmente rechazado en persona. Un montón de tipos me van a decir ahora que los textos y el chat son simplemente la forma en la que esta generación juega al juego de la Seducción. A mi favor argumento que cuando las comunicaciones digitales se vuelven tu método preferido para interactuar con las mujeres, es un buffer.

Facebook y las Citas Online – Este debería ser bastante obvio por las mismas razones que lo anterior – Las Citas Online son posiblemente el mayor buffer jamas concebido – particularmente para las mujeres menos agraciadas (o sea las mas feas). Es tan efectivo de hecho que hay negocios enteros que se pueden construir utilizando las inseguridades y miedo al rechazo que ambos sexos comparten.

Objetificación – Aunque no parezca obvio, ambos sexos tienden a cosificar al otro. Cuando pensamos en el tema naturalmente llegamos al a noción popular de que los hombres cosifican a las mujeres como objetos sexuales, pero las mujeres también tienen una tendencia a hacer lo mismo, cosificando a los hombres como «objetos de éxito». Es mas fácil aceptar el rechazo de una cosa que de un ser humano vivo y cantante. Y es por eso por lo que nos referimos a la comunicación entre los sexos como un «Juego». «Anotamos» o «Nos bajan», haciendo de esto un juego nos separamos personal y emocionalmente del rechazo. El buffer en este caso está en el lenguaje y el enfoque mental.

Idealización del Género – Esto sería el mito de la «Mujer de Calidad». El buffer opera con auto-limitaciones percibidas que se basan en la búsqueda de una pareja idea. Es por eso que existe la tendencia de enfocarse en una sola mujer (UNIquitis) o un solo tipo de mujer (un arquetipo del género). Al limitarse o enfocarse en solo una mujer (o un tipo de mujer) el potencial de rechazo disminuye y al mismo tiempo asegura que cualquier rechazo real viene de una mujer que luego va a ser considerada como una mujer que no calificaba de todas formas. Así, el Rechazo = ‘Mujer de poca calidad’ y por lo tanto no es un rechazo real. Este buffer funciona de manera similar al de Objetificación en donde la mujer que da el rechazo es reducida a un objeto.

Mentalidad de escasez – La mentalidad del «Agarro lo que puedo y debería estar feliz de que algo al menos conseguí» actúa como un buffer completamente opuesto al de Idealización. La carencia de algo causa motivación por conseguirlo, y al quedarse con «lo seguro» como si fuera «lo único», el potencial de nuevos rechazos termina siendo eliminado.

Mujeres mas viejas, Mujeres mas jóvenes – Podríamos incluir también cierto tipo de cuerpos en esta categoría, pero el buffer es en cierto tipo de mujeres que tienen una menor tendencia a rechazar un hombre gracias a circunstancias personales previas. El buffer de las «Puma» o «Cougar» es que una mujer mas grande, de acuerdo a las condiciones en las que se encuentre, va a estar mas propensa a aceptar los avances de un hombre mas joven. De la misma forma que una mujer muy joven esta mas abierta a aceptar los avances de un hombre mayor debido a su inocencia. Y que las gordas son mas fácil de encamar por la falta de sexo y atención que reciben. No es algo tan complejo, pero una preferencia internalizada hacia un cierto tipo de mujer se desarrolla al asociar ese tipo de mujer particular con la minimización del potencial de ser rechazado.

Ligas – Lo opuesto al buffer de tener «altos estándares» y se podría agrupar con el de Escasez. Siempre esta esa mujer a la que ciertos tipos realmente le temen porque es percibida como mucho mas valiosa que el AFC. Pensa en algo así como esa mina HB9+, directora corporativa que corre maratones, viaja un montón, tiene muchas buenas amigas, se viste bien, etc, etc, etc. El AFC se dice a si mismo «wow esta mina esta fuera de mi liga, me va a rechazar porque necesito tener A, B y C para tener un estatus social que la equipare y lograr que mínimamente se interese en mi». Ergo, la idea de las ligas es una racionalización útil como buffer contra el rechazo.

Pornografía – Seguro esto va a avivar la discusión entre los que están a favor y en contra de ella, pero el porno (de la forma en que los hombres lo usan) es un buffer contra el rechazo. El porno no responde, el porno no necesita un par de tragos para relajarse, ni requiere ningún tipo de habilidad social para lograr resultados. Es una liberación sexual conveniente, inmediata que solo necesita una PC o un celular y una conexión a Internet (o una revista si es que te va el estilo analógico). Podemos discutir el aspecto obsesivo-compulsivo del tema, o el razonamiento de «con mi novia disfrutamos de ver porno juntos», pero para el tipo soltero la raíz de todo el razonamiento es la de facilitar el porno como un Buffer. Debería agregar acá que esta es también la misma razón por la que las mujeres odian tanto a la pornografía (cuando la odian). El porno le da una recompensa al hombre gratuitamente, una recompensa y liberación que debería ser su mejor carta y que termina siendo completamente anulada y dejada sin valor cuando se enfrenta contra la posibilidad del hombre de acabar con una variedad infinita de experiencias sexuales con un solo click de su mouse. Es la posibilidad del acceso ilimitado a una cantidad ilimitada de sexo sin el estress de aprender métodos para ganarse ese acceso como recompensa.


Estos son solo algunos pocos ejemplos notables, pero una vez que te volves consciente a la forma en la que se manifiestan los buffers vas a empezar a verlos como lo que son y a entender por qué son útiles contra el rechazo. Los buffers suelen ser el camino del menor rechazo que terminan siendo adquiridos como parte de las «preferencias» personales. No tratan tanto sobre las «preferencias» sino mas sobre la motivación detrás de ellos.

Seguro debes estar pensando, «bueno y que, si no me gusta sentirme rechazado, ¿por que no utilizar buffers contra eso?». La razon principal para aceptar el rechazo en lugar de un buffer es que ser rechazado es mejor que sentir remordimientos. Releete la lista, ¿Cuantos de estos buffers se terminaron volviendo problemas mas grandes a largo plazo, en contraste con un rechazo doloroso pero corto? Los buffers tienen la tendencia de acumularse exponencialmente, en una cadena interminable donde uno encaja con el siguiente. Hasta que lo que originalmente era una metodología de prevención al rechazo se transforma en una parte real de tu personalidad. Después del suficiente tiempo estos buffers terminan volviéndose en «simplemente como soy».

Por ultimo, nada enseña mejor y mas fuerte que la experiencia real. El rechazo, ese rechazo real y crudo dicho en la cara que duele como la puta madre. Algo que termina siendo tan intolerable que los humanos conciben incontables construcciones sociales y psicológicas con la sola idea de evitarlo. Pero sin embargo no hay mejor maestro que quemarse con la leche. Como Hombre, vas a enfrentar el rechazo en muchas mas facetas de tu vida que solo en tus tratos con las mujeres. Los buffers que aprendas en un área de tu vida simplemente van a estorbarte cuando se transfieran a otros aspectos de ella. Todos estos buffers listados y muchos mas, se vuelven indicadores de la forma en la que manejas con seguridad la adversidad. Algunos te hacen ver como un maricón miedoso, otros son mas sutiles y terminan siendo una parte molesta de una personalidad internalizada, pero depender de ellos cada vez mas revela tu verdadera personalidad a las mujeres. ¿Sos lo suficientemente Alfa como para recibir un rechazo al mentón, sonreír con confianza y volver por mas? ¿O vas a correr, bloquearte y esconderte detrás de tu escudito de buffers?



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No te des por vencido tan facil + ¡ejemplo!


Hablemos de cómo hablarle a las mujeres. Muchos leen un monton de teoria (importante) y tácticas de seduccion de algun foro, libro o blog (como este!), muchos tambien logran el lenguaje corporal seguro que se necesita o al menos lo pueden emular con éxito, y tambien aprenden las bases sobre como coquetear. A toda esa gente le falta le ingrediente clave – persistencia.

Mujeres – Lo básico

Ellos no entienden la naturaleza de la mujer, y esto los lleva a malinterpretar los diferentes gestos de rechazo como un rechazo final. Las mujeres crean barreras y resisten el avance del hombre para probarlos. No quiere decir no, para lo que acabas de intentar, pero probá otra cosa. No creo que tengas muchas chances, pero todavia no la terminaste de cagar. Si en serio pensara que no tenes chances y no quiero tener nada con vos, te lo digo.

Antes de leer el ejemplo, hacelo pensado en que las mujeres se mueven a la defensiva mientras que los hombres a la ofensiva. Nuestro simbolo es una lanza, el suyo es un escudo. Todas las culturas desde el inicio de los tiempos entendieron esto, y es asi en casi todas las especies mamíferas. La hembra erige defensas que parecen un rechazo, pero en realidad son mas como empujecitos juguetones. Levanta defensas que hacen que los hombres débiles se vayan, ahorrandoles el problema de perder el tiempo con ellos. Si realmente quiere que la dejes sola, si realmente piensa que sos un candidato para nada viable, entonces no te va a dar contacto visual, se va a dar vuelta, hablar de mala manera, etc. Llevala a ese nivel; si es que queres escuchar un verdadero rechazo de parte de ella, y no irte antes, anticipandote a que te llegue.

Algunos lo pueden ver como ser beta. Como que estas haciendo mucho esfuerzo o no siendo lo suficientemente hombre para admitir que perdiste e irte. Lo entiendo. Si le queres decir beta a eso no me importa, esta atado mas a la concha que a actuar desinteresado. Y al fin de cuentas, te van a ver como el tipo al que rechazaron pero aun asi sigue intentando. Tenes que ser un poco insensible y no preocuparte sobre lo que piensan los demas cuando vean que fallas.

La hora del reporte de campo

Por ejemplo, la chica con la que estoy saliendo ahora la conocí en un gimnasio. Todos sabemos que es grosero intentar levantarse a alguien en un gimnasio, la verdad es que a nadie le gusta que le interrumpan la rutina. Y por eso al principio no mostraba mucho entusiasmo – fui a buscar agua al mismo tiempo que ella y empecé a hablar de mancuernas. Para mi es un 8, blanquita y rubia, siempre bien vestida y con maquillaje. Sin duda sabe que esta buena y acostumbrada a que la miren con ganas, pero probablemente no se la intenten levantar tanto como la miran. Es probable que la mayoria de los hombres se sientan intimidados por su cara de culo constante. Eso es lo primero que pense porque justamente la estaba usando conmigo cuando hicimos contacto visual la primera vez. En ese momento que empecé a hablar, ella dijo de repente «lo siento tengo que volver a mi rutina» y empezó a darse vuelta.

Yo le dije «Ey, bancá»
No tenia ningun plan sobre que decir. Solo vi que mi chance se estaba cerrando y dije algo para mantenerla abierta. Sentí el micro-rechazo, pero no sentia que todavía me habia rechazado por completo.

Ella espera y levanta las cejas en una mezcla entre molestia y divertimento.

No tengo frases para tirar, solo empiezo a improvisar. «¿Necesitas un compañero de rutina? Estoy preparado a levantar esas bolas»
Da vuelta los ojos y dice «No». Ya fue, ¿NO?

Pero sigue manteniendo el contacto visual y sigo sintiendo que todavia no me rechazó del todo. Obviamente ya me dijo que no, pero si realmente ella quisiera que se termine la conversación podria haberse ido. Y no se fue. Hey, no parece que tengas una chance, pero hasta que la mina esta no te diga que te vayas con su tono y lenguaje corporal o hasta que no se vaya ella misma, todavía no te rebotaron.

Asi que me quedo ahi parado y le digo «Esta bien, mejor. La verdad es que no quiero levantar pesitas con vos, solo quiero tu numero»

«Ay dios, ¿Y eso te funciona con alguna chica?»

Me encojo de hombros y digo «estamos a punto de saberlo, no?» y le doy mi telefono

«No puedo creer que este haciendo esto» dice mientras pone su numero. Me mensajea al dia siguiente, un Viernes, y la lleve a un bar a las 9, claramente no una «cita cena». Ya no tengo que andar demostrando que no estoy interesado, ya sabe que  que me interesa, nunca va a haber una duda con ese tema porque el hombre es el que se acercó.

Aceptó vernos para tomar algo, en general esa es una buena señal, pero luego termino mostrando mucha RUM (Resistencia de Ultimo Minuto) cuando la llevé a mi departamento. Me parecio raro; en general si aceptan tomar algo conmigo, ya estan practicamente en la bolsa – es muy obvio lo que esa cita significa. Aun asi, mientras estabamos a los besos y yo intentaba meter un poco mas de mano, me empujaba o se alejaba, y la segunda vez que me dijo «No, no siento que te conozco lo suficiente» senti un poco de enojo, o sea que carajo, claramente se piensa que soy un beta, quiza ahora ve como que mi vida es medio aburrida, o quiza piensa que estoy demasiado enganchado. Terminé dudando de mi mismo. Esos pensamientos fugaces, son tu cerebro fuera de control. Necesitas controlar tu cerebro, no dejar que el te controle a vos. Todavía no me habia rechazado directamente, pero estaba intentando ver si me rechazaba yo mismo. Quiere que yo gane, no que pierda, acordate de eso.

«Esta bien, estoy de acuerdo. No nos conocemos lo suficiente para esto» Y seguí.
Se rie un poco y me sigue el juego por un rato, pero de nuevo dice «Ok, en serio».
«Tenes razon, somos un buen equipo. Sos mas responsable que yo. Hay mucho sobre vos que tambien quiero llegar a conocer. Y vamos a llegar a eso. Eventualmente». Mantengo el contacto visual y lo siguiente que se es que me está sacando la remera.
Me sentí como si hubiera vuelto a tener 16, la pija se me habia raspado toda con el cierre del jean. Esta mina realmente habia puesto una defensa dura de vencer. Jugó el juego muy bien. Hay que respetarla por eso.
Resulta que es bastante inteligente y parece no tener un conteo de parejas muy alto relativo a los estandares de Estados Unidos para su edad, al menos eso fue lo que yo leí en ella. Y podes ver por qué. RUM termino matando a la mayoria de los hombres que se le acercaron en forma de escalada. Su crianza, su experiencia en la vida y su personalidad convergieron para crear una mujer con una resistencia decente a entregar la vagina; le enseñaron el valor de seguir el camino de la tradición en cuanto a relaciones.


She’s higher RMV, but a BYPRODUCT of higher RMV is often – not always, but often – increased difficulty. She’s harder to lay, because if she wasn’t hard to law, other dudes would be ramming that. See, her high RMV necessitates that she be harder for the generic guy, and you are a generic guy until you separate yourself out from the pack. If you give up easy, if that’s your personality, all you are doing is sabotaging yourself with girls who are better, the girls you actually want.

Hopefully this illustrates the importance of being persistant. There were like 6 opportunities where I didn’t have a great answer, but I just didn’t REJECT MYSELF. Each roadblock I guarantee you would have 90% of guys thinking «Aww shucks, well that’s that, I tried, did the best I could do but I’m done.» They can give themselves a pat of the bat for having the balls to approach, they definitely came out ahead of the wallflower, but they didn’t really want to succeed.

The Lesson

When you want to succeed more than you want to preserve your ego or look cool to your friends, then you will succeed.

When in doubt, look at her body language. If she’s facing you and looking at you, she hasn’t been dismissed yet. She hasn’t dismissed YOU yet. Just blab. Say something to show that you are sure she’ll come around, and you’re aware of the fact that she hasn’t said no yet.

Never ever reject yourself. Force her to actively reject you – passive rejection is NOT rejection. I’ve seen guys reject themselves out of a set because they went in, said a line too soft to be heard, and the girls looked at them like «huh? What?» He saw the confused and unenthused faces, and said «err, sorry» and turned around. Pathetic. Just plant your feet.

What about when you’re not at the club/bar/PU scene? What about in high school? What about in my hatha yoga class? What about…

This applies to guys who are pursuing women INSIDE of closed ecosystems too. This is a fancy way of saying schools, colleges, workplaces, social circles, and so on. People who you often develop some kind of peer relationship with and then you’re trying to hit on them and bang them on top of that. This is where a LOT of guys will reject themselves either pre-emptively or after the initial dreaded LJBF or I don’t see you that way. They will assume she’s not going to be sexually into them and focus on building a friendship first (aka full retard), or they will nut up and ask her, but just not in a confident, dominant way. She says «I like you as a friend, sorry if that’s not what you want to hear. I hope things won’t be awkward?»

Most guys will be head down, say «OK» and then leave.

I’ll say something like «You’ll come around.» I’ll ignore them for a while. Try to fuck one of their friends (this is how you fuck the girl who friendzoned you, btw, my high school RPers. You fuck her best friend, she’ll fuck you. I just taught you how to come in the side entrance.

I’ll be giving them space, not going to go aspie on them. Then I’ll chat again when I’m at a high point. When I have something that makes me a better candidate than last time. Maybe I’m starting to get recognized more in our social circle, and I’m hosting some events. Maybe I’ve gotten more time to develop and I know some of her friends have said positive things about me. I’m not looking for much, just some shred to signal that I have better circumstances.

I’ll ask her out again. Etc. If she’s still negative, but she’s LESS negative than before, then I’m thinking progress. My dick’s closer than it was. If her reaction is completely a «No and never» then I will back off. But see, if you at least are clean, in decent shape, well dressed, and you don’t speak weird, she’ll usually not hard-NO you like that.

Same thing with «I have a boyfriend» when you’re out (and thus she’s clearly OUT looking for something, even if she does have a boyfriend.)

«Ok. Respect. Are you allowed to have male friends. Male friends that you have ONE drink with?»

«No I don’t think he’d be cool with that.»

«Not ONE drink with a PLATONIC friend. One drink you paid for yourself, you didn’t even let me buy it for you, there’s no way you’re not allowed to do that.»

What can she say? See, she knows I’m not actually coming on as platonic (that is why I can say it. It’s so obviously not true). By using the word «allow», I trigger her inner feminist to rear its head and say «no one tells me what I can’t do.»

Win or Lose, You Win

Now, you might not actually pick this woman up. Sometimes these hoes is loyal, sometimes they ain’t. Sometimes these hoes ain’t loyal, but you’re just not good enough to get her to cheat. But you need to force her to make that decision; don’t make it for her.

If you do not believe me and you think this will just lead to public embarassment and no pussy increase, then I urge you to just try it out. Three times rule. Give yourself three strikes – only blow yourself out after you hear three rejections. You are Rocky and I have decreed that the definition of «going the distance» in this context. Last three rounds, and I guarantee you that your chances of getting pussy will rise at least 33%. Because ultimately, when you buckle down, meet her eyes, and say «game on. I’m going to try to take what I want, and I don’t think you WANT to stop me» and then you follow through by continuing your game, you’re showing her that you are a man of tenacity and discernment. You know what you want, you know it when you see it, and you will do what it takes to get it.

You still might be too low SMV to seal the deal, but this will up your stock in her eyes because you played to win, not to «not lose».

Aspie Disclaimer

To close, I’d like to stress that this does not mean be an aspie at any point. Do learn to read social cues and body signals. Back off if she’s really not having it, like REALLY not having it. If it’s at work, don’t be an idiot, be very careful, you have to protect your career first. If it’s on a dark alleyway at night or on a grimey subway, only hit on her once and take her first «no» at face value. (Yeah, I will still holler at a ho in the dark. If she’s nervous and not into it, I won’t persist. It’s the one exception to the 3x rule.

Be smart about it.

But if you’re comparing a smart but timid guy to a dumb but bold guy… who do you think gets more ass? I’m guessing almost all of you err way too far in the direction of the smart but timid guy. Try erring too far on the side of the dumb but bold guy. As a result, you might just end up exactly where you want to be.

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Cómo ponerla en la primera cita

Always assume that you’re going to bang – that is the best piece of advice I can give you.

1. Attire. Wear clothes you are comfortable in. I don’t mean actual comfort; I mean clothes that you have scored in before, or had compliments about. The aim is to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of insecurity regarding a new garment, or combination of garments. Being relaxed is key.

If you wear brown shoes, wear a brown belt. Black shoes, black belt. Don’t wear blue jeans and a blue shirt unless the shades of blue are extremely different. As a general rule, wear brown shoes + Brown belt with blue. The quality of your clothing is not as important as the colour coordination. Get used to looking at your clothes as a net effect. Generally, women are far more perceptive about colour coordination than men, you should be coordinated whilst not looking like you tried too hard.

Aftershave, perfume, whatever – do not over do it! If you’re going to trim nails, pubes, cut hair, whatever, do it 2-3 days before so by the time you are on the date you feel natural, (length of time for haircut to feel natural may be longer.)

2. Pre-drink. Have ONE pre-drink. In order to connect with the target you need to be on a similar level (Roosh: Bang) if you arrive drunk you’ll both sense it and the connection is lost. One drink will loosen you up and she will probably have done the same, thereby starting the date on the same level.

Avoid drugs before hand, cocaine makes you talk shit, your eyes look wide and they can sense something is off almost immediately. MDMA makes you seem too laid back and dreamy. Weed makes you too paranoid, and prescription meds generally zone you out. I have experimented with all the above to get an edge, and the only one that I’ve found can help is beta blockers, if you are REALLY nervous. Otherwise, that nervousness is actually needed in order to help form the connection, as on first dates, senses are heightened and the want to connect is already there. The other drug I sometimes take, are dick pills al a Brian Redban (JRE:784#). If the date is going well I might take ONE – it makes me horny which turns the girl on further, IF the date is going well. Sometimes I’ll drop before the date, just to see what happens, but that’s basically just to fuck with myself – if you want to take a dick pill, do it after you’ve begun to make out and grope.

3. Hold your frame on arrival. Don’t get lost in the nervous swirl of “how to play it” as you make your way there, or whilst you are waiting. Be natural. She will be nervous, therefore make your frame rock steady strong and calm, she will be more than happy to fall in to it.

Greet with big smile, open arms, double cheek kiss to double hand hold <- advanced move. Ask her how she is, do the polite “fine thank you”, “did you get here ok?” etc. Veering from the script of social norms too early is a risk.

If you meet outside somewhere, do not instantly start walking to the destination as soon as she arrives, have your little stop and chat, then you tell her, ok let’s go to XYZ. If you meet in a bar, similarly do not immediately ask her what drink she wants, have your little awkward first conversation, then tell her what you’re going to drink, and then ask her what she wants. Women as we know can be notoriously bad at making decisions, if she starts umming or looks confused about what drink to have – just suggest a mojito. 9 times out of 10 she will start to think she’s Carrie Bradshaw and will say “OK!”

4. Lead the interaction. Already have planned your approximate bar crawl – 3 bars is good. You are flexible and can roll with the punches, as the goal is to create the feeling of knowing each other more than you actually do (Neil Strauss: The Game) – and, gives you three opportunities to tell her where you’re going. Make it seem natural though, not like your some fucking weirdo that plans dates, which is what you have actually done.

After you practice you’ll find you have different routes for different towns that you have set in your head, this is when you’re a real baller. Bonus points if you can get them on public transport for a VERY small amount of time to get to the next bar. Trains > Buses.

5. Pay for the first round, and be prepared to pay for the entire date. I didn’t say it was equal opportunities – I said it was how to bang. Dates are different to club scenes where being overly generous is a beta move. On a date, paying is not quite the same. If she offers, let her pay. If she doesn’t you can either walk, or get your wallet. Realistically she’ll pay for one round, for your two. If you’re reading this screaming – “I never pay for two rounds or buy drinks for girls!” then you’re a faggot. I’m not saying be an open wallet, but there is a way to pay for things, which makes you lead; men have been doing it since the stone age, tap in to that.

6. Drink Selection Cocktails are good. Firstly the placebo NLP effects of saying “cock” (Can’t remember his name: The Game). Secondly, they contain shit loads of alcohol and taste like sugary drinks. Alcohol is a great lubricant. Be careful that you don’t drain you drink whilst she is still on the first 10% of hers. Avoid pints of lager, you’ll be pissing every 5 minutes, burping like a camel, and your breath will stink of shit. Bottles of Proseco to share are good, cocktails are great, and white wine is good, or shorts, i.e. Jack and Coke, Gin and Tonic etc.

Encourage selection of cocktails, choosing different cocktails, and the trying of each other’s cocktails. The combination of different alcohol will get you both more drunk, the shared experience will boost the date, and the sharing of different opinions on flavours inevitably leads to “UMMMMMMS!” and “oh yeah, try this one!” – all very positive and fun.

7. Conversation stay on script – to begin with; what do you do, what’s new, how did you and mutual friend meet, where did you go to college, etc. The intention is to not fuck it up or seem weird. RSD Julien calls this “dumbing down” and I have to agree. Start boring and work your way in to an interesting conversation. For years I would turn up and let all my freak out the bag instantly whilst being completely IDGAF about it. Yeah it worked most of the time, but I also scared a few off. This new boring and then gradually working up to interesting / quirky is giving me an improved success %. It also kind of plays in to frame; I don’t want to be too emotional too quickly, even if those emotions are positive and fun. I want to be rock steady cool and then gradually work my way in to the interaction like a natural. As the date progresses and the alcohol takes effect you will naturally begin to laugh more and talk about all sorts of things – even by agreeing to meet you she already has one foot in your bed, remember that.

8. First Kiss When she wants to be kissed – just do it. You know the moment, because you feel it. It should be taken at first opportunity; failure to do so for too long will severely damage your chances of getting the notch. Also gradually work an arm around her waist as you do it, they love a bit of groping. See Vin Di Carlo Escalation ladder for the basics.

9. Transitioning to the crib When it’s time to fuck – do it. Staying in the bar too late for the sake of it just means you’re too scared to take bang. After 3-4 drinks, just say “time to go home” and just act like she’s coming with you, if there’s any LMR or she starts saying about how SHE is going to get home, just say “I think you should come home with me” – hold eye contact, then begin to smile, then kiss. (Point 9 assumes point 8 has happened and that you’ve been passionately making out and groping her sufficiently).

10. Fucking. Get in to your room, make-out standing, pull at her clothes, and grope slowly but stronger than in the bar. If you’re able, PICK HER UP; put one arm between her legs up to your inner elbow, so that your bicep is almost touching where her pubes would be, and your inner elbow is right up against her vag. The other arm goes around her upper-back. Do this slowly, and then walk to your bed whilst holding eye contact, either throw or put her on the bed. For a film example see “last Tango in Paris” it’s in the first sex scene – As a Red Pill man you should be well acquainted with this film anyway for a variety of reasons that I won’t go in to now.

Don’t bother climbing on top for kissing and grinding with clothes on, just start pulling them off. Even if she starts to take them off herself, you carry on “helping” her, just make sure you’re not doing it too gently. Look at her with eyes of lust, in fact do everything with lust. You can also fully undress before bed, whatever you want to do, do it, whatever you want to taste, take it.

The first sexual encounter will usually define to a large extent how the sexual dynamic will be in future. When you cum, make noise, I know, it can be difficult, I myself was a mute lover for years, but trust me, you gotta get primal, throw in a few “ah fuck” ‘s as you get close, and pull her tight and do real power pumps as you see the stars (Sex God Method – for full explanation). I like to fuck like a wild animal then spoon like a baby.

Enjoy. Uncle Luke

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Ritos de pasaje – Convirtiendo a un niño en Hombre

Rites of Passage – Making Boys into Men
Quite often when we think of “Rites of Passage” the image of a primitive society performing some bizarre ritual comes to mind, such as the Vanuatu Land Divers.

«Both a harvest ritual and a rite of passage amongst the tribes of the small pacific island of Vanuatu, land diving is now a tourist phenomenon. The men who live on Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, climb a rickety 98-foot-tall (30-meter) tower, tie vines to their ankles and dive to the ground, falling at speeds around 45 mph (72 kph). When a dive goes correctly, the person gets close enough to touch his shoulders or his head to the earth. However, unlike bungee jumping, these vines aren’t elastic and a miscalculation in vine length could lead to broken legs, cracked skulls, or even death. Boys once they have been circumcised at about age 7 or 8 begin participating, though they usually are permitted to jump from a shorter tower. As a boy makes his first dive, his mother holds an item representing his childhood. When he jumps, she throws the item away. Divers also refrain from sex the day before they jump — legend says it will cause the jump to go badly.» — 10 Bizarre Rites of Passage
I, however, would argue that rites of passage are actually more of a sign of an advanced society. It is patriarchy that builds civilization. Patriarchy is the idea of «putting sex to work,» which is based on the ancient contract of marriage. The ancient contract of marriage is an economic contract whereby a woman «sells» her sexual reproductive abilities to a man (ie. the children of marriage are his children, not hers) in return for the superior protection and providing abilities a man can, and will, procure once yoked to children of his own. What does this have to do with rites of passage, you ask? Well, in order for men to be attractive to women, a man must surpass the female so that he has some tangible benefit to offer the female which she either cannot do herself, or is unwilling to do herself, and therefore fulfill Briffault’s law:

“The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” — Robert Briffault, The Mothers, I, 191
It is the nature of the female’s mothering instinct to be 100% totalitarian. Small children need this type of totalitarianism or they would soon get themselves into all sorts of trouble. Thus every boy starts off life completely dominated by a female and it takes a decisive change to escape his mother’s gravity field and grow into a man so that the next generation of women will have men to marry. For all the ballyhooing in the media of «the man-child» and for all the haughty snipes of women at males to «be a man,» they don’t seem to understand that in order to be a man, he cannot behave like a woman. Our thoroughly feminized society has relentlessly propagandized us to believe «the right way» for humans to behave is «the female way» while at the same time has attacked and derided everything that once defined masculinity as «macho» and unfavourable.
Click Pic for «Sex Sells (Hypergamy Explained)»
Just as children are not equal to adults, men are not equal to women – a «man,» who is a man in the true sense of the word, has surpassed the level of women and has grown beyond it. This fulfills Briffault’s law and also enforces the hypergamy which women need to be exposed to in order to be sexually attracted to a man. Thus, a family hierarchy develops – and this hierarchy works… we know it works because we have historical evidence of it working for centuries in our very own Western Culture – the family as based upon the Bible.

Man –> Woman –> Children

It’s the natural order of things. Women take care of themselves and children, and men take care of themselves, women and children. It does not work in reverse.

Lots of women spit and fume about this, but what they are forgetting when they are told Biblically to submit to their husbands, is that husbands are also commanded to submit to God, or to The Truth. And as Jesus pointed out, to rule is to serve. Thus, this is the proper ordering of human existence if we are to live above that of the beasts of the field. Only when a man lives in proper accordance to The Truth can he expect a woman to be in proper relation to him.

God/Truth –> Man –> Woman –> Children
Click Pic for «Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager in the House»
In reality, there is no such thing as equality. All relationships are hierarchical in one way or another. Sometimes they change, or often what is going on underneath is entirely different than what appears on the surface. The men who stood on the deck of the Titanic so that their women could survive is an example of how the underlying hierarchy is often different than the social appearance of hierarchy.

«But what difference does it make whether women rule, or the rulers are ruled by women? The result is the same.» — The Politics of Aristotle, The Spartan Women

«Equality» really only has meaning in relation to the sphere of human law – in the realm that all people are equal before the law in regard to their rights as put forth by the American Founding Fathers: The rights to self-ownership, life, liberty and property. Certainly not the «right» to a job, an education or free healthcare.
Click Pic for «You’re Such a Tool (Briffault’s law)»
«Men» are not on the same level as women. When men consider themselves «equal» to women, they are resented and disrespected by women. The sexes are different, and thus need different things from each-other. Women need men to be their tool in society, and therefore men have to bring something to women that women cannot do themselves. (Watch how birds court each-other) Thus, if he remains «equal» to a woman, she has no use for him. A «man» has to graduate beyond the level of women – if he doesn’t he will be completely flattened by women when he encounters them. It is women’s natural right to be in authority over children but it is not right for women to be in control over men. If a man behaves as a boy and relates to his wife as «Is it OK for me to be me, Mommy?» he is not a man equal to women – he is beneath them. This is what happens in many marriages today – the husband ends up treating his wife as his mother, and as such she begins to resent him. How can something that is her own creation (a boy, a child) be equal to its creator?
«Mothers find in their children satisfaction for their desire to dominate, a possession, an occupation, something that is wholly intelligible to them and can be chattered with: the sum of all this is what mother love is; it is to be compared with an artist’s love for his work. Pregnancy has made women kinder, more patient, more timid, more pleased to submit; and just so does spiritual pregnancy produce the character of the contemplative type, which is closely related to the feminine character: it consists of male mothers.» — Freiderich Nietzsche
Click Pic for «The Suffragettes versus The Truth»
Only when boys separate from the totalitarian power of the Mother and grow into men do they truly have a sphere to address women and from which women respect them as men. However, women instinctively try to prevent boys from leaving their field of power – children are women’s «possessions» and who wants to lose a possession? To mother, he will always be «her little boy.» Also, it is not wrong for it to be a struggle to escape the totalitarianism of mother, for manhood not «won» is not manhood at all. Women cannot show boys how to become men because it is an entirely foreign concept to them – just as children cannot show adults how to behave because adulthood is something children simply don’t understand. Women are instinctively uncomfortable with competition and conflict, which might cause people’s feelings to get hurt, and thus, they try to prevent boys from growing away from their field of influence and into men.

«Women and men want very different things and therefore very different worlds. Men want sex, freedom, and adventure; women want security, pleasantness, and someone to care about (or for) them. Both like power. Men use it to conquer their neighbors whether in business or war, women to impose security and pleasantness. … Just about everything that once defined masculinity is now denounced as ‘macho,’ a hostile word embodying the female incomprehension of men. … Men are happy for men to be men and women to be women; women want us all to be women.» — Fred Reed

Women want us all to be women – or children – because that is what they understand. They have no comprehension of «men» or what it takes to be a man. Children deprived of their fathers through divorce are horribly abused in this way, for they get «aborted» at the female/child stage of development and have far greater challenges «growing into men» and learning how to address women in any other way than seeking the approval of mother.
Click Pic for «A Guide to Birdwatching»

Along with the thorough feminization of our culture, so have we removed many of the aspects that used to make boys into men, and in turn we are finding that there are less and less «men» for women to want to associate with. Once a woman enters into a male institution, it immediately becomes feminized – thus we now even see that girls are allowed into the Boy Scouts. Men and boys need to have places separate from women where they can meet and be men, free from female influence.

Learning self-reliance and self-confidence is essential for boys. Thus things such as camping and learning how to build fires from scratch are good builders of character for young boys. Women are creatures who depend upon others, but men are creatures who must depend solely upon themselves. Not only must they depend upon themselves, but they must also be able to depend on themselves in excess, or they will not become sufficient «tools» for the next generation of women.
Clic Pic for «Ritalin and Abusive Schools»
In our feminized school systems, when children play sports like soccer they no longer keep score so that the children’s feelings will not be hurt by being «losers.» This again undermines masculinity. When I was a kid, I played on a soccer team and we were the worst team in the league. I don’t think we won a single game all season – but our coach did a very good job with us in teaching us how to lose gracefully. It builds a boy’s character to lose and accept it. Many endeavors a man takes on in life will not be successful, but learning how to lose gives him the confidence to try anyway… and if he keeps on trying because he is not afraid of losing, sooner or later he will find success. Our schools are «aborting» boys development by robbing them of the opportunity to lose – and when they can’t figure out why boys aren’t developing properly, they fill them with Ritalin rather than addressing the fact that boys and girls are different, and need different strategies to develop.

Learning to deal with the bully is also a rite of passage for many boys. I remember as a young boy when my father taught me how to stand up to the bully. I had gone to a private Christian school as a child and there was this one kid named Peter who was constantly bullying me. He was two grades higher than me and bigger than me. One weekend we were at a church camp-out, shortly before my 11th birthday, and Peter started picking on me and shoving me around in his usual way. I remember I went running back to find my Dad and told him what was going on.

My dad told me, «Boy, there’s just some times that you are gonna have to take care of these things on your own.»

I still remember his words, and in fact, have followed lots of them to this day.

– Always walk from a fight, but never run.

– There’s a time for talking, and then there’s a time to stop talking.

– Once you get into a fight, fight to win. But even if you don’t win, you’ve got to show him (and the others) that when they mess with you there’s going to be consequences.

I recall him providing me with a strategy too. «There’s nothing ‘fair’ about this fight. This kid is two years older than you and he’s bigger than you. If you have to knee him in the nuts, then do it, and start punching him – and don’t stop until he’s on the ground.»

I remember walking back out to where all the kids were playing, and that’s how it worked out. He started shoving me around again, and I kneed him right in the nuts, and punched him in the head about five or six times as he was going down, then I turned and walked away. Everyone was shocked.

When I walked back amongst the row of RV’s, as soon as I rounded the corner, there popped out my old man (he must have been watching). I was trembling like a leaf. He just put his arm around me – never said a word to me about it, neither good nor bad – just walked with me.

Today, here in Canada, there is a great big «anti-bullying» campaign going on. All the kids are encouraged to wear pink shirts to symbolize they are against bullying, there are bullying «hotlines» set up, and every time there is a conflict between two kids, the mothers are called in to the principal’s office to «work things out.» Apparently, at
some school in Toronto, there’s a ten year old boy who decided he was gay (how can you decide you are gay when you are ten?). In order to keep this «gay» ten year old from being bullied, the school has appointed a teacher to walk around with him full-time to keep him safe. The old «schoolyard rules» have been completely abolished and we are raising our boys to be feminized sissies, not independent men confident in their own abilities.

Being bullied is part of life for men and it is important for them to learn how to stick up for themselves.

Re-framing this culturally, the boys of today are similarly being bullied by feminists. It’s a similar ‘fair’ fight. They’re bigger, smarter and they fight very dirty. And this is something this generation of boys needs to sort out themselves, because the older guys will not be around forever. Perhaps following the Masculine Principle and passing feminism’s cultural fitness-tests might be the new Rite of Passage for the boys and men of today and tomorrow.


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Mujeres – La adolescente mas responsable de la casa

Woman: The Most Responsible Teenager in the House?
***Foreword*** This piece is directly related to the previous two articles titled «You’re Such a Tool!» and «Rites of Passage – Making Boys into Men». To fully understand the significance of the following concepts, those articles must be taken into account. (While this article can stand alone, it is also the «climax» of a three part series – which is part of a chapter of a book. There’s much more context to this article than what appears here by itself).
At first it may seem like an assault against your good senses to think of adult women as mere children or teenagers. How could they be? They go through life and mature just like men do, don’t they? Once they are thirty or forty, don’t they behave as adults just as thirty or forty year old men do? Actually, there is much evidence to the contrary. Perhaps men are so keen to believe that women mature the same as them (throughout their entire lives) because in the early stages of our lives, females do actually mature faster than males.

”The nobler and more perfect a thing is, the later and slower is it in reaching maturity. Man reaches the maturity of his reasoning and mental faculties scarcely before he is eight and twenty; woman when she is eighteen; but hers is a reason of very narrow limitations. This is why women remain children all their lives, for they always see only what is near at hand, cling to the present, take the appearance of a thing for reality, and prefer trifling things to the most important.” — Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women (1851)
Click Pic for «You’re Such a Tool!»
The reason why females mature faster than men is not some particular triumph for them, despite how women seem to enjoy throwing this little tidbit of information around. As I described in my piece «You’re Such a Tool», what it really has to do with is women being the biological bearers and caretakers of children. They mature faster than males because once they become fertile after puberty, they must also have the mental capacity to care for the children they might bear. Nowhere in nature is there a female organism that is capable of giving birth to offspring which is not also developed enough yet to care for the offspring. This not only manifests itself in hips capable of giving birth and breasts able to produce milk, but also in a mental maturation that enables them to provide basic childcare. You will notice as well, even in our present society, it is when girls reach around the age of twelve that they begin taking up babysitting and it is around puberty when adults begin entrusting young girls to care for infants alone. This merely coincides with female biology, as it is also at that age when girls become physically capable of bearing children, and their mental maturity matches their biological maturity.

The difference between men and women in maturity, however, is that while females mature earlier in life, they also stop maturing at around the age of eighteen, as Schopenhauer aptly observes. And while men don’t catch up to women’s maturity until they reach around age twenty-eight, after that the men keep maturing – often throughout their entire lives. William James describes the same process of maturation in Principles of Psychology, where he states:

«We observe an identical difference between men as a whole and women as a whole. A young woman of twenty reacts with intuitive promptitude and security in all the usual circumstances in which she may be placed. Her likes and dislikes are formed; her opinions, to a great extent, the same that they will be through life. Her character is, in fact, finished in its essentials. How inferior to her is a boy of twenty in all these respects! His character is still gelatinous, uncertain what shape to assume, «trying it on» in every direction. Feeling his power, yet ignorant of the manner in which he shall express it, he is, when compared with his sister, a being of no definite contour. But this absence of prompt tendency in his brain to set into particular modes is the very condition which insures that it shall ultimately become so much more efficient than the woman’s. The very lack of preappointed trains of thought is the ground on which general principles and heads of classification grow up; and the masculine brain deals with new and complex matter indirectly by means of these, in a manner which the feminine method of direct intuition, admirably and rapidly as it performs within its limits, can vainly hope to cope with.» — William James, Principles of Psychology
Balvenie 50 Year Old Single Malt Scotch
It becomes like comparing three-month fermented wine served in a box of Chateau Cardboard to single malt scotch aged for decades in an oak cask. As such, women do mature faster than males but stop maturing at around the mentality of an eighteen year old (or also, I suppose, to the maturity of a 28 year old man), leaving the woman as literally, the most responsible teenager in the house.

It is interesting to note as well how many men claim that it is at around age 27 or 28 that they begin to “figure things out” in regard to women, or at least much more so than they did earlier in life.

”Women are directly adapted to act as the nurses and educators of our early childhood, for the simple reason that they themselves are childish, and foolish, and shortsighted – in a word, are big children all their lives, something intermediate between the child and the man, who is a man in the strictest sense of the word. Consider how a young girl will toy day after day with a child, dance with it and sing to it; and then consider what a man, with the very best of intentions, could do in her place.” — Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women (1851)

The reason why women stop maturing at around the age of eighteen also has to do with their biological destiny as child-bearers and caretakers of children. As Schopenhauer notes, women can toy and coo with a child all day long and seemingly enjoy themselves, while what could a man do in their place? Women, as they are wont to brag to us, are also more “emotionally tuned-in” than men are. Women’s emotional proclivities are directly related to her childrearing duties which biology has assigned to her. Babies, for example, communicate solely through emotion and even as children grow into toddlers and then children that communicate with words and language, a lot of their communication is still through emotion, and so women are at an intermediate stage of development between that of a child and an adult man, or in other words, they are teenagers.

Furthermore, in regard to women’s emotional state, it ought to be noted that one cannot be emotional and rational at the same time, so it is not that females are both more emotionally in-tune while remaining rationally above it all. Just the opposite is true. The more you “emote,” the less you “think.” Take someone suffering from road-rage, for example. The emotions of anger so cloud the driver’s brain that he can even unthinkingly commit acts of violence, only to deeply regret it later when his emotions have subsided. As women are generally in a much more emotional state of mind than men, so do they not use reason and rationality to guide themselves as much as men do.

***NOTE: In regard to these concepts, there’s an addition to this article at the bottom of this page.***
What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Ours
What husband doesn’t come to understand this is the true nature of marriage after a time? But ultimately, is this not merely the same attitude that teenagers take within the family?

Think about how a teenager refers to the family sedan, which the parents paid for, as our car. But the i-pod which he purchased with money he earned part-time at McDonald’s is his i-pod. Is not the teenager’s/child’s default that his parent’s possessions are “ours” while those possessions he purchased with money he earned himself are “his,” and his alone? This directly mimics even my own parent’s marriage, where my father worked his entire lifetime to pay the bills for the family and put a roof over our heads, but when the kids were off to school and my mom took up working, the money she earned doing so was “her money.” It did not go into the family pot as my father’s income did, but became her own “special money” in almost the same way that a child’s allowance or earnings are “his money.”

(Right Now I Feel Like)…

Perhaps you have heard the old saying, “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind…” This is something we usually write off as a cute quirk of female behaviour (even though it often causes untold damage to others), but think for a moment how this resembles the behaviour of children & teenagers. Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up and they will tell you “a fireman,” then ask them a week later and they will say “an astronaut.” Young people will do this right through high-school and on into university where they almost assuredly will change their major at least once, not to mention that after getting their degree, the odds are there will be more changes in their plans once again.

If I were a parent who had a teenager that told me they wanted to be a doctor in the future, I would do well to insert the phrase “Right now I feel like (I want to be a doctor),” in front of every choice the teenager has claimed they made. Certainly, I wouldn’t 100% take them at their word and start depleting my resources in an attempt to help them become a doctor, because in a month or two, the teen will tell me they no longer want to be a doctor but have decided on the career path of Famous Rock Star instead.
One of the sad facts of entering adulthood is that you are forced to make choices which you must stick to in order to be successful in your ventures. The person who decides early to stick to a career as an auto-mechanic will likely be much more successful in life than his peer who spends age 18 to 24 pursuing a career as psychologist, then quits and spends another 6 years attempting a career as an electrician, only to quit again to gain qualification as an accountant. Part of “adulthood” is about making choices that you stick to for the long term, so that those ventures have enough time to bear fruit. Those who change their minds too often rarely harvest the fruits of their labour. In other words, making a choice to go in one direction often closes the door to other choices. We allow children the latitude to change their minds as they grow-up, but after a time we start to insist they make a choice and stick to it.
Click Pic for «The Suffragettes versus The Marketplace»
Women as well change their minds like teenagers do. Sure, she might decide that (right now she feels like) she wants to be a doctor, but as evidence has shown in the medical profession, most women who train to be doctors spend less than a decade working full-time in said profession before quitting and deciding that (right now she feels like) she wants to be a mother. Afterwards, most of these women decide that (right now she feels like) she only wants to work as a part-time doctor. Of course, as time goes on, she has less and less experience than the male doctor who never “took a break” to explore other choices life had to offer and he quickly outpaces her in that field, even without the Patriarchy conspiring behind the scenes to hold her back.
Click Pic for «The Suffragettes versus The Truth»

When a woman tells you she will love you forever, insert the phrase (Right now I feel like) before it, so you get the proper translation into Womanese: “(Right now I feel like) I will love you forever. All evidence shows that this should include vows made at the altar as well, since the vast majority of divorces are initiated by women rather than men.
Q: “Do you take this man as your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold until death do you part?”
A: “(Right now I feel like) I do!”
Sure women stick to their choices better than children do, but they don’t do it as well as men do either. In other words, women’s behaviour exists somewhere in between the child and the man… kinda like a teenager.
Women’s Fitness-Tests are Similar to the Boundaries Which Children Seek
Click Pic for «Testing, Testing… 1,2,3… Testing!»
Anyone who has raised children knows that children seek boundaries and are happiest when they find such boundaries exist and understand there are consequences when they cross them. A child who does not have boundaries set by his parents will in the short term get his way, but will ultimately come to resent everything around him and become miserable.

Women are not much different. They will instinctively fitness-test a man with all kinds of irrational and basically abusive behaviour, to test the steel content of his balls by his ability to pass such tests and not put up with her crap. If the man passes her tests, she calms down and is content to live within the boundaries of behaviour which he sets for her. Once she knows there are boundaries and her man is willing to enforce them, she knows that her man is a capable provider and protector and she can relax and feel confident following his lead.

The behaviour of children seeking boundaries set for them by their parents and the fitness-testing behaviour of women with their lovers is remarkably similar.

(Related Study Illustrating that Women Crave Boundaries)

Men Love Women, Women Love Children, and Children Love Puppies

There is an “order” to how love works and the order works only in one direction. You can see hints to this in the Bible, where husbands are commanded to love their wives while wives are commanded to “honour” their husbands in return. Children as well are commanded to honour their parents. Love is a hierarchal beast that descends downward. The only way it works in reverse is via honour and respect, because the reciprocal “love” is never equal.

A child will never love its parents in the same fashion that parents will love their child. You will readily see parents willing to sacrifice for their children – sometimes with their very lives – but rarely will you see the same in reverse. In fact, even in society as a whole, we consider it to be “the right thing” when a father or a mother sacrifices their life in order to save the life of their child. The whole of raising children to adulthood involves enormous sacrifice on the part of the parents in the form of time, frustration, freely giving resources, the denial of the parent’s dreams, and so forth. It is never returned to the parents on an equal basis, not even when the child reaches adulthood, for by that time the child will likely have children of his own to whom he bestows most of his love upon. Although having children is a one-way-street of parents sacrificing for the betterment of their child, they are still instinctively compelled to do so even though, rationally speaking, it is not in the best interests of the parents. What parents can expect in return is that their children honour them and respect them for their sacrifices – but their love will never equal that which their parents have for them. It is just not part of the natural order of life.
Click Pic for «Rites of Passage: Making Boys into Men»
In the same way, a woman’s love for a man will never be equal to a man’s love for a woman. The natural order and a woman’s hypergamous nature dictate that the man must be on a “higher level” than the woman. A man can love a woman just as a woman can love a child, but the reciprocal love is returned only in the form of honour and respect. Just as a child instinctively expects its parents to take care of them, so does a woman instinctively expect her man to take care of her. It is a one-way street. A woman will never be able to equally return a man’s love for her. At best, she can honour and respect him for what he does for her.

In fact, in the form of romantic love, you will find that women are not so much in love with the man as an individual person, but rather they are in love with the relationship. The man is merely a role-player and is easily replaced by another taking on the role. If any man expects to be an “equal partner” with his wife, he will soon find his woman disrespecting him and seeking out a man who is decidedly not her equal to lead her.

They are the sexus sequior, the second sex in every respect, therefore their weaknesses should be spared, but to treat women with extreme reverence is ridiculous, and lowers us in their own eyes. When nature divided the human race into two parts, she did not cut it exactly through the middle! The difference between the positive and negative poles, according to polarity, is not merely qualitative but also quantitative. And it was in this light that the ancients and people of the East regarded woman; they recognised her true position better than we, with our old French ideas of gallantry and absurd veneration, that highest product of Christian-Teutonic stupidity. These ideas have only served to make them arrogant and imperious, to such an extent as to remind one at times of the holy apes in Benares, who, in the consciousness of their holiness and inviolability, think they can do anything and everything they please. — Arthur Schopenhauer, On Women (1851)

You cannot expect a woman to be your true confidant, your soul-mate, and your respite to lean upon during the stormy times in life. That is your role for her benefit. It does not work in reverse, for as soon as you believe it can work that way, she will lose confidence in your ability to lead her and begin to resent you. She will go about illustrating her resentment by making your life as miserable as she possibly can. This may be one of the hardest lessons for a man to learn in life because it turns the whole notion of modern love as an equal give-and-take relationship upon its ear. The implications can be rather depressing, as it means that on a certain level a man will always be alone. A parent who expects their child to also be their equal friend to lean upon for support, will also find himself sorely disappointed with the results. The child instinctively expects the parents to be superior and to cater to his needs. Expecting the reverse will only result in a resentful child and a heartbroken parent. The same order must be maintained between a man and a woman, lest she become resentful and seek out a man who actually will lead her.

The Terrible Twos

”If one looks around at today’s culture and takes note of all the destructive effects of the female attitude of entitlement, then went on to devise social controls which would prevent such destructive effects in the future, I think you would end up with social values very much like the ones currently labeled «patriarchal.»

Rather than viewing feminism as «conditioning» women to behave in completely self-centered ways, I see it more as a case of feminism regarding the socialization process which countered the natural tendency of all organisms toward selfishness – as «oppression.»

Every parent who has had daily involvement in raising a child is familiar with the stage called «the terrible twos.» This is the stage during which the naturally selfish infant is forced to come to terms with the fact that their desires will not always be met and their will won’t always prevail. I have no doubt that if the child were able to express what it knows in its «special infantile way of knowing», that it would consider the imposition of external values on it to be «oppression.»

The vast majority of women I have met have seemed to be stuck emotionally at about age two. Any frustration of their desires would result in a tantrum. In many cases these were more subtle than throwing herself on the floor and thrashing around, but it was a tantrum nonetheless. So, rather than saying that feminism «conditioned» women to behave in an immature, selfish, and totally self-centered fashion, I would describe it as feminism destroying the social value system and the process of conditioning women out of their infantile and narcissistic world view.” — The Wisdom of Zenpriest

Your Bratty Little Sister

”… Women, then, are only children of a larger growth; … A man of sense only trifles with them, plays with them, humors and flatters them, as he does with a sprightly forward child; but he neither consults them about, nor trusts them with serious matters; though he often makes them believe that he does both; which is the thing in the world they are most proud of; for they love mightily to be dabbling in business (which by the way they always spoil); and being justly distrustful that men in general look upon them in a trifling light, they almost adore that man who talks more seriously to them, and who seems to consult and trust them; I say, who seems; for weak men really do, but wise ones only seem to do it. …» — Lord Chesterfield, Letter to His Son (1748)
In the sense of seduction, a man is well advised to treat a woman as if she were his bratty little sister:
”…The more you patronizingly treat women like bratty kid sisters, the more their vaj takes over their critical thinking skills. It all harkens back to the one fundamental principle guiding male-female relations: Chicks love submitting to powerful men. And what is a bigger demonstration of male sexual power than believing that a woman is so far beneath you that she is the equivalent of a child, hardly deserving of a serious answer or an emotional investment?

So what does “everything she does is cute” mean in practice? It means not getting riled up when she tests you. It means not explaining yourself when she stamps her wee feet and wags a finger at you. It means never acting apologetic when she’s upset with some mysterious infraction you’ve committed. Keep in mind that when a woman gets upset, at least half the time she’s not really upset with whatever misdemeanor she’s accusing you of; she’s just upset that your behavior caused a temporary reversal of gina tingle induction.

The “everything she does is cute” game tactic is defined more precisely as an inner game refinement. When you start thinking of women as adorable brats who know not what they do, you start treating them in ways consistent with your beliefs. With enough reprogramming in the right direction (i.e. kicking the supports out from under her pedestal), soon the words coming out of your mouth will be effortless verbal expressions of what you actually feel. And therein lies the secret to being a natural — naturals truly believe the charmingly jerkoff things they say to women.” — Chateau Heartiste
(Also see «Lesson Thirteen: Charm is Treating Women Like Little Girls» — The Book of Pook)

Despite what most relationship “experts” try to tell you, the key to a successful relationship is not about open, honest communication.

It is true, there must be a form of “mutual respect,” but the respect cannot be equal in all ways. A parent can respect a child and respect the child’s needs, but for a parent to treat the child as an equal would be a grave mistake. In a similar way, a man can respect a woman, but if he deems to treat her as his equal, she will soon come to resent him and leave to seek a man who actually portrays himself as superior – as a leader – to her. She seeks this instinctively. She is like water seeking a strong man to act as the container which will shape her «truths.» In the realm of seduction, a woman also seeks out a man who is able to behave in a superior fashion to her, so even if you are not yet convinced that women are as mere children but only of a larger growth, you would be well advised to treat her as one if only from the standpoint of keeping her romantically interested in you.

When a man marries a woman, he doubles his duties while halving his rights. This was true even in the days of Marriage 1.0. It is a large responsibility involving much effort to take on a wife, just as it is for one to take on raising children. You cannot expect children, or women, to fulfill your needs for emotional intimacy nor to be “someone to lean on” during times of strife. Just the opposite, for that is your duty as a parent and also as a husband.

Most of our modern laws, and nearly all of the “experts” in the social sciences, have done everything they possibly can to undermine a man’s ability to properly “husband” his wife. The current state of affairs completely upsets the natural hierarchy between man and woman. In the same way that it would be nearly impossible for parents to properly raise children if the government passed a plethora of laws deconstructing parent’s natural roles and restricting them from setting boundaries for children, so it is increasingly difficult for a man to properly fulfill his leadership role that women instinctively seek and need. When children have legal authority over their parents, chaos will ensue, just as in Marriage 2.0 where women hold supremacy over the husbands, the practice of matrimony will only harm and bring resentment to all parties involved, making one ill-advised to seek such an arrangement in life.

“Feminism starts out being very simple. It starts out being the instinct of a little child who says ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘you are not the boss of me,’ and it ends up being a worldview that questions hierarchy altogether.” — Gloria Steinem, in the two hour HBO special on the life of Gloria Steinem entitled, «Gloria: In Her Own Words.»
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***An addition to this article*** I kind of get a kick watching this article get linked to on Reddit. It causes quite a bit of controversy and has a lot of people pretty angry, especially women. Some of their arguments are pretty silly though. The most glaring one is people calling what Schopenhauer says as «science from the 1850’s.» Umm, Schopenhauer is a philosopher, not a scientist. Learn the difference.
Your Friendly, Neighbourhood Social Justice Warrior!
Also, there is one ridiculous person in there (who goes to every reddit around to repeatedly complain about this article – for over a year now!) who continually points out that I linked to Angry Harry, «who is just another blogger like me,» and points out that AH’s «source» for «the more you emote, the less you think» is the Daily Mail. She does not point out, however, that the Daily Mail’s article she is referring to is cited by «peer reviewed research,» done by a feminist, no less, and Angry Harry merely read the research and translated what she said. Furthermore, Angry Harry has multiple degrees, a Ph D. in Psychology and the others I believe are related to childhood education – making him extremely qualified to critique the research and comment on what it means. Angry Harry often has written about how the school system has been rejigged to favour girls over boys, and it is his area of expertise to note the different brain functions of the sexes.
Further, you will quickly see how angry women get about this discussion, but not men – except for the mangina’s and white knights trying curry favour and approval from anonymous females on the internet with whom they have absolutely no chance of getting sex from – yet they still feel compelled to grovel like servile worms in front of them. My goodness, I half expect that if women gave those men a dull, rusty pocketknife, they would castrate themselves to gain the ladies’ approval. But, to note, I have not yet seen one single man get angry that this
article blatantly suggests men are more immature than women from pretty much the age of 12 to 28. (It also says males are valued less than females in society). I mean, no teenage boy nor man in his twenties takes any offense whatsoever to the suggestion that they are not as mature as their female peers, yet women and their enablers are having virtual heart-attacks over the suggestion that men may have some kind of advantage over females – somewhere.

“Men are not troubled to hear a man dispraised, because they know, though he be naught, there’s worth in others; but women are mightily troubled to hear any of them spoken against, as if the sex itself were guilty of some unworthiness.” – John Seldon (1584-1654)

And, to note, it is virtually accepted scientifically that girls do, indeed, mature faster than boys, both physically and mentally. (Which already proves the male and female brain are not the same). Physically, for example, in puberty girls mature faster than boys in such things as height. But as we all know, while boys start their growth spurt later than girls, boys grow to be significantly taller than girls. Furthermore, males also do not fully fill-out muscularly until they reach their late twenties. However, an 18 year old female is pretty much at her peak of physical development at that age, and by her late twenties is beginning to decline.
As such, those who are angry at this article are, on the one hand, acknowledging the superiority of women (they mature faster than boys) but then complaining – screeching like children actually – that there is some advantage which males will gain later in life. In other words, they are trying to show the superiority of the female brain, not its equality. If a female brain matures faster than a male’s, and also, ends up having no disadvantages but only (at the minimum) equality with the male brain thereafter, then it is quite obvious that they are claiming the female brain is superior to the male brain, because if it matures faster, and is also in every way just as capable, then it is superior because it only has advantages, but not corresponding disadvantages. This reminds me of a verse from Angry Harry’s marvelous poem, If I Only Had a V:

If I only had a V
I would use it expertly
To generate equality
That somehow always favours me

Boy, I wonder how loud the childish squealing would get if I pointed out other philosophers and writers from the past who argued things such as women’s height being between that of a child and a man, or that their facial features and skin are intermediate between a child’s and a man’s…
As someone who grew up through the brunt of feminism’s sickness in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard of the superiority of the female brain’s multi-tasking abilities. «Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah,» the females taunted, from teenagers to old women to fat orca’s with TV talk shows. (They are still doing it today in their «A Woman’s Nation» and «End of Men» articles). Never once has it been acceptable to point out that men’s linear thinking brain is the one that is capable of intense and deep concentration, precisely because it does not multi-task, and thus why virtually all of the world’s inventions with more than two moving parts have come from the hands of men, plus the majority of great musicians, artists, philosophers and so on. Women’s multi-tasking brains are like the phrase «a jack of all trades, but master of none.» It helps them do other tasks while also tending to children. (Most women spent the majority of their entire adult lives either pregnant or caring for their children until very recently in human history). For every advantage there is a disadvantage. For every cloud, there is a silver lining. A Ferrari would be a scream for Sunday afternoon drives, but when Monday morning comes around and you need to Shut Up and Shovel the Fuckin’ Gravel, you’d probably rather have an old pick-up truck.
Click the correct vehicle to use for «The Secret to Life: Shut Up and Shovel the Fuckin’ Gravel!» — by Zenpriest
The Hard-Wired Difference Between Male and Female Brains Could Explain Why Men Are Better At Map Reading – Researchers found that many of the connections in a typical male brain run between the front and the back of the same side of the brain, whereas in women the connections are more likely to run from side to side between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This difference in the way the nerve connections in the brain are “hardwired” occurs during adolescence when many of the secondary sexual characteristics such as facial hair in men and breasts in women develop under the influence of sex hormones, the study found. The researchers believe the physical differences between the two sexes in the way the brain is hardwired could play an important role in understanding why men are in general better at spatial tasks involving muscle control while women are better at verbal tasks involving memory and intuition.

… Because the female connections link the left hemisphere, which is associated with logical thinking, with the right, which is linked with intuition, this could help to explain why women tend to do better than men at intuitive tasks, she added. “Intuition is thinking without thinking. It’s what people call gut feelings. Women tend to be better than men at these kinds of skill which are linked with being good mothers,” Professor Verma said.

(Note that male brains run front to back, thus not crossing logic with emotion as with women).

(enlace al original en ingles)

Cómo levantarse minas muy lindas en un bar

In club/bar environments it’s often thought the most difficult approach of all is directly approaching a group of uber hot women and successful endgame of taking one home. This post demonstrates a number of methods to give these girls the good seeing too they all crave and make everyone happy in the process. The methods outlined can be deconstructed and used in isolation in various other situations, but in this case they’re usually all needed due to our quarry being in a group and all hot. Social engineering methods will run alongside psychological ones for maximum impact. The group should be of a minimum of four women and a maximum of ten, and preferably receiving a lot of passive attention from other males.

Please note: This is a meta strategy to achieve an end goal. If at any point your target shows genuine interest you can skip steps, as you’re already where you want to be (but watch for compliance tests).

Step 1: Identifying Your Targets The first step is deciding which girls you’re going to use as your gateway strategy. I say, «girls» because as well as selecting a target (your end game girl) you will also need to identify one of the other girls as a leverage point for the social dynamic aspect of the method.

[ In this case it doesn’t have to be mother hen as the status of the girls in the group is pretty similar so there’s little difference in «ranking» due to them all being 9’s or 10’s.]

The girl to use as leverage will be the girl most interested in being approached and thus most likely ascribed by the other girls unconsciously as their biggest sexual rival. To identify her, study the group carefully. Your selection will seem less interested in the inane female chit chat taking place and will tend to scan the environment, looking around to check who is in the venue (which Chads) more so than the other girls.

She’s looking to see which guys are there as it’s her intention to get laid that night. She will most likely be wearing the most revealing outfit in the group and peaking in her ovulation cycle. Possibly wearing something red or maybe just red lipstick or nails as women seem to have a predilection for the colour -combined with skimpy outfits- when they’re at their most fertile, and thus at their horniest.

[Not wearing red isn’t a deal breaker, but if you’re 50/50 over two girls in the group, then use the red wearing one as your default selection. A number of scientific studies have correlated the colour to women at their most fertile/horny. As the saying goes «Red shoes, no knickers».

Women are always checking out other girls in public venues to monitor their status in the ongoing attraction hierarchy – but if you watch – you will see that girls with red clothing or nails/lipstick receive particular attention when they’re first spotted. The other girls know full well the significance of what’s going on, even if it’s just on an unconscious level.

The other girls in the group will know this too unconsciously and attempt to engineer spoiling strategies to counter their rival. You may notice they will look at her more to check what’s she’s up to and rubberneck during conversations they’re having with the others to keep tabs on her: Watch for this.

The final sign is a body language indicator much beloved by used car salesmen and one (now that you’ve read this) you’re going to see, all the time and even notice yourself doing it to the point you say «WTF!» when you see the hidden matrix of attraction cues going on around you.

Have you ever seen two people who know each other, meet and stop in the street for a chit chat, but one needs to get away because they’re busy? Have you noticed what happens to the angle of one of their feet? It POINTS towards the direction they want to go: the direction they were originally heading, it’s unconscious body language leakage indicating an ongoing desire that’s found even in higher primates.

Good car salesmen know this too, when they’re chatting to a prospect on the lot they’re keeping a close eye on where your foot is pointing as THAT’S the car you like. Your foot points towards things you like, and away from things you don’t. We all do it, I do it, you do it and hot bitches in bars do it.

Of all the body language clues the most accurate (and only ones which can be used in isolation) are eye contact and foot pointing. When you’re stood in a bar or chatting to your buddies, the default position for you feet are the 5 minutes to 1 position. Look for girls who have a foot deviating from this stance unless there’s a good reason, then look to see where it’s pointing.

[In fact; next time you’re in a bar or club with your buddies, look towards where one of your own feet are pointing. If one of them is pointed away from its default position then it’s very likely pointing towards some hottie you have your eye on]

In Summary: The girl you are going to use as leverage to assist your entry will be exhibiting what’s known as an «R cluster».

  • Reconnaissance: She’s scanning the bar looking for which guys (Chads) are in the venue as potential partners.
  • Revealing: She will most likely be the most sexily dressed of the group.
  • Red: She will most likely be wearing the colour red.
  • Real Interest: One of her feet will be pointing away from the group and towards where her real interest lays, usually a man or group of men.

[Disclaimer: allow for pointing which may be towards the bar (she wants a drink), the toilets (she needs to pee), the dancefloor (she wants to dance) or the exit (she wants to leave) although you will only see these indicators when she’s in conversation with someone else. If she’s not engaged in something she’ll just act on what she wants without pointing ]

Under any other circumstances this is the girl whom you should target in an approach strategy; whether it be a mother hen gateway -then move to your interest- or a direct approach to your interest from off the bat. Either way this is the girl most DTF that night.

In this case however, with the group all being uber hotties this is the girl you will use as your leverage point for entry – without activating any alarm bells or bitch shields [sure you can game this girl after, once you’re established yourself ] but the purpose of this strategy is gaining access first, disqualifying yourself from your approach girl (albeit temporarily) and then use your game skills to move things on.

Your actual target girl is the next one down on the «R cluster» scale. She will be exhibiting some or all of the «R cluster» traits (though not to the extent of your leverage girl) but also target girl will be rubber necking your leverage girl as her prime sexual rival that night. Women pick up on other girls who are ovulating on an unconscious level and adjust their behaviours sub consciously by mate guarding their partner more if they have one, and cockblocking their female friends if they’re both single. You’re going to use this unconscious behavioural drive for your own ends.

Step 2: The approach. In this situation you have two types of frame. 1/ The extant frame: Group of super hotties too good for anyone in the bar and «girl power» blowing off men and acting like a pack of bitches.

2/ The intrinsic frame: The real frame, a group of sexual rivals jockeying for status, utilising devious feminine psychological methods on each other, but pretending to be best girly friends while they do it.

The problem is: An extant frame can be pretty solid due to what’s known as embodied cognition and the girls actually start acting as if this is the reality they’re in, they start feeding their emotional states off each other in a feedback loop known as «Limbic resonance» and post hoc rationalising their own behaviour (known as «Hamstering»….) to avoid cognitive dissonance.

In broscience this is called «Believing your own shit». A radical deframe is required. Gentlemen, such a deframing exists.

«The Queens Of Sheba Opener.»

Internalise your RP mindset as the selector and approach your target girl direct (ensure she has a full drink as you don’t want any distractions or default «drink tooling» programs firing up). Make sure she sees you are approaching so you don’t trigger an auto pilot response by surprising her, then stop in front of her as if weighing her up for a few seconds, then ask the question.

«Who’s your friend?»

She’ll be expecting a chat up line or random beta validation, but gets surprise instead (the type we DO need) which derails normal shit testing programming (we’re also generating an emotional response here, which is good) but curiosity will make her ask…

«Which one?» [ that’s why we need a minimum of 4 girls in the group ].

With a nod of your head towards your leverage girl reply…

«The one all the guys are interested in»

This is a huge deframe. There she is enjoying all this attention and validation, then all of a sudden the rug is pulled from under her: The attention and validation may not actually be for her!

Hamster central rapidly boots up to protect her self-image.

«The guys are looking at all of us….?»

«Is nobody actually interested in me and it’s actually my friend that’s creating all this interest from guys…?»

«I’m beautiful, but is she so much more attractive than me that all these guys don’t care?»

«Am I the least attractive of my friends…?»

«What the fuck is my status in the group…?»

All these thoughts go through her head in a split second as you’ve just triggered an «imposter syndrome» program to run in her mind. Not only that, but the source of it is her prime sexual rival who she unconsciously ascribes as a threat.

Oh fucking dear…

Her status is now in limbo and needs a reference point to stabilise itself so her limbic brain creates a sense of dread causing her to reframe from the bottom up to achieve some stability to build from. The dread is hard-wired into her brain: In the ancestral environment a rapid change in circumstances could mean imminent danger or a big survival opportunity. The limbic brain doesn’t trust your pre-frontal cortex (the conscious) to deal with it so pulls rank and drops into heuristic mode.

Heuristics are nothing more than pre-wired emotional responses on how to deal with something quickly. They come from the emotional brain and are combinations of responses based on previous similar experiences (the social emotions like, shame, guilt, jealousy etc) with some actually hard-wired into the brain’s source code (like fear, anger, lust etc ). When these heuristics are running then you’re also susceptible to influence, as you’re locking onto someone else’s frame as a scaffolding to bring you back to normality/stasis and the «emotional traffic highway» is now open for emotions coming in the opposite direction (from the other person).

Your frame as selector and alpha is incorporated into her own.

[ To the vast majority of girls «status» within their peer group (which used to be the tribe) is of considerable importance as it had to be kept a close eye on in the ancestral environment to maximise the potential of mating with the highest alpha male they could get. It had to be monitored at all times and like I said action taken to avoid any potential loss and seize on the opportunity for any potential improvement.]

With very hot girls status is even more important as being «top girl» was the genetic jackpot for their genes. These girls now pretty much have everything, the looks, the orbiters, the protectors, and all the other benefits which come from being an uber hottie. The one thing they have to work for is their status/value with other uber hotties in their group/tribe.

Lost at sea she now starts to do something she very rarely does: She starts qualifying herself to you and sabotaging her rival.

Step 3: The Lock In

Important If you start validating her now, then any potential attraction will disappear very quickly. Remember this as you will have an urge to do so.

The behaviour you drop into now is that of «amused mastery» with a heavy emphasis of skepticism. Cross your arms when she’s validating herself, but listen to the criteria she’s basing herself judged worth upon. See if you can find an adjective she seems keen on which you can use to preface the word «Confident». When you’ve identified the word then make sure to slightly nod when you hear it (more about this later, but it’s to do with what are called «trancewords».) The nod is a way of analogically marking it through body language so that its significance is processed unconsciously, as body language is decoded by the unconscious brain first and the conscious secondly, but only if it appears to be incongruous will the conscious boot up to give it «due process».

Keep a wry amused smile on your face, she will sense that you’re not taking the bait and most likely go some light kino on you to punctuate her emotional state and expect you to invest with some validation. Kino her back, but always in a pushing fashion and don’t look where you touch (it’s creepy). Because of her emotional state your kino won’t be processed at a conscious level as the cognitive buffer is filled with other concerns, but unconsciously it’s getting through to her attraction centres.

Step 4 The Lock Down The key now is to drop her out of her emotional state temporarily and then spike it back up again using a process known as «refractionation». Basically when someone comes out and then back into the same emotional state, the second time they go into it, it’s more powerful. It’s a method used by the «speed seduction» community to generate high levels of arousal in a woman, but in this case we’re just using it for a different emotional model to suit our strategy.

Uncross your arms with a sigh, relax and then change the subject to something mundane going on in the venue as if you’re just chatting to one of your buddies. Men do not do this to uber hotties as their usual remit is to try to impress them. She will think you’ve disqualified her (causing slight confusion) as a potential partner and up your ascribed value in her mind. Carry on the conversation for about a minute and then drop the line. «Actually you have three big advantages over your friend» (leverage girl).

[Credit for this goes once again to Mystery and was originally known as the «Three Things About You Technique». Its methodology was to tell a girl two things about herself attraction wise that she didn’t know, but not the third. The PUA could then either go sarge other girls or go to the washroom or bar knowing he had inoculated the girl from further approaches by other guys hanging around as she always wanted to find out the third.]

It uses a cognitive bias we all have known as the «Zeigernic effect» and is very effective [I can vouch for its impact as I’ve had girls come to a bar they knew I was going next, wait outside a wash room for me, and even been pulled out of a taxi to find out the elusive third thing.]

The Three Things: This time, however we’re going to use the «things» as vehicles for some pretty devious and cunning psychological deep mind influence.

When she asks what they are, use the ones below and make sure to preface the first with the words «The first one is». This is to create a language pattern known as an *»Ordinal».

An «Ordinal» is a presupposition that there will be a number of things. By using the word «first» you’re implying that there will be a second, third, etc. The second, third may not even exist, but the listener presupposes that they do as you used the word «first».

[ The woman already knows there will be three things, but in this case you’re using it a reinforcer to prevent cognitive drift ]

Then use the word «Because». «Because» is a statement as opposed to a question and various studies have discovered the word as a preface generates more influence from the speaker. This is because the laws of cause and effect are programmed into all higher animal brains, but by using the word at the beginning of our list (use it only for the first thing) and going through the list in this order, we are starting a process called *»State Titration» so each separate «thing» titrates into the next one, making the process seamless and generating *»cognitive fluency» to prevent her critical factor booting up.

[Count them off on your fingers as you do so. In this way you’re again using a body language cue to anchor them.]

1/ » The first thing is because….» Then a comment on her appearance, but not anything physical. It’s important that it’s something which you genuinely like as the very fact that you have spotted it means it will be something which she wore for that purpose. Something like her dress or shoes making her look «classy» or «sophisticated» as if these are essential criteria for you in a partner (if you DO have essential criteria then use those instead as it will help your congruence).

She will see this as an advantage she has over her fellow beauty leverage girl and mentally agree.

You have just started what’s known as a «Yes Set» (getting her mind into the house of yes) to ease the next two things through.

2/ A comment on how she’s a friendly girl and not standoffish. The reason for this is you’re «priming» the «friendly» behaviour mindset (by «half cocking» the relevant network of neurons» ) into her brain, so she will more likely to act friendly and less keen to start shit testing you. Because you’ve already got her brain into yes mode (the essence of the «yes set») from your first statement and you’re titrating emotional state, her critical factor (the pre-frontal cortex) usually lets the idea into her mind without much introspection. ( No need to use «because» or «The …….thing is», from now on as their work is done ).

3/ Now we use the most Machiavellian attraction trigger in existence…

The Amygdala Feedback Loop.

But first some background. You may have noticed I’m a big proponent of «embodied cognition». This is for good reason. It’s commonly reasoned that when the mind wants the body to do something, it sends a signal to cause the result it requires. This is true, but only half the story. When the body commits the action the mind requests, it sends a signal back to the brain to announce its new state. The brain analyses the return signal and tweaks its instructions in a feedback loop to fine-tune everything and achieve maximum efficiency.

However…if you consciously induce that state in yourself or someone else then the unconscious picks up the return signal and assumes that the signal is the current «state of play» of how things are, and sychronises itself to it, feeding back the new mental model to the body in an ever strengthening loop until the new state becomes the new reality.

There’s been a lot of research into this and the original model was proven by researchers who asked test volunteers to read jokes with and without a pencil held in their mouth. They discovered that the volunteers found the jokes funnier with the pencils then without them.


Holding the pencil in the mouth requires the face to use the «Zygomatic major muscle» to do so. This muscle is also the one which unconsciously triggers when we smile. The brain senses that the muscle is triggering and infers that activity is happening in the body which correlates to a happy/funny state. Instead of the feedback loop going «brain to body to brain to body….» it begins at the state of the «body» instead. The mind adopts the state of the body (happy) to avoid dissonance and the new state becomes the norm, but in this case… You find the jokes funnier.

So…we trigger a behaviour in the girl which correlates to her being attracted to someone.


Sometimes however, this feedback loop runs out of control and can actually cause a panic attack. Calibrate her state closely at this time as any other emotions ongoing in her psyche can hitch a ride on the loop, and some girls can go really crazy when this happens. We’re running a pure attraction loop and nothing else here so be careful what you’re doing.

We count off our third finger, look her in the eye, pause, and then say……

«The third thing is you make lots of very confident eye contact».

Why? Because very attractive girls are very adept at avoiding eye contact with random guys who constantly try to make it with them. If they didn’t, then they would have no end of loser types she has no interest in approaching her and wasting her time.

The only guys she *does make eye contact with, are guys she is interested in or attracted to. You’ve induced a state of attraction in her as she will now adopt that behaviour with you. The body is saying to the brain «I’m making a great deal of eye contact with this guy» so her mind says «Ok that must mean I am attracted to him, so make more of the same» and the feedback loop continues.

The reasons she adopts the behaviour are.

1/ She’s in validation mode with you as her sexual rival is stealing her thunder; she wants it back and if eye contact is an ace up her sleeve, then so be it.

2/ She’s in the final stage of a «yes set».

3/ Do you remember the bit about «trancewords» earlier? Trancewords are words (usually adjectives) based on a person’s sense of values. These values are an actual part of someones identity at their most powerful. When she’s stating her case for being more attractive/desirable than her rival she’s using what she considers her main advantages over her.

They could be: «I’m more passionate», «classy», «sophisticated», «deep», «seductive» etc.

So the final push to get this behaviour through to her limbic brain is to utilise a value which has already been «preapproved» by her unconscious as being important to her. This is a technique known as «tailgating». You take a value very close to another person’s belief model, link it to the value/behaviour you wish to induce and the very association of the latter to the former stamps the signal approved for access to limbic brain to the package as a whole. Into her mind it goes to be unwrapped back into its two separate values once it’s arrives.

Machiavellian? Totally. Manipulative? Absolutely.

So….For the final push… with a slight nod (our earlier state anchor) we say…

«You make very confident (insert trance word here) eye contact».

Step 5: Welcome To My Frame

This stage is the stage to drop her totally out of her frame and into yours. You invite her into your territory. One of the remits of an alpha male in the entire animal kingdom is that they have their own territory. In this case, it would either be where you were originally stood if you’re on your own, or back to your wingmen/wingman if you’re in a group. By doing so you’re demonstrating territorial, attraction generating cues at the very deepest parts of her limbic mind. That’s the place (amygdala) where the values «Fight, Feed, Fuck» reside.

This is deep core and the place you want to be.

Step 6: How The World Is

If you’re on your own, then project the emotional behaviour and frame that’s she’s a plate that you’re very fond of (mentally not verbally) and run with that, with the odd unpredictable intercession (this refractionates but also loads up her cognitive buffer to keep the unconscious highways clear).

If you’re with your buddies then brief them before the approach on what to do when you bring the girl over. A good first thing for one of them to say is.

«Are we staying or are we going?»

By doing this you indicate to her that you’re the leader of your group (the alpha) but also imply a «scarcity» mindset in her so she will infer that you may actually be leaving (after all this chemistry!) and make her invest more.

You of course reply…

«I haven’t decided yet»

The mindset your group should now operate on, is as if she’s a girlfriend you’ve been dating a while, but they’ve just met her. The group frame that this is the reality in question will permeate unconsciously and eliminate any residual frame she has (people drop into the strongest frame they’re interacting with 95% of the time).

No doubt the buddies will be looking for a piece of the action too, in which case ask her a female opinion on something then get her to invite one of her friends over to back her up. Now her group is splitting, some of your guys can go over and chat to the remaining ones. Top R cluster girl is your best bet here for ease of entry.

After that is up to you, but the goal you want is to separate and isolate all the girls into groups of two (two girls-two wingmen) then run with it, with the end goal of bouncing in pairs to the next venue, but keep your frame tight at all times.

End Note

The most important thing about this method is YOU. In all human interactions, people send out what could be called «reality pings» like a submarine’s sonar. These «pings» detect the frame of an ongoing interaction and who’s going to drop into whose frame. The pings happen on an unconscious level and give an emotional valence to the frame at hand. Most people know about body language communication at a meta level, but below that there are tiny nuances in behaviour and physiology called «BMIRs». This stands for *Behavioural Manifestations Of Internal Representations».

BMIR’s are impossible to consciously fake and also very difficult consciously to detect. They just give us a gut feeling about someone (although the American secret service does train its agents using some BMIRs called «Facial Action Cues» [Micro gestures of the face which last only 300 milliseconds] developed by a guy called Paul Ekman so it can be done.

Alas we don’t have access to this level of training but there is a fast track method.

Genuinely believing your TRP frame and knowing 100% that the method will work. When you do that your BMIRs are a 100% reflections of your intentions and mental frame. The woman gets the «feelz» about you on an unconscious level. Her «reality pings» are mapping your psyche and getting the thumbs up (it’s based on the «limbic resonance» I covered earlier). Hypnotists utilise the concept by what’s called «going first». They adopt the emotion they wish their subject to have, the subject picks up the BMIRs of the emotion, their mirror neurons inject it into their own «global-workspace» and they feel the emotion themselves.

Remember though: In field is chaos at the best of times with people coming in and out of set and a great deal of distractions (Mobile phones!) but the greater the integrity of your frame (your force field) the less effect these things will have.

TL;DR Look up the bit about foot pointing. It’s the matrix unveiled of attraction intentions.

(enlace al original en ingles)

Guía rápida para seducir por chat

Ésta es una guía rápida de cosas que si podes hacer y que no deberías hacer, tenelas siempre en cuenta cada vez que chateas con una chica.

Todas y cada una de estas «máximas» tienen una razón de ser. Ignoralas bajo tu propio riesgo.

Charlas de Tinder / OKCupid / Badoo / Happn

La idea es conseguir el teléfono rápido, preferentemente a mujeres que quieren sexo y no perder el tiempo. Hasta la mas fea recibe un match cada vez que pone que si, las mujeres usan esto no solo para ligar, sino para sacarse las ganas de recibir atención.

El equivalente del sexo para el hombre es la atención para la mujer. Sin sexo no hay atención.

  • Ninguna mujer quiere admitir que quiere sexo (a menos que estés re fuerte, en cuyo caso… hace lo que quieras)
  • El truco es que te diga que te quiere dar sin decirlo directamente.
  • El 99% de las mujeres te van a decir que quieren «conocer» y «ver que onda»
    • Típica charla:
      Vos. «Hola»
      Ella. «Hola»
      V. «Que tal»
      E. «Bien vos»
      V. «Bien, qué buscas?»
      E. «Conocer, vos?»
      V. «También»
      V. «Cual es tu numero? Así nos conocemos»
      E. xxxxxxxxxxx
    • Hay desviaciones a esto, pero no te dejes dar mucha vuelta, si te hace mas de una pregunta después de pedirle el numero, repetile «no me diste tu numero», si no te lo da, no le hables mas. Es tiempo perdido.
  • Filtrá! A las mujeres les gusta que filtres.
    • Una vez probé poniendo que gordas no, un éxito rotundo, eso si, venían con fuerza a criticar, pero muchas se quedaban.
    • Acordate que a la mujer la podes excitar y no gustar, y viceversa. No son como los hombres.
  • Nada de charla, nada de conocerse
    • «Te quiero conocer antes»
    • «Yo también, pero en persona»
    • 99% de las veces dice que no, eso es porque no estaba interesada.
  • Acordate del poder del OK.
  • No borres a ninguna, simplemente no les hables, la puerta la cierran ellas, no vos.

Charlas luego de conseguir el teléfono.

  • No agregues a una chica a tu agenda hasta que no hayas tenido sexo con ella.
    • Si tenes que agregarla por el whatsapp, agregala, saludala, y borrala.
  • El primer saludo siempre es:
    • «Hola soy José Redpill».
    • Si no responde repetis a los 4/5 días.
      • Pero esta vez borras el chat, queda la pelota 100% en ella.
  • Por cada mensaje tuyo, tiene que haber 3 de ellas.
    • Si no se cumple no está interesada, borrala
    • Por cada iniciacion de charla tuya, tiene que haber 3 de ella.
  • Nunca respondas inmediatamente a menos que ella demuestre estar interesada
    • O sea que te responde inmediatamente
    • Aleatoriamente dejá de responderle a la mitad de la charla
    • Saludala uno o dos dias despues sin referenciar la charla
    • Si te dice algo decile que estuviste ocupado y no le des mas atencion al asundo
    • Si se enoja, silencio de radio un par de días o hasta que ella te vuelva a contactar (a partir de varias horas despues del enojo)
    • Nunca cuentes con detalle que estas haciendo, no te deja ser misterioso
  • Nunca hables todos los días con una chica
  • Nunca hables con una chica si no la vas a invitar a salir ese dia o el día siguiente.
  • Solo aceptá dos «no» antes de borrar a la chica
    • Un no es todo lo que no sea un si rotundo
    • Un «no puedo» o «se murió mi mejor amigo» es un no.
  • Tratá de hablar solo de logística al menos hasta que tengas sexo con ella
    • Típica charla:
      Vos.»Hola, soy José Redpill»
      E.»Cómo estas?»
      V.»Bien, tenes cara de cervezera borracha»
      E.[Comentario por si / comentario por no]
      V.[Comentario acorde]
      V. «Tomemos algo hoy [de cerveza / de lo que sea] conozco un lugar, 19hs?»
  • La regla general es que cuando le gustas a una mujer lo único que tenes que hacer para ponerla es no hacer cagadas. Más hablas, más cagadas podes mandarte.
  • No uses palabras colchón.
  • Y acordate del poder del OK.

Último consejo

Lo importante no es tanto el qué sino el cómo.

Que es Kino (Kinostesia o Cinestesia)

Sparing you the drawn-out details of what KINO is, I’ll just make it concise as possible.

KINO is the act or the art of physical contact or touching.

That’s it!

How it applies and pertains to your face-to-face interactions with a girl, be it on a date or at your place, is that you want to establish touch as early as possible.

The sooner and more frequently you touch her; the more she becomes accustomed to your touch.

Whether she will like your touch or get repulsed by it is another story. And that’s what this article is all about- teaching you the right way to KINO (touching) with zero or least chance of rejection.

Now, whenever you touch a girl or attempt to [primarily a new girl who isn’t used to you yet], the best time to do this is with a fabricated excuse to touch her.

Having a plausible reason to touch her will allay her fears. Not that you always need a plausible reason, but if you’re new to this, it’s best to use this guideline.

Lemme take you back to my latest pull from the other night where I’d picked up a 23 year old hottie.

I’ll only cite the KINO (touching) and how I touched her and when I touched her [proper calibration].

Alright, the dreaded-boyfriend topic came up, she revealed that he’d cheated on her twice in the past.

This is an opportune time for me to go KINO with a fabricated-plausible reason. So what did I do/say?

Me: “To be honest, that’s pretty fucked up and I feel sad for you. I can see a tear falling from your eye. You sure you don’t need a tissue ’cause I have 1 for you”😆.

As she laughed, I got up, dug into my back pocket and took out a piece of napkin and wiped her face with it in an exaggerated manner as if she was really crying.

We both laughed out loud about it.

That was a perfect example of KINO with a plausible reason to touch.

It was also my first touch on the insta-date and it was obviously successful as the girl felt that it was natural, called-for and harmless.

Accidental KINO:

Accidental KINO is touching the girl by accident…or by what appears to be an accident😈.

This can also be fabricated and should be orchestrated by you (the guy).

A great example of Accidental KINO:

Let’s say you’re sitting @ the bar counter with a girl (or date) and there’s something across the counter (in her direction) which entails you having to lean her way to get it.

Instead of asking her to pass it, or trying your darn best to finesse it in order to not touch while you reach across her, purposely make physical contact with her!

This will fly under her radar simply because it’s accidental, harmless and very common.

Now in my case from the other night, we sat across from each other (face to face) on a bench, so our knees were virtually touching. Every now and then [5-10 minutes], I would purposely brush my knees against hers. Once again, this will come across as accidental although it wasn’t on my part.

We sat on a bench exactly like this

We sat on a bench exactly like this

No big deal.

No objections. It was an accident😈.

Ok, another orchestrated moment of accidental KINO between us.

While both of us were gazing into the skies, as part of my seduction routine, I told her let’s play a little game of who can draw an animal shape in the sky with the star formations.

The purpose of me running this routine is to get closer to her covertly😈.

We took turns and I made out a camel in the sky. Total bullshit by the way😆.

Her turn!

She draws a dog-man or some shit like that.

I pretended as though I couldn’t make out the figure in the sky just so she can get closer to me to show me what she sees.

Me: “Where is it!? You sure!? That doesn’t look like a dog”

HB: “The cloud is covering the legs. Look to the left”.

At that point, my face was virtually pressed against hers.

This is appropriate in that the moment called for it.

It was also accidental…so it seemed😈.

She never recoiled nor appeared weirded out.

Intentional KINO:

Now, this’ where the real stuff happens and finesse and calibration are prerequisites.

You can’t spend the entire date or time with the girl relying strictly on accidental and situational KINO.

There comes a point where you have to go direct and phase shift into intentional/overt KINO (direct touching).

The feel-out process is over!

As we gazed into the stars, I mentioned something about a romantic setting, told her that her hair smells nice then I touched it. I stroked her locks for about 10 seconds as we both continue to gaze.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Warning: An Overt KINO move/touch should only be done BRIEFLY! Between 1-5 seconds!

Had I kept stroking her hair for an extended duration (over 10 seconds), it would’ve gotten awkward, she would’ve pulled away or motion for me to stop thus dampening the vibe a lot.
Keep it brief!

Ten minutes after the hair touching, I feigned being a bit chilly:

Me: “Damn I’m cold. Feel my hand, isn’t it cold”!?

She then feels my arm, essentially reciprocation of touching.

You want her to participate also.

That was the purpose of me pretending as though I was cold and getting her to feel my arm to gauge my superficial temperature.

Great move.

Now that she’d touched me, I now have psychological justification to touch her (arm) in return. So I touched her arm to see if her skin was also cold.

No objections.

That’s a great way to get her to touch you.

As I cited above; make it brief! Touch and let go. The longer you allow your touch linger, the more awkward it gets.

Extended touching comes later.

Now, what is taking place here is slow acclimation to each other’s touch, feel, hands, body, skin, etc.

It’s a crawl before you walk principle.

It doesn’t apply to ever situation, but it should within a date setting.

Rapid KINO escalation is NOT for newbies and guys who aren’t advanced in seduction.

A mechanical approach to escalation (as I’m breaking down) is advisable for starters until your Game gets to the level where you’re then able to see through the matrix and read certain non-verbal signals emitting from the girl.

Ok, so the date and I had become acclimated to touching and being touched.

No objections yet.

By the way, token resistance/objections should be expected.

It just so happened that this girl never threw any resistance my way. This is rare but does occur.

Ok, after gazing away @ the stars, the topic of planets came up. I said there were 9 planets: she claimed 10.

We debated and decided to google it. Remind you, the entire time, she’s sitting on 1 side of the bench while I’m on the opposite side facing her. Therefore, I wasn’t able to get a good view of her phone while she googled the planets. So what did I do?

I got up and sat right behind her:

Sort of like this but my legs were on both sides of her

Sort of like this but my legs were on both sides of her

Me: “I can’t see. No cheating please”.

HB: “How you gonna cheat by googling something”?

At this point, the KINO was heavy in that my cock was pressed up against her backside.

Did she get all weirded out?


Although I didn’t need a plausible reason at this point to touch her, the fact alone that I wasn’t able to see her phone’s screen that well, gave us all the reason for me to be closer to her and right up behind her. So it felt natural and plausible which induced zero resistance.

The KINO escalation was in overdrive as I began caressing her bare shoulders and her neck while we both looked at her phone.

A key thing to note here is that when you’re touching her; never acknowledge (verbally) what you’re doing.

Don’t say to her, “Your skin feel so soft”.

There’s a 75% chance that her ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) will get activated just from your statement of acknowledging what you’re doing.

The result will be she pulling away (however playfully), telling you to stop or any other form of resistance.

Therefore, never call attention (verbally) to what you’re doing.

If you’re rubbing her ass, don’t say: “Your butt feels nice”. Just do what you’re doing and talk about anything else.

Remember to be talking as you’re doing heavy KINO.

Silence will cause her to think.

Talking will distract her from thinking of the moment and what is happening.

Thinking is what you don’t want her to be doing at this point in the game.

Tell her to talk about her childhood days in school or something if you have to.

Anyway, so while I was rubbing her bare shoulders (for a few minutes), guess what we were talking about?

Muthafucking Saturn’s rings🙂😯 .

After seeing how receptive she was to such heavy KINO, it was time to double down and get sexual.

I kissed her on her neck once.

No objection.

Took her hand, led her to the pier’s edge while straddling her around the waist from behind.

Ass and hips grabbing ensued, which is an overt class of KINO.

No objections.

As we walked, I held her hand and fingers.

This sounds cheesy to some guys, but this form of PDA (Public Display of Affection) isn’t done to look romantic but to gauge how receptive she is to being touched and held.

I’ll talk about this more in another post [finger holding].

Now, as I mentioned in my previous article, the girl and I had kissed a combination of 7 times: she kissed me 3 times, I kissed her 4.

No objections.
Common Questions Pertaining To KINO (Touching)
FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]:

➜ “Kenny, do I need to do all this monotonous touch escalation? Why can’t I just skip all this slow stuff and just grab her ass right off the bat or make out with her right away”?

As I said eluded to earlier, if it’s a girl whom you’re chatting up during night game and you’re short on time (she has to go), you can escalate rapidly.

If it’s a girl whom you’re chatting up at the club; you can rapidly escalate.

Whenever your time is limited with a specific girl, you should always try to escalate faster.

However, if it’s a girl whom you’re on a so-called date with where you’re guaranteed at least an hour of time spent, you have no true need to escalate rapidly…unless you’re advanced at seduction and reading a girl’s body language.

➜ “Ok Kenny, so what is the point of KINO and touching anyway? Why can’t I just NOT touch her at all…or touch her later on during the date or whatever”?

Not touching her right away in the right ways (right steps), and if you do decided to get physical with her as the date whines down, 2 things will happen:

1.) You would’ve been too late which means less time to get physical.

2.) She will feel weirded out and often times violated.

You gave her ZERO clues that you were the touchy guy, and all of a sudden as if you got possessed by something- you decide to grab at her.

She will object in some form.

This will have been too sudden and unexpected.

➜ “What do I do if she objects to or rejects my attempt at touching and getting physical/sexual”?

Stay composed and try to be none reactive as possible.

If you try to hold her hand and she pulls away, you can either:

1.) Playfully hit her, “You are so fresh”!

2.) Continue talking, ignoring what just happened. After some time has elapsed, try again when you think you’ve done a bit more at warming her up to the idea.

➜ “I tried kissing her but she pulled away or said no”.

Once again, if you want to kiss a girl with the least possibility of rejection, you have to gradually initiate touching as I’d done on my recent insta-date.

Surly I could’ve kissed her from the inception, but her vibe didn’t permit for such rapid and spontaneous escalation.

So whenever you try kissing a guy who isn’t receptive as yet to it; it will backfire.

Touching and getting physical right away eliminates all of this. So when you do decide to kiss her or embrace her, she won’t be caught totally off guard (physically and psychologically).

Whenever a girl rejects your attempts to get physical with her, 9-10 times, it comes down to mis-calibration (bad timing) and a failure to read her body language correctly.

It also comes down to a failure in warming her up to the idea of being touched or kissed, etc.

➜ “Kenny, how did you learn to become so adroit and good at KINO and touching women”?

Vin Dicarlo aka Woodhaven, PUA and Seduction guru

Vin Dicarlo aka Woodhaven, PUA and Seduction guru

The greatest article I ever read on KINO and touching women was The DEL, Dicarlo’s Escalation Ladder.

It absolutely transformed my dating and sex life!

I read that post many years ago when I was still scared shit at the mere thought of touching women.

With the discovery of the DEL Escalation Ladder method of KINO Escalation, my game shot up 500%!

I slept with way more women from One-Night Stand pulls to girls whom I knew prior but was afraid to escalate on.

Practically everything I’d laid out in this article was straight out of the DEL [what I’d remembered] by the Pickup guru Vin Dicarlo.

His KINO method consists of touching but in a gradual manner: from light to heavy touching.

You guys who had read this article, please, and I mean fucking please, do NOT let in be in vain or just a form of entertainment to pass some time on a boring day.

Don’t be keyboard jockeys as we’d say in the pickup community.

Use the RLA principle: Read, Learn and Apply!

Had I been a keyboard jockey who read for the sake of reading or just to pass time, knowing I needed help with women, I would’ve never gotten my shit together!

When I first read Vin Dicarlo’s Escalation Ladder article, I instantly went out and put it to use the same night.

I failed miserably of course as would be expected, but gradually mastered it as I kept applying over the months upwards of a year.

Guys who are successful in life don’t (just) read! They act! So please re-read this article and take notes if you’re trying to take your game to the next level just as I did years ago.

Related Content:

20 principios de salud para el renegado

Los principios aquí indicados son el resultado de mi lectura de mucha literatura científica sobre cuáles son las mejores prácticas para la salud del hombre, cómo mantener un buen estado físico – poca grasa corporal, mayor masa muscular, qué acelera el envejecimiento y cómo retrasarlo. (Muchos de estos principios también se pueden aplicar a las mujeres)

Cabe aclarar que estos principios son poco discutidos en el ámbito «popular» de la medicina de la salud, muchos son bastante nuevos, otros pueden parecer bobadas, pero creo que si los seguís vas a conseguir mantenerte mas saludable que si solo te enfocas en los planes mas «populares».


Cultivar y mantener un cuerpo delgado con una buena masa corporal y un nivel relativamente bajo de grasa corporal es muy importante tanto para la salud como para prevenir el envejecimiento. El tejido graso no es neutral, y además genera Citocinas que producen inflamación y terminan causando una inflamación generalizada en el cuerpo, lo cual es malo.


Si bien tener mucha grasa es malo, tener muy poco musculo puede llegar a ser peor. Se puede ver mas detalle en este articulo donde se ve que la circunferencia de la cintura es un indicador mucho mas preciso para la salud que el indice de masa corporal.
El músculo es un tejido metabólicamente muy activo, contribuye a metabolizar glucosa y ayuda con la sensibilidad a la Insulina.


Todos perdemos musculatura a medida que envejecemos, pero la mayoría de la gente no hace nada al respecto. La perdida muscular, si avanza lo suficiente, lleva a la sarcopenia, fragilidad y perdida de la independencia cuando uno es más viejo. Aumentar y mantener la masa muscular es uno de los factores mas importantes que intervienen sobre la salud.


La sensibilidad a la Insulina es muy importante para la salud y la vejez. La perdida de sensibilidad a la insulina (un aumento en la resistencia a la insulina) es muy común en la avanzada edad, y es el factor principal que lleva a la diabetes del tipo 2. Pero no necesariamente tenes que llegar a eso, con prestarle atención a tu dieta y ejercicio podes mantener tus niveles de sensibilidad a la insulina de tu juventud.


Levantar pesas, también conocido como entrenamiento de fuerza o entrenamiento de resistencia, es el mejor tipo de ejercicio para mantenerte en forma, mantener y aumentar tu musculatura, combatir la fragilidad de la vejez y mantenerte en buenos niveles de sensibilidad a la insulina.


El Entrenamiento de Alta Intensidad (HIIT) es una forma de ejercicio muy efectiva que se puede usar en conjunto y, para algunos en reemplazo del levantamiento de pesas.



El ejercicio aeróbico tales como correr, caminar o usar maquinas de cardio en el gimnasio, tienen beneficios sobre tu salud, pero distan mucho de los beneficios que se obtienen con el levantamiento de pesas y el HIIT. Son muy poco efectivos para la quema de grasa, principalmente porque no crean musculo y de hecho logran todo lo contrario al acelerar la perdida muscular. Correr maratones puede ser incluso dañino, causando daños en las articulaciones al punto de necesitar cirugía y causar problemas cardíacos.



No importa cuanto corras, nunca le vas a ganar a una mala dieta. El levantamiento de pesas y el HIIT son los únicos tipos de ejercicio que demostraron tener un efecto directo en la perdida de peso, pero incluso así, si bajar de peso es tu objetivo, tenes que prestarle atención a tu dieta. Es extremadamente fácil comer mas calorías que las que ejercitas. «Quemar» calorías ejercitando prácticamente no tiene sentido. El hambre te va a ganar siempre.


Como el hambre siempre gana, para perder peso entonces lo que uno tiene que hacer es elegir una manera de comer que reduzca el hambre. Las dietas bajas en carbohidratos, especialmente aquellas que prohíben totalmente el azúcar y los carbohidratos refinados como el harina, son los mejores para controlar el hambre.


La hipótesis de que el colesterol afecta directamente al corazón es falsa. La estatina tiene un efecto muy chiquito sobre la mortalidad pero con unos efectos secundarios muy nocivos.


La dieta Paleo es una dieta muy saludable. Hay mucha discusión sobre este tema, incluyendo sobre qué es realmente Paleo. No recomiendo el fanatismo a favor de esta dieta, pero si el evitar los aceites vegetales (excluyendo el aceite de oliva, ese es muy bueno), los azucares, y los carbohidratos hipoglucémicos como el harina. La grasa saturada es buena para vos.



La vejez es un proceso multifactorial, y sus causas son investigadas acaloradamente, pero todo apunta a que se debe a la compensación entre el crecimiento y la longevidad. El medioambiente y los genes que influyen en el crecimiento son los mismos que causan el envejecimiento. Tanto el hierro como la hormona IGF-1 son dos de los principales generadores de crecimiento, es por eso que es importante mantenerlos bajo control. Si bien esto no te va a hacer inmortal ni de cerca, es simple tenerlas bajo control y vale la pena.


La Restricción Calórica (RC) aumenta fuertemente la expectativa de vida en los animales de laboratorio. Pero el ayuno intermitente tiene la mayoría de los beneficios del RC sin ninguno de sus efectos secundarios negativos, tales como resfriás constantes, hambre y poca libido, ni tampoco sus efectos a largo plazo tales como la debilidad, o reducción de la respuesta inmune. El ayuno intermitente por tanto desacelera el envejecimiento y ayuda en la perdida de peso, pero sin disminuir la masa muscular.


Dejá de comer todo el tiempo. Incluso si no estas siguiendo una versión definida del ayuno intermitente, comer todo el tiempo – un par de galletitas acá, un café por allá – es una práctica destructiva que lleva a la obesidad. Pero más importante aún, interfiere con el ritmo diario del cuerpo que es muy importante para la salud.


La vejez se caracteriza por una disminución del proceso de autofagia, el proceso fisiológico que usan las células para eliminar la basura celular y reciclarla. Por eso es que la vejez se caracteriza por un aumento en la cantidad de desecho celular asi como un aumento del estrés oxidativo. El ayuno (no comer) regula fuertemente la autofagia, y es quizá la razón principal de todos los efectos beneficiosos que tiene sobre la salud y la vejez.


La Hormesis es el proceso por el cual una mínima dosis de un compuesto tóxico o un estresor, termina provocando una respuesta positiva en el cuerpo, y termina siendo crítico para prevenir la vejez. Algunos ejemplos de estresores horméticos incluyen el ejercicio, el ayuno, químicos como el resveratrol, la curcumina y el EGCG (del té verde), incluso las duchas frías y la radiación solar. Las prácticas Horméticas deberían incorporarse en la vida de todas las personas para tener una vida más larga y saludable. Se Hormético, no un vago.


El AMPK controla parcialmente el proceso de envejecimiento, este es un nutriente celular y un sensor de energía. Varias de las mismas cosas que causan la Hormesis activan al AMPK, incluso aquellos que nombramos antes, pero también lo hace el café, el té y la aspirina.


La Testosterona es muy importante para los hombres. Algunos hombres «excepcionalmente saludables» logran mantener el nivel de testosterona de su juventud al envejecer, pero para el resto, para la mayoría, esta disminuye. Es más, los niveles de Testosterona están bajando en todos los hombres al mismo tiempo, los niveles son menores en general que los que eran solo una generación atrás. Las causas de esta disminución todavía no son totalmente conocidas. Es recomendable entonces que le prestes mucha atención al levantamiento de pesas (que aumenta fuertemente la testosterona) y a tener una dieta sana con poca comida chatarra. Mas allá de eso, si lo lo consideras necesario y logras convencer a tu médico que lo autorice, podes seguir una terapia de reemplazo de testosterona (que aumenta tu testosterona artificialmente).


El hierro es uno de los principales sospechosos que causan la vejez, también es responsable de la baja en la expectativa de vida y del aumento de enfermedades cardíacas y tasas de cáncer. El hierro se acumula con la edad, ya que el cuerpo no tiene una forma de poder eliminarlo regularmente; en las mujeres, la menstruación sirve para mantener sus niveles de hierro bajos. Todo hombre debería conocer su nivel de hierro en sangre, y, de ser muy alto, tomar medidas para reducirlo. Y por muy alto no hablo de los valores superiores de laboratorio, que por alguna razón tienen limites absurdamente altos. Tanto la donación de sangre como la quelación de hierro son las dos maneras principales de reducirlo.


Mantenete activo. Motivate diariamente, ya sea aprendiendo, ejercitando o buscate otros proyectos. La epidemia de obesidad puede ser en parte debido a la ignorancia, pero creo que principalmente se debe a la falta de cuidado propio que se tiene, o para decirlo de otra forma, a la vagancia. La gente se deja llevar y pasa horas y horas en frente de la televisión (o la computadora) y esto acelera el envejecimiento. Mantenerse a tono muscularmente y luchar contra la enfermedad requiere de un esfuerzo activo. Quedate sin hacer nada y vas a perder contra la entropía.






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