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La verdad sobre la seguridad en vos mismo – Seamos pragmaticos

I’ve seen several posts describing posture, how you should walk, how you should keep your head up… throw it all out. All of it. Forget it.

Here’s why… when you focus on the small details; keeping your shoulder back, or having a good posture, you very well may present an image of confidence. Great, so why am I saying throw it out then? Well, your mindset doesn’t match your body language. You’re micromanaging how to keep your limbs, posture, and tone your voice. This is actually counter productive to the overall «mission» of confidence. Not only that, but people are going to challenge you… they’re not going to feel it, they’re going to feel you trying to create the image of confidence.

What you need to do is mimic the mindset of a confident person. Over time, when coupled with self improvement, you will gain huge amounts of confidence that won’t falter. The type that isn’t faked and won’t break down in a moments notice. You aren’t worried about adjusting your posture, or keeping your head up… you have the mind state of a confident person, you are confident. It won’t be challenged, people will believe it, because it is true and even if it is challenged, you won’t falter… because you believe it.

The core component of confidence.

As I said before, the core component of confidence really comes from self improvement and development, you need a reason to be confident. For many, confidence developed early in life because people around them «gassed» them up. They were constantly validated. Whether that was based on looks, intelligence, sense of humor… this will tell you where that person feels most comfortable. Though, there is a problem with this, when people tell them they shouldn’t be confident, they might listen to them about that as well.

True confidence, one that doesn’t waiver, stems from the individual them self, believing in them self. You can’t «gas» yourself up for no reason and think that’ll stay around through thick and thin. You need a reason to be proud of yourself. Create yourself through self improvement and betterment.

What does the mindset of a confident person look like?

Here’s an interesting fact; your subconscious mind doesn’t want to believe something just because someone said it, it wants some kind of proof. If you sit down each night and repeat to yourself, «I am confident, I am confident, I love myself,» over and over again, it won’t mean shit. Your subconscious mind will answer back, «who are you trying to prove it to, and why can’t you walk into a room without wondering who just got done talking shit about you?» None of this will work. You’ve got to prove yourself, to yourself.

So the mind of a confident person is one that has been built. You’ve got to trust your skills, you’ve got to understand that you’re going to fail and that failure is the only thing that makes us worth the skin on our back. It isn’t how we react to success that matters most, that is easy and any fuck anywhere can do a good job at that, it’s how we react to failure that matters.

If you lack the skills, the game to talk to women, you’ve got to get out there and prove to yourself that you can get women. Same applies for any other principle of confidence. Notice how I spoke about failure first in the paragraph above? That’s because you’re going to fail. Depending on where you are in this development, you may need serious overhaul. You may have whimped out of talking to women more than a few times… here’s the irony, you won’t gain the confidence to open random women, unless you open random women. You’ve got to go out there, fuck up, and then get back on the horse and do it again. You’ve got to do this whilst simultaneously improving yourself. What you’ve got at the end, is someone who will need to learn some humility, and to need to learn that, isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Where should I start?

If I handed you a pencil and a sharpener, and told you to sharpen it, you’d do so confidently. You wouldn’t hesitate, you’d pick up the pencil and the sharpener, and do it. You’d laugh if I said it was amazing how well you sharpened the pencil. And that is because it is a skill you acquired when you were a child. There is no pressure, it’s simple.

Thus, we can say you’re confident in the pencil sharpening department.

My point is, you’ve got to understand we all have different levels of confidence, in different departments. You may have been or are confident when it comes to math, but not so much when it comes to history.

In order to become more confident for your history test, you’ve got to study, then you’ve got to quiz yourself.

Then, you can say, «I feel much more confident about this test.»

So in any area of your life, you can build confidence. For some, those areas are going to take more effort. If it’s a totally new experience, it’s going to be hard at the start, but with time, you’ll feel more and more comfortable with doing it. Again, this applies to any area of your life that confidence is lacking, the model doesn’t change.

Lastly, if you’ll remember from what I said earlier, confidence isn’t something built over night. It takes proving your subconscious mind through repetitive action to really let your confidence shine. Learn game, develop your body, and go out there and prove to yourself what you can do.

Edit: I wanted to add, the times you don’t open a girl you want to, are the times you’ll remember. Sure, the most awkward situation in the world may stick in your head, but you’ll laugh about that shit when you reach a level of mastery, I do. You won’t laugh when you remember how much of a pussy you were «that time.» Make your own luck, and don’t be afraid to fail.

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Para cuando tenes «La Charla», ella ya empacó y esta lista para irse


You know what ‘the talk’ is. You probably got it over the phone.

Her: “Can we talk?”

Her: “Do you think we will last?”

You not having takin’ the red pill, went all “honey what’s wrong? I know we fight sometimes but we’ll get through it I promise”

See, you made the mistake of believing this relationship was reconcilable. False. By the time you’ve had ‘the talk’, she’s already packed and planned her exit. It’s over bro. Time to move on.

Why Do Women Bring Up ‘The Talk’?

1) Closure

I say this all the time and it bears repeating: ALWAYS let them leave without consoling or trying to justify yourself or arguing against her or whatever. Just don’t react.

A ton of guys make this mistake. She’s gonna try to get you to chase her. If you don’t chase her however, in her mind you two are “unresolved” or “lack closure” and come back. Why?

“Closure” to girls is a basis to be unattractive to you. They can’t be more invested and just let go. They need something to support letting go. This could cover a whole post ultimately they need you to do something beta-ish to “get over you”. Else they’ll just become another Alpha Widow.

– Omlala on …And Ruth Gets Jealous

2) She’s Cheating and Needs ‘Closure’

3) Her Ego Needs Fluffing

She feels in need of validation and starts this drama in hopes that you tell her how important your relationship with her is and give her compliments and do more shit for her. What she doesn’t know is that by doing this, she only further decrease her own tingles.

4) Has a Lot Invested

‘The Talk’ doesn’t usually appear unless you’ve been together for awhile. In this case, it means the woman has a lot invested in you. She could be looking for a reason to stay, rather than leave (still packed and ready to leave just in case). And by ‘reason’, I mean become attractive in her eyes again. No one likes to think that their efforts were all for nothing.

The Secret Reason Women Do This: They’re Hypocrites

~”Men are romantics trying to be realists. Women are realists trying to be romantics” – Fartholomew Simpdaughter commented here

The only reason she feels comfortable destabilizing the relationship in this manner is because she has another option she’s considering. Women fear being alone on a level men will never understand. They need some kind of man in their lives to be emotionally stable. Women don’t simply unattach from one man and walk the lone rode, they transition from one man to the next. For this reason, she ensures she always has some dude to fall back on when things don’t work out.

Note: This does not have to be a boyfriend. Orbiters and some dude she fucks on the side will suffice.

Remember how she questioned your interactions with other women? Ever have a woman discuss her discomfort towards the actions of another woman towards you? A facebook like, a text, a phone call, a friend request, a compliment? I’m sure you have.

Women tell you to cut off all ties with other women because you’re together with her now, right? What do you need them for if you’re with meee?!?

Guess what? She told you that while simultaneously creating a safety net of men to fall back on should the relationship go south. All women have back-ups, new batters in line for the pussy plate should you strike out (Women are practical, “why WOULDN’T you cultivate more options?”). Women are masters at corralling male attention onto themselves while providing nothing in return. She not only gathers these guys, but she maintains their orbiting status on a regular basis by flaunting her body, insinuating the promise of pussy, or taking advantage or of a guy’s natural presumptions.

She will tease the beta orbiters just enough to keep them around to provide an ego boost and run errands for her with as little reciprocation as possible. It is also not uncommon for a woman to have ‘platonic’ conversations with Chad on the side as to entertain the idea of hooking up with him though she may not have an intent to pursue him just yet. A woman is a planet, and she periodically flashes a visual appealing aurora to have other men in space pull out their telescope and check to see if they can land their rocket.

These guys constantly communicate with her in person, through social media, texting, and phone calls. They tell her how pretty she is, help her with her problems (including those in your relationship), and try to woo her for a fuck. You’ve probably seen this in action while chilling at home with her. She receives a text from some guy you don’t know and she responds, then puts the phone down. You probably asked her what that was about. She probably said “oh, nothing”, “just a friend”. If you interrogate her on this, she will come up with all sorts of excuses for why she has these men in the vicinity, then flip the script and call you insecure and tell you you’re just imagining things. Don’t kid yourself, women are fully aware of the intentions these men hold and that she encourages this behavior.

You think I’m joking about how women blatantly use men to do shit for them?

Read: Women have men order them free pizza on tinder

Read: Women demand and get free money on twitter with
#GiveYourMoneytoWomen and posting their Paypal accounts

Read: Woman gets $1200/mo in free dinner dates from

Read: Women are using Tinder to con men into doing chores

How Do You Solve This?

You don’t. This issue didn’t just appear out of nowhere, it occurred in stages that you were unaware of. You fucked up at various points in the relationship, she just didn’t say anything about it (directly). The signs were all there, you just didn’t see them for what they were. Anything that you can salvage from redeeming yourself isn’t worth the effort. The relationship will never be the same with your past forever lingering in her mind.

It’s important that you don’t show any kind of emotion. Don’t even address this question. Mainstream advice will tell you to do one of two things:

  • 1) Beg for forgiveness, buy her flowers, and take her out somewhere nice.
  • 2) You need a ‘break’.

If you considered the first option, you’re a bitch. ‘Communication’ is validation-seeking behavior. The second option, however, has merit, but isn’t worded correctly. What you need to do is conduct Operation: Dread Game. Stop answering her calls and texts and just do your own thing and talk to other women. After a little bit, say “my bad, I was busy”. This will drive her nuts. Now the frame will be flipped back in your favor. Originally she tried to have you explain why she should stay, but now you made it about why you haven’t been paying her any attention. Women have a love/hate relationship with this. Is this manipulative? Yeah, but who gives a shit. They crave it and more importantly, it works. You should apply this ‘soft dread’ periodically to keep them on their toes. As a matter of fact, if you have shit going on in your life, you will necessarily do this automatically (‘naturally’). It creates the much needed drama for women without being ‘dramaful’.

Always remember gentlemen, your most powerful tool is the ability to walk away. She has to believe in her heart that you’ll entertain the thought of leaving if she ever acts out of line. YOU have to draw the line and be willing to drop everything at an instant and walk out the door should she cross it.

Wanna know more about this dread-game concept? Read below …

Read More: Dread Game Concept

Read More: Field Report of Dread Game Practice (Great comment section)

I typed in ‘dread game’ in the Red Pill Subreddit search bar, this is what i got. Start reading.


You probably were ‘alpha’ in the beginning, then started softening-up, began prioritizing her over yourself and believed you could let go ‘cuz unconditional love ‘n shit. Wrong. Always be the man that got her in the first place. The game never ends. Get used to it.

Read More: The Sixteen Commandments of Poon (Read #5 specifically)

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Una mirada detallada al Push Pull, usos y desusos.

A detailed look at Push-Pull, and using well-scaled challenges to reach and maintain it.

This post started in the comments of a post recommending something like, «Let the woman shine.» This alone is no better for building attraction than doing all of the shining yourself; you can There have been several recent posts on the topic of too much push, whose examples serve to illustrate a particular conversation, but you have to learn the underlying principles of push-pull so you can engage each unique encounter on the fly as it happens.

The Nice GuyTM or Orbiter is stuck on all-pull, passively doing nice things for the woman and expecting this to induce her to make a move toward him, only to watch them get bored and ease away. The cad or overly aggressive gamer is stuck on all-push, and wonders why women flee from him and why he’s accused of sexual harassment or worse. In both extremes, failure or unwillingness to read the woman’s nonverbal communication is a big part of the underlying problem.

Understanding body language, proximity and position, eye contact etc doesn»t come naturally to everyone, but these are skills that can be improved upon with effort. The book What Every Body is Saying is a good resource. One of the most important axioms of body language is this: When there is a conflict between verbal and nonverbal communication, the nonverbal message is usually the truth. This is how you calibrate the level and pace of your escalations, and read her feedback like a pro and proceed correctly in the push-pull dance.

In conversation

A good conversation is like a lively game of table tennis. You start out easy to get a good volley going, then step up the challenges gradually till you find each others’ limits and weaknesses, then you play just beneath this discovered level to keep a good challenging rally going back and forth. Successful flirting often follows a similar pattern of starting easy, escalating at a measured pace, and reading your partner’s signals so you approach and test limits attentively, then dial back to where you’re both comfortable and playing equally, and give her the opportunity to show some chops and escalation of her own.

On a date with a Psychology student, you two are talking about her friend who’s having a lot of problems.

Good balance of push/pull- the sweet spot Like a good ping pong game where neither of you wants to put down the racquets when game time normally ends; these are the openings that turn to insta-dates, and the first dates where the second half is spent touching and kissing, and time just slips by.

  • Hit the conversational ball back so it steps the game forward in a measured fashion. «So do you think she’s having a rough patch, or does this qualify as a personality disorder?» This is nominally agreeing with her so far, but lightly challenging her with a relevant question.
  • The challenges come at a measured cadence, settling into a pattern something like, «Yes… Yes… Wait! (holding finger up) Yes… Yes… Wait! (slightly stronger challenge) It’s not unlike the Foot in the Door and «Yes ladder» sales techniques. However, in attraction (as opposed to sales), women will be turned off by a pure «yes» man; you need to meet the subtle challenges she offers, and bring relevant challenges of your own to the encounter.
  • After the last challenge, she’d likely bring up BPD; you’d listen and agree with a few points, then throw down a stronger challenge like, «So what’s your differential diagnosis? How are you sure it’s not ASD or NPD?» If you’re already out of your depth regarding Psychology, a worthwhile challenge at this point might be, «How are you sure it would be that, versus other similar disorders?»
  • Once you’ve established some push-pull, the amount of her touching, kissing etc should settle into a pattern of 2 or 3 from her to one from you; this is the Golden Ratio of flirting.
  • Signs that you’re in the zone include positive body language like orienting/leaning toward you, eye contact, calling you an asshole with a sly smile, sometimes interrupting or overlapping each other because you both have so much to say; whatever silences are not awkward.
  • Lesson learned: Both push (you advance a little) and pull (back off and let her advance a little) make for an interaction that continues and naturally escalates.

Too much pull- a weak opponent or yes-man. Duffing your game to always let her win is boring and makes you look like an unworthy schmuck; she’s staring at the locker room while you’re picking up the ball yet again, and wants to passively sidle away from your stupid, boring game.

  • There’s no escalation if you agree at every step, and never take a chance to step up your game.
  • Letting her make all the challenges and thus set all the parameters is entering her frame and beta behavior. If she’s really into you, she’ll try some initiation and escalation of her own, but will give up permanently if you don’t reciprocate timely.
  • There is no beat or cadence to the conversation, it’s just a boring, hands-down, one-note «yes-yes-yes-yes.» It is like the sales technique of a silent beggar, waiting to be thrown some coins.
  • Responses sound like, «Oh, poor girl! Yes… Yes… Wow, you really know a lot about psychology! Yes… You’re so smart!»
  • Signs and symptoms include neutral/bored body language like looking away, leaning back, slouching/slumping, yawning, flat affect/lack of animation and emotion, awkward silences and slow, short responses in conversation. Will make excuses and leave early, and forget all about you, unless of course she needs another beta orbiter/provisioner.
  • Lesson learned: Too much pull puts you into the boring, beta, nice guy friendzone. No challenge at all makes attraction die with a whimper. Not even low-SMV women are attracted to men in this category.

Too much push- an overly strong opponent You’re not seeking a level where you two can play back-and-forth, instead you return every shot with your maximum power and difficulty, whether it was offered easily or challengingly. She’s not having fun with you standing over her while she picks up the ball every move, and wants to actively flee the game.

  • There’s no chance of mutual escalation when you jump straight to the superior position and shut her down at every move.
  • The cadence is a thudding, hand-in-face, «Nope! WRONG! Nope! Nope! WRONG!» It is like the Door in Face technique, which sometimes has utility in asking for a date, but is a risky tool for building attraction during one.
  • Responses look like «She has BPD! No, it has to be this because X! No, you’re wrong because Y!» if knowledgeable about Psychology, and if not: «No, that’s stupid. She sounds stupid. No, that’s just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, she’s just X. Why do you waste your time with these people?»
  • Signs and symptoms include negative body language like looking down, leaning/orienting away; anger, calling you an asshole with a frown, hard stops and curt responses in the conversation, flouncing in anger. Will hold a grudge and go out of her way to spread negative things about you.
  • Lesson learned: Too much push gets you considered an asshole, but NOT in the good way. Except with the subset of low self-esteem women susceptible to strong negging, too much challenge with no softballs or rewards makes attraction die with a bang.

In physical escalation

I filter for LTR material, and find that an escalation pace of sex on the third date works well, with unqualified women dropping out before investing much time/effort, and the ones who continue through becoming good quality girlfriends and offering no resistance while enjoying this pace. If your game is ONS/same day sex, you’ll be working on an accelerated schedule so take what’s useful for you.

In the zone

  • Both of you are equally in timing and degree into touching, kissing, and all the minor escalations of romance. There’s no over-thinking, or thinking about it at all, everything comes naturally and just seems to click.
  • Even though you’re both giving green lights, a pattern of two steps forward, one back can be pleasant and exciting. This is the zone where «affirmative consent» is a mockery; you’re both aware and tuned-in to the encounter to fully communicate consent to proceed nonverbally, taking turns escalating.
  • Soft stops- Turning away from an early surprise kiss but offering her cheek and smiling, Breaking off a kiss but hugging you harder, moving your hands off her boobs to next to them while still kissing.
  • Soft no- standard ASD/LMR, where she says no to further escalation but with positive body language- smiling, touching etc. In practice, this means «Go back down one level and respectfully enjoy that as you were, and I’ll indicate real soon when to proceed again.» This is a form of fitness test- you are a man who goes after what he wants yet is respectful of boundaries: Captain material.
  • Use anticipation and teasing to increase attraction. Hold her hand, then let it go for a while. Go in for the kiss, but break it off a little soon leaving her wanting more.
  • Most men don’t know the power of teasing, they only push forward relentlessly according to many of the women I’ve discussed this with. At the moment I’m expected to kiss her, I’ll instead give her an Eskimo Kiss, touching noses and looking into each others eyes, then pull away. Next time, I’ll pull close to her face again and almost-kiss, but just run my finger or (pleasant!) breath gently across her lips, then pull away again. Soon, she will grab me and start kissing deeply and passionately. Same thing when I’m «expected» to start playing with her boobs. This is how you get a shy or unassertive woman engaged in the push-pull dance, with some push moves of her own.
  • The sweet spot between not enough and too much teasing varies widely from woman to woman. You want to play near the line between «exciting» and «Frustrating/boring,» but once you go over that line and it kills her mood, it’s hard to get the momentum back.

Too much pull

  • She does all of the initiating- first to touch, hold hand, kiss etc. She’s giving signals and offers, and you’re not noticing/taking them!
  • If she initiates a step, make damn sure you initiate the next logical step; her timing helps you calibrate yours if you’ve been unsure till this point.
  • A woman who’s really into you might make a move or two, but as the man, you’re expected to pick up the reins once she’s gotten your attention; even a lower SMV woman will switch off if you don’t. It’s downright humiliating to a woman for her advances to be dismissed. Women are way more subtle than men, so if you think you saw a sign, you did so proceed and observe her feedback.
  • She won’t just leave, she’ll leave angry, so get your act together and take the initiative to ESCALATE. Ramp up your push till she stops pulling, then enjoy the new equilibrium. Polish your sense of when she begins pulling again, and when and how far to push again.

Too much push

  • You are doing 100% of the initiating and escalating, and she is doing 100% of the interruption/breaking off of each act thereof. She never gets a chance to make any escalation signals before you forge ahead at each step.
  • Hard stops- pulling away from a kiss attempt, throwing your hands off her body, pushing away, negative body language, frowning/angry, de-escalating all the way to zero.
  • Hard NO- cold and unequivocal in response to an escalation attempt- not simple coy LMR. I haven’t gotten a hard NO in over 30 years, since my first GF in high school. Almost always comes after a large jump in the escalation process and/or several more subtle «Slow down» signals you missed or ignored.
  • This is the zone of not-so-false rape accusations and legit sexual harassment claims. The line honestly isn’t fine here at all; many problems will be avoided if you pay the fuck attention to your partner as you go, however headstrong and masculine your style may be.

In LTRs and marriage

The game changes once you become familiar with each other over time. It’s normal to settle into a more familiar routine together, however, A man can NEVER become complacent in his relationship, and stop actively giving his woman tingles. Not only must you keep yourself up physically, and in charge of your family as a strong Captain, you have to work to keep a good balance of Push-Pull alive in the relationship.

  • A Captain and First Mate model works well for long-term Red Pill relationships. This provides a good framework for a healthy power dynamic, within which both parties can push and pull with pleasant frisson. The man’s dominance is rooted in his competence as a leader; his woman is happy to be his partner and they are comfortable with a healthy banter.
  • Dominant/overbearing wife and Beta/henpecked husband is the result of the man offering all pull and no push. Passive aggression takes the place of healthy jibe and riposte.
  • A dominant man offering all push and no pull may end up with the illusion of having a faithful, obedient partner, but remember that slaves and subjects tend to rebel or flee. The man’s dominance is rooted in unhealthy insecurity.

Conclusion: Many gaming and relationship problems are the result of being stuck in an imbalance of all push or pull.

  • Push-pull is the engine of attraction in dating, and a leading element of successful long-term relationships.
  • Don’t despair that you have to reverse your personality and game 100% to the opposite. Fine tune it in the direction it needs to be, even just 5-10% from where it is now, you might find this lands your relationships back in the «sweet spot» where you both can push and pull.
  • Understanding nonverbal communication is critical to playing well.
  • Once you get the relationship into a healthy push-pull, with the right easy effort it can be maintained like this on cruise control. However, a man can NEVER become complacent and let the balance swing all one way, for this is easier to prevent than repair, and neither extreme is good.
  • Teasing and tempting a shy or unassertive lover into the push-pull zone is fun and safeguards against doubts and regrets after the fact.

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Cómo ponerla en la primera cita

Always assume that you’re going to bang – that is the best piece of advice I can give you.

1. Attire. Wear clothes you are comfortable in. I don’t mean actual comfort; I mean clothes that you have scored in before, or had compliments about. The aim is to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of insecurity regarding a new garment, or combination of garments. Being relaxed is key.

If you wear brown shoes, wear a brown belt. Black shoes, black belt. Don’t wear blue jeans and a blue shirt unless the shades of blue are extremely different. As a general rule, wear brown shoes + Brown belt with blue. The quality of your clothing is not as important as the colour coordination. Get used to looking at your clothes as a net effect. Generally, women are far more perceptive about colour coordination than men, you should be coordinated whilst not looking like you tried too hard.

Aftershave, perfume, whatever – do not over do it! If you’re going to trim nails, pubes, cut hair, whatever, do it 2-3 days before so by the time you are on the date you feel natural, (length of time for haircut to feel natural may be longer.)

2. Pre-drink. Have ONE pre-drink. In order to connect with the target you need to be on a similar level (Roosh: Bang) if you arrive drunk you’ll both sense it and the connection is lost. One drink will loosen you up and she will probably have done the same, thereby starting the date on the same level.

Avoid drugs before hand, cocaine makes you talk shit, your eyes look wide and they can sense something is off almost immediately. MDMA makes you seem too laid back and dreamy. Weed makes you too paranoid, and prescription meds generally zone you out. I have experimented with all the above to get an edge, and the only one that I’ve found can help is beta blockers, if you are REALLY nervous. Otherwise, that nervousness is actually needed in order to help form the connection, as on first dates, senses are heightened and the want to connect is already there. The other drug I sometimes take, are dick pills al a Brian Redban (JRE:784#). If the date is going well I might take ONE – it makes me horny which turns the girl on further, IF the date is going well. Sometimes I’ll drop before the date, just to see what happens, but that’s basically just to fuck with myself – if you want to take a dick pill, do it after you’ve begun to make out and grope.

3. Hold your frame on arrival. Don’t get lost in the nervous swirl of “how to play it” as you make your way there, or whilst you are waiting. Be natural. She will be nervous, therefore make your frame rock steady strong and calm, she will be more than happy to fall in to it.

Greet with big smile, open arms, double cheek kiss to double hand hold <- advanced move. Ask her how she is, do the polite “fine thank you”, “did you get here ok?” etc. Veering from the script of social norms too early is a risk.

If you meet outside somewhere, do not instantly start walking to the destination as soon as she arrives, have your little stop and chat, then you tell her, ok let’s go to XYZ. If you meet in a bar, similarly do not immediately ask her what drink she wants, have your little awkward first conversation, then tell her what you’re going to drink, and then ask her what she wants. Women as we know can be notoriously bad at making decisions, if she starts umming or looks confused about what drink to have – just suggest a mojito. 9 times out of 10 she will start to think she’s Carrie Bradshaw and will say “OK!”

4. Lead the interaction. Already have planned your approximate bar crawl – 3 bars is good. You are flexible and can roll with the punches, as the goal is to create the feeling of knowing each other more than you actually do (Neil Strauss: The Game) – and, gives you three opportunities to tell her where you’re going. Make it seem natural though, not like your some fucking weirdo that plans dates, which is what you have actually done.

After you practice you’ll find you have different routes for different towns that you have set in your head, this is when you’re a real baller. Bonus points if you can get them on public transport for a VERY small amount of time to get to the next bar. Trains > Buses.

5. Pay for the first round, and be prepared to pay for the entire date. I didn’t say it was equal opportunities – I said it was how to bang. Dates are different to club scenes where being overly generous is a beta move. On a date, paying is not quite the same. If she offers, let her pay. If she doesn’t you can either walk, or get your wallet. Realistically she’ll pay for one round, for your two. If you’re reading this screaming – “I never pay for two rounds or buy drinks for girls!” then you’re a faggot. I’m not saying be an open wallet, but there is a way to pay for things, which makes you lead; men have been doing it since the stone age, tap in to that.

6. Drink Selection Cocktails are good. Firstly the placebo NLP effects of saying “cock” (Can’t remember his name: The Game). Secondly, they contain shit loads of alcohol and taste like sugary drinks. Alcohol is a great lubricant. Be careful that you don’t drain you drink whilst she is still on the first 10% of hers. Avoid pints of lager, you’ll be pissing every 5 minutes, burping like a camel, and your breath will stink of shit. Bottles of Proseco to share are good, cocktails are great, and white wine is good, or shorts, i.e. Jack and Coke, Gin and Tonic etc.

Encourage selection of cocktails, choosing different cocktails, and the trying of each other’s cocktails. The combination of different alcohol will get you both more drunk, the shared experience will boost the date, and the sharing of different opinions on flavours inevitably leads to “UMMMMMMS!” and “oh yeah, try this one!” – all very positive and fun.

7. Conversation stay on script – to begin with; what do you do, what’s new, how did you and mutual friend meet, where did you go to college, etc. The intention is to not fuck it up or seem weird. RSD Julien calls this “dumbing down” and I have to agree. Start boring and work your way in to an interesting conversation. For years I would turn up and let all my freak out the bag instantly whilst being completely IDGAF about it. Yeah it worked most of the time, but I also scared a few off. This new boring and then gradually working up to interesting / quirky is giving me an improved success %. It also kind of plays in to frame; I don’t want to be too emotional too quickly, even if those emotions are positive and fun. I want to be rock steady cool and then gradually work my way in to the interaction like a natural. As the date progresses and the alcohol takes effect you will naturally begin to laugh more and talk about all sorts of things – even by agreeing to meet you she already has one foot in your bed, remember that.

8. First Kiss When she wants to be kissed – just do it. You know the moment, because you feel it. It should be taken at first opportunity; failure to do so for too long will severely damage your chances of getting the notch. Also gradually work an arm around her waist as you do it, they love a bit of groping. See Vin Di Carlo Escalation ladder for the basics.

9. Transitioning to the crib When it’s time to fuck – do it. Staying in the bar too late for the sake of it just means you’re too scared to take bang. After 3-4 drinks, just say “time to go home” and just act like she’s coming with you, if there’s any LMR or she starts saying about how SHE is going to get home, just say “I think you should come home with me” – hold eye contact, then begin to smile, then kiss. (Point 9 assumes point 8 has happened and that you’ve been passionately making out and groping her sufficiently).

10. Fucking. Get in to your room, make-out standing, pull at her clothes, and grope slowly but stronger than in the bar. If you’re able, PICK HER UP; put one arm between her legs up to your inner elbow, so that your bicep is almost touching where her pubes would be, and your inner elbow is right up against her vag. The other arm goes around her upper-back. Do this slowly, and then walk to your bed whilst holding eye contact, either throw or put her on the bed. For a film example see “last Tango in Paris” it’s in the first sex scene – As a Red Pill man you should be well acquainted with this film anyway for a variety of reasons that I won’t go in to now.

Don’t bother climbing on top for kissing and grinding with clothes on, just start pulling them off. Even if she starts to take them off herself, you carry on “helping” her, just make sure you’re not doing it too gently. Look at her with eyes of lust, in fact do everything with lust. You can also fully undress before bed, whatever you want to do, do it, whatever you want to taste, take it.

The first sexual encounter will usually define to a large extent how the sexual dynamic will be in future. When you cum, make noise, I know, it can be difficult, I myself was a mute lover for years, but trust me, you gotta get primal, throw in a few “ah fuck” ‘s as you get close, and pull her tight and do real power pumps as you see the stars (Sex God Method – for full explanation). I like to fuck like a wild animal then spoon like a baby.

Enjoy. Uncle Luke

(enlace al original en ingles)

Cómo la preselección te consigue chicas

In early 2007, back when I was still trying to figure out how to achieve consistent results picking up women in bars and nightclubs, I took some time to look back over the successful pickups I’d had over the past 6 or 7 months to see what common patterns I could pick out among them.

I noticed a few trends: I’d often had a sociable night early on, talking to different people, before meeting a girl. Sometimes I had social proof.

And almost ALL the time… I had preselection.

It blew my mind when I realized it.

Right after I’d end an interaction with an attractive girl who clearly had a good time talking to me, I’d meet the girl I’d end up picking up. Like clockwork. I even started to think that, had the roles been reversed – say, had I met the girls in the reverse order, maybe I would’ve picked up the other one instead.

Could it be that all you REALLY needed to get girls was preselection and an emphasis on moving fast?


Even to-date, most of my fastest pickups have come after a smattering of preselection to grease the wheels of the coming seduction.

And if you’re not using it in YOUR interactions with women… you are sorely missing out, my friend.

Allow me to explain.


Mate Poaching: Not Just for Chimpanzees

In a paper entitled «Who’s chasing whom? The impact of gender and relationship status on matepoaching,» published in 2009 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Jessica Parker and Melissa Burkley arrived at the following results:

“Are women more interested in men who are already in a relationship? Female and male participants who were single or in a relationship viewed information about an opposite-sex other and indicated their interest in pursuing this target. Half of the participants were told that the target was single and half read that the target was currently in a relationship. The results showed that only single women were more interested in pursuing an attached target rather than a single target. We discuss how these results add to what is already known about matepoaching.”

In other words, the women who were unattached were MOST interested in the men who were ATTACHED.

Now… that’s odd, isn’t it?

Well, not really.

If you consider female evolutionary strategy, it’s primarily about minimizing risk.

The men are the risk takers: from a purely biological standpoint, you could go out and have sex with some undesirable girl, get her pregnant, and never have it slow you down one bit because you’re on to the next one. A woman, on the other hand, if she sleeps with a random guy who isn’t all that great and becomes pregnant HERSELF… historically, now she’s stuck (these days, she’s got a few options, and society is a lot less judgmental than at most other times in the history of civilization… but still).

Now, ethics and morality play a role of course in how freewheeling you as a man will actually be, and how choosy as a woman she will actually be, but this is the underlying in-built awareness we each have as separate genders:

  • If you’re a guy, sex is cheap – you only have to stick around if you want to
  • If you’re a gal, sex is potentially very pricey – it might come with the price tag of a lifetime

For that reason, women tend to be a lot more choosy in whom they mate with.

(at this point, a few guys always get upset and say, «Women are NOT choosy… they keep sleeping with bad boys and avoiding guys like ME!» but this stems from an ignorance in those men of what it is women are actually looking for in mates, rather than any kind of faulty programming in women)

So, women are choosy. It’s important that they end up with the right guy. And the men they most want to breed with are the alpha males, the dominant males, and men of that ilk.

Except, every guy KNOWS this and every guy wants to PORTRAY himself as one of these guys.

And women know guys do this.

So how’s a gal supposed to know who’s the real deal, and who’s just selling snake oil?

The Role of Preselection in Mate Selection

One of the most fascinating things I’ve noticed has been women’s sensitivity to social proof and preselection in ALL things… not just mate selection.

Many times I’ve stopped by a restaurant with a girl, only to have her complain that she doesn’t want to eat there because the restaurant is empty and mustn’t be very good. Or, I’ve gone to an amusement park, but she’s had us shy away from the rides with no lines and directed us towards the ones with the longest lines.

I see an empty restaurant and think, «Great! Fast service!» I see a lineless amusement park ride and say, «Excellent! No waiting!»

But a girl sees these things and thinks, «Uh-oh… why isn’t anyone ELSE here?»

Well, in order to rule out the guys who are all talk and no walk, women have a lot of mate selection techniques that parallel this line of reasoning exactly.

Creepy guys aren’t creepy because they’ve got horns growing out of their foreheads. They’re creepy because women’s subconscious is using aversion to prevent any mating «accidents» from occurring with men it’s deemed undesirable to mate with.

Just look at the things women find most attractive and how they come about in men:

  1. Confidence, self-assuredness, and other forms of nonverbal attraction that develop in men as they become experienced at getting women and have already been with a healthy number of attractive women
  2. Social proof and obvious alphaness (not acting like an alpha, but actually being witnessed AS the alpha – the guy who’s the leader of the group) where a girl sees a guy being revered and respected by others, especially if they’re others she admirers, accepts as peers, or aspires to join
  3. Preselection – actually seeing a guy with attractive women who clearly like him
  4. Generosity (giving something significant to a friend or even a homeless person, say) and throwing money around / engaging in conspicuous consumption (we haven’t covered this one on the blog because it’s the hardest to train up unless you’ve actually got the money to do it, but the effects of conspicuous consumption are actually almost as powerful as preselection itself, which is arguably the most powerful aphrodisiac)

These are what you’d call evidentiary proof of his social and sexual attractiveness, and these features are way, way more important to women in mating and attraction than anything else a man could say (easy to lie) or do (easy to pretend).

Because THESE things are nearly impossible to pretend.


Your nonverbal fundamentals, social proof, preselection, and conspicuous consumption are, you might say, your tools for blowing away a woman’s objections to mating with you.

You really only need one of them to get girls at least some of the time. Combine two of them, and you’ll be a rock star. Three, and you’re a god with women. All four, and you can have any woman you want.

But if you’ve only got to choose – or, if you’re just starting out and don’t have the confidence and vibe down yet, and you’d really like to get a few layups in the game – the most powerful of these, hands down, is preselection.

Why Preselection Kicks So Much Butt

I’ve had nights where I’ve been feeling pretty «off,» but through sheer dumb luck (and a little bit of trained-up skill) I managed to have a decent conversation with a girl, and had it end amicably on a nice note. Immediately after, on some of these occasions, I’ve had girls come right up next to me.

These girls blow open. You can open them with a direct opener, an indirect opener; you can even botch the opener. You can talk about the most stupid things in the world. Much of the time, it doesn’t matter, so long as you move things forward rapidly.

The reason why I say many of my fastest pickups have come after a preselection event is because the girls you meet immediately after you’ve been preselected tend to be really, really warm to you.

Now, what this means:

  • I’m not talking about meeting a girl and then meeting the girl right next to her, although that can work sometimes too, but the hit rate will be lower
  • Rather, I’m talking about meeting a girl, and then meeting the girls who come up and position themselves near you or start doing things to get your attention afterward

What’s happened here is this: women are highly socially attuned, so when they see a woman is talking to you and clearly engaged and possibly attracted, they take note. They mentally jot down, «Hmm, he looks like a pretty good bet to be a viable mating option,» and start keeping an eye on you.

You trigger that same switch in single women that attached men do in that study from earlier.

And then… the girl you were just talking to leaves… and this new girl suddenly shows up or catches your eye (or, sometimes, I’ve a few times had girls interrupt my conversations with other girls to introduce themselves and make themselves known – this is, in as few words as possible, the girl making it as clear as she possibly can to you that you need to mate with her immediately – just follow your process and move fast).

It ends up working like a sort of «peacocking on steroids» – you’re using the girl who’s preselected you to show off to other women that, yes – I am a man other women want.

And everything’s a whole lot easier after that.

How to Use This in Your Pickups (and Elsewhere)

Because preselection is so powerful, you should be looking to use it as much as possible.

It can almost be a magic pill when you’re still starting out: you don’t have your sexy vibe down yet, you don’t have a solid process, you don’t ooze confidence and drip charisma and emit mating signals like the guy who’s been at this a long time… yet, a little preselection, and suddenly it’s all but in the bag with the next girl you meet.

This works great for experienced guys though too: rather than spending an hour showing her your qualities, you can do it in minutes. You can have her out of there with you in minutes. It adds a degree of consistency and reliability to your pickups that it’s hard to find without it.

Preselection is useful in one other area too: restoring attraction in relationships or «just friends» situations. It even works when you’ve inadvertently placed a girl in auto-rejection; preselection is one of the very few things that can bring her back.

Preselection is the power to attract women at will… so long as you can let them see you being attractive to other women.


When I was starting out, preselection was one of the things I spent a lot of time getting down. I wanted women to see me being attractive to women. It makes your life easier… significantly so, in fact.

And here’s how you use it:

  1. First, find a spot that’s conspicuous where you can talk to women. If you’re in a bar or a nightclub, this is often in the center area of a mostly-empty bar, or just off the dance floor, again right in the middle of the room. If you’re in a store or a mall or an office, this is out in the middle of dead space, smack in the center of the place. If you’re in a classroom, this is up at the front of class, in front of everyone who’s sitting behind you.

    Note: there’s some risk involved here – you lose face if things don’t go well, but you look like every girl’s dream guy if they do. You’ll have to gauge accordingly. Also, if you’re at a bar or club, you’ll want to choose a location that will be easy for women to approach you in – mind the Law of Least Effort. Women are naturally attuned to this, and if she’s got to walk halfway around the bar very conspicuously to get near you, she won’t do it. Make sure it’s easy for her to reach you. You can sometimes adjust if you met a girl in one place by moving somewhere closer to the girl you want to approach you afterward to give her an opportunity to get nearer.

  2. Then… talk to women! You want to get into a conversation with a girl – the prettier, the better. And at least ONE of you should visibly be having a good time. It’s better if she is and you’re aloof… but if she isn’t biting or is being the aloof one, you can still get some mileage out of having a good time yourself (laughing, talking animatedly with her), though it won’t compare with what you get if you do a good job with her and SHE is clearly the more interested party. The girls who are watching you are sharp cookies – they can tell if she’s feeling you (or not).
  3. Next, wait for the girl who’s going to position herself near you once you’re done talking to that first girl. Occasionally she’ll open you herself, but don’t count on this. Girls are most likely to approach you the first chance they get – she’ll position herself next to you right after you finish talking to another girl at the bar, or she’ll brush up against you right as you’re leaving class, or she’ll veer over to walk near you at the mall or in the office.
  4. Open her fast, and open direct. Don’t beat around the bush on this one. She’s nervous, excited, and sees you as a rare treat – one of those few men that she KNOWS is a good bet – other women like him! Don’t hesitate – she’ll lose her nerve quickly, think you’re out of her league, and auto-reject; rather, jump on the opportunity the instant it presents itself, make her feel good, and say hi. «Oh hey,» you might say to her as she brushes by you – then stop and wait. She turns to face you, and: «Your walk… [pause] it’s absolutely killer. I just noticed that… it’s kind of hard not to, though. I’m Chase.»
  5. Move fast. You know the mantra on here… don’t stand around wondering what to do; instead, keep things moving. That’s even more important here – if she’s seen you talking with another attractive girl who likes you, she’s ready, much of the time. Use the minimal amount of steps required to progress things forward with her, and get her moving with you and somewhere the two of you can be alone together as rapidly as you possibly can.

And, the fun thing about preselection is that sometimes the girl you started talking to for building up your preselection rating is actually really into you already in the first place! You’ll also have a much easier time meeting new women if you still grapple with approach anxiety if you’re going in with the understanding that this first girl is just to get some preselection going on… you won’t be so worried about how things go with her, necessarily.

When girls already see that other girls find you to be a sexually exciting and attractive man, everything else with those future girls you’ll meet (or ones you’ve known for a while whom you’re trying to excite about you once more) goes so much more smoothly you’d be amazed.

Talk with you next time.


(enlace al original en ingles)

Resumen ejecutivo de la Red Pill — COMPLETISIMO


¿Qué es la Red Pill?

Este artículo explica por qué estamos acá y cuál es el foco de nuestra misión. En resumen lo que dice es que estamos acá para ayudarnos mutuamente con conocimientos y consejos y así mejorar nuestra ventaja:

Glosario y terminología

Varios de los términos que usamos en este lugar están explicados, aunque sea brevemente en ese artículo.

Lectura sobre los orígenes

Las siguientes entradas proveen el contexto y los orígenes sobre las razones por las que existe la Red Pill y a traves de los años ayudaron a moldear el foco de nuestra misión.

Los hombres no están contentos.
La burbuja de la misandria
La historia de Miguel
Confesiones de un perdedor reformado
El Hombre manipulado
El Sexo Polígamo

Lectura Teórica

Una vez que pudiste digerir el material anterior, seguí con la teoría. Cada sección se separa en fases para ayudarte a entender y reforzar los conceptos centrales y las filosofías que LRP adopta.

Fase 1: Las diferencias fundamentales sobre cómo aman el hombre y la mujer.

Mujeres enamoradas  y Hombres enamorados
Estos artículos contrastan de muy buena manera las diferencias de cómo expresan el romance los hombres y las mujeres. Sabemos que, al contrario de la creencia popular, son los hombres los verdaderos románticos de la sociedad. Un artículo que los sigue es Sobre el Amor y la Guerra, que se puede resumir con la frase «el concepto de amor de las mujeres no es el que les hacen creer a los hombres».

Programas de apareamiento
Cualquiera que esté familiarizado con los ciclos mensuales femeninos sabe muy bien que las preferencias de las mujeres cambian. Así también lo hacen sus deseos y atraccion hacia los hombres masculinos y afeminados. Lo principal es que durante la ovulación las mujeres muestran mas piel y tienden a preferir hombres mas dominantes y trazas «alfa».

Dos tipos de amor principales
Un tanteo superficial sobre el control del Relato. Rollo Tomassi se expandió mucho mas sobre el tema en su blog «El Hombre Racional».

Fase 2: El enfoque pluralista y mercenario de las mujeres a las relaciones.

Ley de Briffault
Un concepto central, con algunos corolarios que describe como las mujeres no expresan lealtad a los hombres beta por el cuidado, provisionamiento entregado previamente por el hombre-

Sobre el Valor y el Valor de las Mujeres
El valor que tanto hombres como mujeres aportan es diferente. El valor de las mujeres viene de ser mientras que el valor de los hombres viene de hacer. Para que una mujer pueda tener sexo, solo tiene que aparecer para que los hombres se le tiren. Para un hombre, tiene que bailar al ritmo de ella y ser de un alto estatus y esto y aquello y lo otro. Los hombres buscan sexo de las mujeres, y no al revés. Al contrario, las mujeres seleccionan que hombre de la multitud que la busca será con el que tendrá sexo.

Hipergamia 01: Las mujeres ven a los hombres como los hombres ven a los trabajos.

Hipergamia 02: Su percepción y contexto son TODO

Fase 3: Liberando a tu mente de la programación social «blue pill»

Powertalk 101

Este es un muy buen resumen de las piruetas mentales y jugadas de poder utilizadas en el lenguaje y sobre cómo las mujeres utilizan subterfugio para engañar a los hombres que no están al tanto del subtexto utilizado.

El manifiesto de la Red Pill y esta Compilación de Videos Red Pill

Expandimos un poco los conceptos encontrados en el Glosario de Terminos.

La Estrategia Sexual es Amoral

La seduccion y la estrategia sexual no tiene un valor moral intrinseco por si mismo; todo depende de como lo uses.

Fase 4: Entendiendo el poder, organización, y la tirania de las mujeres.

La utopía sexual al poder.

Este articulo discute la forma en la que el matrimonio y la monogamia restringe la hipergamia femenina para beneficiar a la civilización. Para aquellos que no estan familiarizados con la historia, Henry IV dijo, «No quiero que haya ningun campesino en mi reino que sea tan pobre que no tenga pollo en su guiso de los Domingos».  El ex presidente Hoover usó la misma linea de razonamiento en su campaña presidencial. El matrimonio y la monogamia y las convenciones sociales limitan a las mujeres a un solo compañero, le sirvio para proveer al hombre del equivalente sexual de «un pollo cada Domingo». Hacer eso fue bueno porque sirvió como incentivo  lo que llevó a los hombres a crear la civilización como la conocemos

En cuanto se forman harems para los hombres de elite y quedan grandes grupos de hombres sin acceso sexual, termina sucediendo una revuelta social.

La razón oculta por la que las mujeres “odian” a los hombres

La Internet le dio cabida a un nuevo tipo de grupo de apoyo masculino… o club de hombres, donde los hombres pueden comparan experiencias y ver si una mujer los esta cagando o no. Esto le quita a las mujeres un poder que venian disfruranto y se lo da a los hombres. En muchos casos para esos hombres tener ese poder es algo que les sucede por primera vez en su vida. A escala social las mujeres sienten este cambio como una amenaza y es por eso que nos atacan y pelean como una forma de volver a poner al genio en la botella.



Women: The Most Responsible Teenager In The House
There thread has created a lot of butthurt since it was made, but the theories in which it espouses are sound, particularly in dealing with women’s shit testing in long term relationships (LTR), the roles men and women are naturally predisposed to, and the establishment and enforcement of boundaries. This is the article that the thread is in response to.

Applying Red Pill Concepts To Your Daily Lives

48 Day of Power Supethread
48 Laws of Power from a Red Pill perspective.

All-in-One Legal Compilation Guide For Men
An unfortunately necessity in this day and age.

All-in-One Red Pill 101
This thread is a great primer of the Game aspect of TRP as described in the Introduction above. It also expands upon the core concepts found in the Glossary and Terms.

Feminist Shaming Tactics and What You Can’t Say
It’s important to familiarize yourself with the logical fallacies and bad faith arguments feminists use when discussing gender issues online and in the media, and how the media is controlled/constrained by those in power to service the feminine imperative. Note: The essay is linked in the What You Can’t Say thread, and is not the thread itself.

A how-to guide for creating goals and staying on track.

LTR Checklist and Unicorn Hunting
A great list of red (and green) flags to help you ascertain if a woman is worthy of your commitment.

Life is short so make it a good one. And don’t sweat the small stuff.

Shit Tests 101
Comprehensive introduction to shit tests.

Shit Tests 201
In effect this was a follow-up to the above thread on Shit Tests.

The Red Pill Interacting With Other Subreddits
This thread offers some practical advice for dealing with other subreddits that are vehemently «blue pull» and their alternatives.

(Enlace al original en Ingles)

La Guia de HumanSockPuppet para manejar a tus trolas


Buenos días, clase.

En este artículo vas a aprender cómo manejar a tu(s) trola(s), al transformar la relación en un juego en el que ella juega, ganando premios e intimidad al portarse bien, y recibiendo castigo y relegación (o el mismísimo exilio) si falla.

En esta guía también vamos a cubrir:

  • Qué significa gestionar una trola y qué desafíos vas a enfrentar.
  • Por qué la gestión de trolas termina siendo TU responsabilidad.
  • Estrategias para maximizar la felicidad y minimizar el drama en tus relaciones.
  • Como convertir esas estrategias en cambios duraderos en tu estilo de vida.

Empezamos esta guía con un poco de teoría básica, describiendo por qué los hombres son los árbitros de las relaciones. Luego vamos a establecer algunas definiciones comunes y preparar el camino para la sección estratégica.

Mientras lees esta guía, tené en cuenta que esto es un modelo, no un tratado definitivo. Sos libre (y de hecho espero que asi sea) de modificar cualquier parte de esta guía según te sirva. De todas formas los principios definidos aquí deberían ser bastante universales.

Hay una razón por la que decimos AWALT.


1) Para lograr mantener una relación próspera con una chica, TENES que sentirte cómodo al mandonearla – tenes que ser un Patriarca bondadoso.

No es necesario que seas un maestro de tus emociones (todavía). Pero como mínimo deberías estar dispuesto a ser firme con ella, darle ordenes y decirle «no», incluso ante una cascada de lágrimas.

¿Por qué?

Porque las mujeres toman de sus hombres la forma correcta de comportarse.

Recordá, las mujeres son niñas: mentalmente, en su comportamiento, evolutivamente. No son como nosotros. No piensan como nosotros, no tienen ese profundo sentido de responsabilidad personal que tenemos nosotros.

Incluso el tipo mas sociópata del mundo va a saber instintivamente cuando cruzó un límite y ofendió a otro hombre. Que se sienta culpable o no por haberlo hecho es otro tema, pero al menos sabe que hizo algo malo. Evolucionar este instinto fue la clave para la habilidad del hombre para hacer tanto enemigos de forma estratégica como para evitar conflictos innecesarios.

Las mujeres, por el contrario, no evolucionaron tal instinto. Al contrario, las mujeres evolucionaron el instinto de presionar al hombre de forma tal que pueda probar su disposición a enfrentar de cabeza un conflicto (lo que llamamos pruebas de mierda). Un hombre que esta dispuesto a enfrentarse en una discusión con ella, es un hombre que también va a luchar POR ella. De igual manera, un hombre que pierde ante ella, es un hombre que casi con seguridad va a perder ante sus enemigos.

Esta es la razón por la que mandonearla es clave. Evolucionó para probar los limites y buscar peleas con vos. Así que a menos que seas estricto con tu chica, va a terminar volviéndose egoísta e insufrible a medida que la dejas salirse con la suya.

2) Una relación a largo plazo NO PUEDE SER tu objetivo. Solo podes estar ABIERTO a la posibilidad de tener una.

Los hombres son los guardianes de las relaciones. Las mujeres del sexo. Es decir, la mujer decide cuando se tiene sexo. El hombre decide cuando se está en una relación. Y ya que una relación es lo que vos podes ofrecer, no tenes que darla gratuitamente. Tiene que ser una recompensa que ella se gana en pequeñas dosis al inspirarte confianza y devoción.

Entiendo que muchos de ustedes quieren una RLP con una buena chica – a veces una serie de amoríos y encuentros de una noche no es suficiente para completarte. Créeme, simpatizo con ese punto de vista.

Pero conseguir una RLP es SU problema, no el tuyo. Entregarle tu devoción a una chica no la va a hacer mágicamente merecedora de ello. Cuando vos querés una RLP con muchas ganas, terminas poniendo tu foco en la idea de tener una relación en lugar de evaluar a tu chica. Te enfocas en tu relación de fantasía e ignoras selectivamente las cosas que están pasando delante tuyo: sus profundas fallas de carácter, sus indiscreciones y las múltiples advertencias.

Tenes que considerar a las mujeres como candidatas aplicando al trabajo de ser tu novia – una seguidora, una amante, una comodidad lejos de las batallas diarias. No termines contratando a una puta solo porque querés llenar la posición. Asegurate de vetar a tus candidatas con ferocidad y de contratar a la chica correcta para el trabajo.

Esta guía te va a ayudar exactamente a hacer eso.

3) Esta guía va a ser muchísimo menos efectiva si ya estas casado.

Como hombre, tu ÚNICO poder en la relación es el poder de revocar tu atención, validación y tiempo al irte de ahí – a veces para siempre, a veces de la habitación. Es la única estrategia que tenes, pero es muy potente, y lo es por una razón muy específica:

Puede que vos quieras a una mujer, pero las mujeres TE NECESITAN a vos.

El problema con el matrimonio es que te quita tu habilidad de irte por completo. Si, podes divorciarte, pero no sin pegarte un tiro en el pie, con la posibilidad de perder a tus hijos y una porción significativa de tus activos en el proceso.

El clima social actual no es amigable para el casamiento. Si ya estas casado, mis condolencias. Si no estas casado pero planeas hacerlo, sos un estúpido y vos vas a ser el culpable de lo que te pase cuando ese error se vuelva contra vos. Y estoy seguro de que lo va a hacer.

Teoría: El Principio Fundamental del Sexo y las Relaciones

El principio fundamental dice que las mujeres son las guardianas del sexo, y los hombres los guardianes de la relación. Ya deberías estar familiarizado con esto para ahora.

Pasando por la puerta de la Relación (cuidada por el hombre) se encuentra un paraíso en la que toda chica quiere vivir. Es un lugar mágico donde los frascos de mermelada se abren, las arañas son aplastadas, se consiguen viajes en auto gratis, se arregla la casa, se distribuyen mimos, se provee de aliento y se establece firmemente el orden. Y todo eso requiere del tiempo y esfuerzo de un hombre.

Como hombre, tu tiempo y esfuerzo son tu activo mas valioso. Lo usas para lograr hacer las cosas – a menudo cosas relacionadas a Tu Misión. Cuando le das ese tiempo a alguien mas, es un regalo tremendo que debería ser respetado y valorado.

Este es el principio clave detrás de la gestión de trolas. Tenes que exigir que una chica valore y respete tu tiempo.

Algunos hombres no exigen respeto por su tiempo. Son demasiado liberales con quien dejan pasar a través de su Puerta de Relaciones. No tienen patrulla fronteriza, ni aduana. Son como un país lleno de beneficios al que cualquiera puede entrar. Estos son los orbitadores-beta, y son acosados constantemente por cualquier vagina vagabunda y concha mendiga que le pestañee un poco.

Otros hombres son demasiado estrictos en su admisión. Solo dan visas temporales de sexo, y a menudo deportan sin aviso. Estos son los alfas solitarios, y escogieron esa vida de ponerla y luego seguir su vida solos.

VOS, por otro lado, estas abierto a tener una RLP con una trola – SI ES QUE se lo gana.

Gestionar tu vida y tus trolas se resume en premiarla SOLO con el tiempo que ella se ganó, ni un minuto mas.

Podes decidir cuanto de tu tiempo se ganó una mujer al asignarle una «clasificación».

Definiciones: Un resumen de las «Clasificaciones»

Usamos muchos términos para describir una relación con una chica: novia, pareja, garche, plato, amiga con beneficios, etc.

¿Pero que significan realmente estos términos?

Desde la perspectiva del hombre, cada termino implica diferentes grados de inversión en una chica – inversión de tiempo, esfuerzo, emociones y otros preciosos recursos del hombre. Como tal, a las mujeres se las puede clasificar según cuantos recursos invertidos implica cada grado de la clasificación.

Esta es una lista de los grados que vamos a usar (junto con algunas definiciones útiles), ordenadas de menor a mayor:

Nivel 0: Garche / ONS (One Night Stand) / Toco y me voy / Casual. Cojes con esta chica una ves y nunca mas la ves (a menos que ella te busque). Es un único encuentro que es casual, sexual, e impersonal. Puede que la hayas conocido antes o no de este encuentro, y puede que sepas o no su nombre. Pero no es nada mas que una respuesta por única vez a una necesidad física.

No requiere mantenimiento y la inversión de tiempo es muy baja.

Nivel 1: Plato / Amigarche. Con esta chica tenes sexo mas de una vez. Vas a saber su nombre y lo suficiente de su vida como para poder coordinar encuentros sexuales. También vas a saber un poco sobre su personalidad, así podes ayudarla a racionalizar el hecho de ser tu juguete sexual, asumiendo de que se siente cómoda con la idea de ser uno. Si no lo está, igual quiere tener sexo con vos y ambos se sienten satisfechos con el sexo casual. Es una respuesta temporal a una necesidad física.

Necesita algo de mantenimiento y muy poca inversión de tiempo.

Nivel 2: Amiga con derechos. Con esta chica tenes sexo mas de una vez – generalmente tan a menudo como sea conveniente para ambos, pero a veces incluso cuando no es conveniente para ella (porque le gustas lo suficiente como para dejar de hacer algo para verte). Pasas tiempo no sexual con esta chica, como comer, o hacer actividades de interés mutuo. Sabes un poco mas de su vida personal y ella de la tuya, como resultado los dos intercambian cada tanto favores no sexuales. Con seguridad vas a tener buenos recuerdos del tiempo no sexual pasado con esta chica, que va a llevar que te involucres emocionalmente de forma positiva en ella, volviéndola en algo mas que la simple respuesta a una necesidad física.

Requiere un nivel de mantenimiento y de tiempo moderado.

Nivel 3: Media naranja / Pareja / Novia. El mayor nivel de intimidad que una chica puede obtener. Tenes sexo a menudo con esta chica, usualmente as a menudo que con el resto de tus chicas. También pasas una cantidad de tiempo considerable en actividades no sexuales con ella, lo que resulta en un montón de recuerdos en común y una unión emocional mucho mas profunda. En este punto hay una preocupación mutua y significativa por el bienestar del otro. En particular, esta chica va a sentir una gran dependencia para que vos la guíes en su vida (no solo estoicismo y confianza). Vas a sentir fuertemente emociones en este nivel: el afecto es especialmente dulce, y la traición especialmente amarga.

Requiere una cantidad significativa de tiempo y mantenimiento.

Estrategia: Como juega ella el juego

El juego en si es muy simple:

Una chica empieza el juego en el Nivel 0 o Nivel 1, dependiendo del contexto en el que se conocieron.

Si la conoces en un bar, o si empezaron como dos completos desconocidos frotándose mutuamente en una fiesta, es un Nivel 0.

Si se conocieron en un ambiente un poco mas sociable – quizá a través de amigos, o te impresionó con su cortesía después de que le mantuviste abierta la puerta en la cafetería, es un Nivel 1. También puede saltar del Nivel 0 al Nivel 1 si después del primer encuentro sexual te busca y logra mantener suficiente tiempo de contacto con vos (y este termina siendo placentero).

Desde ese momento, una chica tiene que realizarte servicios NO SEXUALES para poder avanzar los niveles.

Los servicios pueden incluir, pero no están limitados a:

  • Cocinarte algo rico. Ya sea en tu casa o invitándote a la de ella.
  • Invitándote a salir a algún lado. Un restaurante o una actividad que te interesa A VOS. Puntos extra si nunca habias hecho esa actividad pero parece divertida – quiere decir que realmente esta pensando en vos.
  • Haciéndote un regalo bien pensado. No cualquier cosa, sino un regalo que demuestra un esfuerzo en entender tu vida y tus intereses (por ejemplo: plantillas terapéuticas para zapatillas si es que te gusta correr, o unos auriculares de buena calidad si amas la música). Es mas importante que haya tenido la idea del regalo correcta que la cantidad de plata que gastó.
  • Hacerte un regalo artesanal a mano. Puede ser una pintura, una foto, un poema, una bufanda tejida a mano, etc. Cuanto mas personalizado el regalo, mejor. Un regalo artesanal no necesita ser extremadamente útil (ya que hacer algo útil es mucho mas difícil), eso si, el regalo debe demostrar paciencia, diligencia y una buena atención al detalle.

Cuanto mas esfuerzo y tiempo invierte ella en este tipo de gestos, mas crédito se gana en la relación. Eventualmente, si demuestra un patrón consistente de invertir esfuerzo en vos, puede avanzar el rango, pero solo un nivel a la vez.

Como dije antes, una chica tiene que invertir tiempo y esfuerzo en vos para lograr obtener tiempo y esfuerzo de vos.

No hay un numero arbitrario de favores que deba cumplir para subir de rango, así que usa tu propia discreción y criterio al decidir como premiarla. Pero siempre observá el quinto mandamiento de Poon.

V. Seguí la regla del número áureo

Devolvele a tu mujer 2/3 de todo lo que te da. Por cada tres llamadas o mensajitos, respondele con dos. Tres declaraciones de amor de ella se ganan dos tuyas. Tres regalos, dos salidas. Demostrale dos veces que la querés y pará ahí hasta que te haya dado tres muestras ella. Cuando hablen, respondele con menos palabras, cuando se emociona, emocionate menos. La idea detrás del número áureo es doble – establece tu mayor valor al hacer que ella te persiga, y demuestra de que te podes contener, evitando dejarte llevar por su dramatismo. Contenerte en corresponderle todo lo que hace por vos en igual cantidad inculca en ella la actitud correcta de creer en tu mayor estatus. Bien profundo en el vientre eso es lo que ella realmente busca.

Darle siempre un poquito menos que lo que ella te da es critico para mantener tu superioridad en su mente. El desequilibrio material de este esquema es equilibrado por su hamster. Como tu esfuerzo parece ser menor al de ella, termina creyendo que vos sos su superior, y que tiene que continuar trabajando para lograr conseguir tu aprobación y compromiso continuo.

Una dosificación lenta de premios correctamente entregados van a mantener feliz a tu chica. Y van a lograr que se esfuerce por lo que sea la duración de su relación juntos. Poniendo dedicación de su parte, la relación puede durar bastante tiempo.

¿Por que los servicios tienen que ser no sexuales?

Simple. Porque una chica no tiene que hacer absolutamente ningún esfuerzo para tener sexo. Si es lo suficientemente atractiva, lo único que necesita hacer para tener sexo es estar ahí. Alguien la va a cojer siempre que ella se ponga a disposición.

Este juego solo recompensa el esfuerzo.

Siempre deberías recordar esto: el sexo es un pre-requisito fundamental para cualquier tipo de interacción no platónica entre un chico y una chica. Nunca vas a encontrarte en una situación en la que una chica te hace regalos y te cocina, pero NO te la estas cogiendo (a menos que los dos sean unos cobardes que no puedan entender las señales). Si no estas teniendo sexo, entonces hay algo tremendamente mal que necesita ser corregido. Eso o dejarla inmediatamente. Lo cual nos lleva a la siguiente sección.

Estrategia: Castigo y Baja de categoría

Hay muchas formas en la que una chica se puede equivocar y molestarte. Quizá use demasiada lavandina al lavar tus camisas, o se le queme la cena que te estaba haciendo. Este tipo de equivocaciones no deberían ser castigados con una baja de categoría porque, a pesar del error, ella está invirtiendo tiempo y esfuerzo en vos. En cambio podes pensar en algún tipo de castigo y pago por la camisa perdida sin llegar al extremo de dejar de considerarla tu novia.

En cambio, las infracciones que si pueden ser para bajarla de categoría deberían ser cosas que insulten tu dignidad, tu autoridad, o el tiempo y esfuerzo que invertiste en ella.

Las ofensas pueden ser tanto intencionales como accidentales.

Las ofensas accidentales suelen venir en la forma de alguna indiscreción de su parte, a medida que lentamente va perdiendo su atracción por vos, su esfuerzo consciente se desvanece, y recae en su estado natural de hipergamia.

Algunos ejemplos de afrentas accidentales son:

  • Coquetear demasiado con otro hombre de forma inconsciente (prueba de mierda, puede ocurrir en cualquiera de los niveles)
  • No cumplir una promesa importante (a menudo por olvido o mala planificación), cuyas consecuencias te cuesten una cantidad importante de dinero o CUALQUIER cantidad de reputación (falta de respeto, este tipo de ofensas suceden del Nivel 2 para arriba, ya que no confiarías este tipo de cosas en chicas de Nivel 0 o Nivel 1)
  • Descuidar alguna tarea importante que vos le hayas asignado (falta de respeto, típicamente sucede en el Nivel 3)
  • Disminuye la frecuencia en el sexo, y distraídamente te evita cuando intentas iniciar el sexo (perdida de atracción, puede ocurrir en cualquier nivel)

Cometer cualquier tipo de ofensa accidental debería resultar en la baja de categoría de la chica en un (1) nivel.

Las ofensas intencionales son mucho mas vulgares que sus contrapartes. Las ofensas intencionales suelen ser pruebas de mierda dirigidas a re-evaluar tu estado. En algunos casos extremos puede suceder incluso en presencia de amigos o familia, volviéndose así en ataques malintencionados contra tu reputación o dignidad.

Algunos ejemplos de ofensas intencionales son:

  • Coquetear conscientemente con otro hombre, tratando de ponerte celoso (prueba de mierda, puede suceder en cualquier nivel)
  • Insultarte abiertamente (prueba de mierda, puede suceder en cualquier nivel)
  • Baja la frecuencia del sexo, y ella te evita vehementemente y conscientemente cuando intentas tener sexo o incluso hablar del tema (perdida de atracción, puede ocurrir en cualquier nivel)

Cometer cualquier tipo de ofensa intencional debería resultar en la baja de dos (2) niveles. Cometer un ataque malintencionado contra tu reputación debería resultar en la perdida de tres (3) niveles.

Lo siguiente es importante, así que prestá atención:

Una vez que la chica baja de categoría, su nivel actual se vuelve convierte en el máximo nivel al que ella puede volver a llegar. Solo puede escalar los niveles en tanto cumpla a la perfección y sus tareas como mujer. Una vez que comete una ofensa seria, y baja de nivel, no puede volver a subir nunca mas.

Algunos ejemplos de transgresiones y castigos apropiados:

  • Un plato (nivel 1) al que le pedís sexo y no te lo da cae de nivel al nivel 0, y es reemplazada por un plato que si te da sexo cuando vos querés.
  • Una amiga con derechos (nivel 2) que pierde tu cámara digital y no te la reemplaza con millones de disculpas, baja un nivel y se convierte por siempre en un plato.
  • Una novia (nivel 3) que se emborracha y te humilla en frente de tus amigos en una fiesta cae tres niveles al nivel 0. Después de algo así desapareces y la dejas a la mierda.

Ya se lo que estas pensando. ¿Volverla un plato para siempre? ¿Dejarla a la mierda? ¿No son castigos demasiado severos?

La verdad es que las ofensas descriptas anteriormente suelen ocurrir solo por dos razones:

  1. Incumpliste tus deberes como hombre Red Pill y su atracción por vos esta disminuyendo.
  2. No es lo suficientemente sensata como para reconocer que su comportamiento es impropio debido a una falla en la educación que le dieron sus padres, algo que ocurrió muchísimo antes de que vos la conocieras.

Si es por la razón 1, entonces vos sos el culpable, y es mucho mejor empezar de cero con una trola nueva que intentar salvar una relación que esta en una espiral descendente. Si es por la razón 2, quiere decir que esta chica nunca valió la pena desde el vamos, y que simplemente no lo sabias hasta ahora. No podes transformar a una puta en un ama de casa, así que ni siquiera te gastes en intentar reformarla.

En general, tenes que ser inflexible cuando castigues a tu chica. Recordá lo que ya definimos: las chicas buscan en vos las pistas para saber qué es lo que es correcto. Si no castigas el mal comportamiento cuando este sucede, la chica va a asumir que te parece perfectamente bien que vuelva a hacer lo que sea que hizo. La hipergamia es egoísta por naturaleza, y no tiene piedad. La mano dura es la única respuesta efectiva.

Hay otro beneficio en ser implacable: dar castigos sin compromiso ayuda a mantener tu mentalidad de abundancia. Un enfoque inflexible te ayuda a evitar el riesgo de desarrollar uniquitis, y previene que seas manipulado por las mujeres, las cuales son muy buenas en aferrarse a tu simpatía para conseguir una/dos/cinco chances mas.

Mantené a tu vida libre de dramas al alejarte de las minas problemáticas. Con tantas chicas solteras ahi afuera buscando desesperadamente un hombre fuerte como vos, no hay ninguna de ellas en particular por la que valga la pena sufrir.

Estrategia: Naturalizando el Proceso

A medida que aprendes el ejercicio de usar premios y castigos para mantener enganchada a tu chica, vas a ir desarrollando una intuición sobre como jugar tu parte en el juego. El proceso se va a volver algo natural para vos. Te vas a aburrir naturalmente por las mujeres que no te demuestran el suficiente aprecio y vas a pasar mas tiempo con aquellas que vuelven tu vida mas placentera.

Este es el objetivo final: volverte un natural. Nunca le vas a decir a tu chica «¡Ahora sos un Plato Nivel 1!» o «Después de esto bajaste un nivel». Este sistema es PARA VOS – es para que puedas armar un modelo abstracto con el cual entender la seducción, hasta que manejar a las mujeres sea algo tan natural para vos como respirar o acabarle en la cara.

Palabras Finales

La traza clave de la mujer moderna es su completa falta de interés en los deseos de su hombre. Nuestro estado cornudo terminó prácticamente reemplazando a los hombres como maridos y proveedores, y así parece que las relaciones tradicionales están básicamente obsoletas – que las mujeres nunca mas van a necesitar preocuparse de NUESTROS deseos.

Nada puede estar mas lejos de la verdad.

Si bien la mujer puede subsistir con los beneficios que le dan nuestros impuestos, el gobierno no le puede dar el amor, la atención, la estabilidad, la seguridad masculina y la intervención directa que son tan cruciales para su bienestar emocional. La mujer se siente vulnerable en un rol de liderazgo, y se siente perdida sin un líder masculino que tome la osada responsabilidad de enfrentar todos los desafíos que a ella la aterrorizan. Ningún gobierno le puede dar esto. Para eso, ella tiene que venir a buscarnos.

Y por ello, debemos demandar un precio.

Mi esperanza es que esta guía te haya ayudado a darte cuenta cuanto poder de negociación tenes en la dinámica sexual – mucho mas del que alguna vez pensabas que tenias. Dejá que esta guía te ayude a capitalizar ese poder – por el bien de tu felicidad, y por la felicidad de cualquier mujer que trabaje lo suficientemente duro por tu tiempo y esfuerzo.

(enlace al original en ingles)

Que es Kino (Kinostesia o Cinestesia)

Sparing you the drawn-out details of what KINO is, I’ll just make it concise as possible.

KINO is the act or the art of physical contact or touching.

That’s it!

How it applies and pertains to your face-to-face interactions with a girl, be it on a date or at your place, is that you want to establish touch as early as possible.

The sooner and more frequently you touch her; the more she becomes accustomed to your touch.

Whether she will like your touch or get repulsed by it is another story. And that’s what this article is all about- teaching you the right way to KINO (touching) with zero or least chance of rejection.

Now, whenever you touch a girl or attempt to [primarily a new girl who isn’t used to you yet], the best time to do this is with a fabricated excuse to touch her.

Having a plausible reason to touch her will allay her fears. Not that you always need a plausible reason, but if you’re new to this, it’s best to use this guideline.

Lemme take you back to my latest pull from the other night where I’d picked up a 23 year old hottie.

I’ll only cite the KINO (touching) and how I touched her and when I touched her [proper calibration].

Alright, the dreaded-boyfriend topic came up, she revealed that he’d cheated on her twice in the past.

This is an opportune time for me to go KINO with a fabricated-plausible reason. So what did I do/say?

Me: “To be honest, that’s pretty fucked up and I feel sad for you. I can see a tear falling from your eye. You sure you don’t need a tissue ’cause I have 1 for you”😆.

As she laughed, I got up, dug into my back pocket and took out a piece of napkin and wiped her face with it in an exaggerated manner as if she was really crying.

We both laughed out loud about it.

That was a perfect example of KINO with a plausible reason to touch.

It was also my first touch on the insta-date and it was obviously successful as the girl felt that it was natural, called-for and harmless.

Accidental KINO:

Accidental KINO is touching the girl by accident…or by what appears to be an accident😈.

This can also be fabricated and should be orchestrated by you (the guy).

A great example of Accidental KINO:

Let’s say you’re sitting @ the bar counter with a girl (or date) and there’s something across the counter (in her direction) which entails you having to lean her way to get it.

Instead of asking her to pass it, or trying your darn best to finesse it in order to not touch while you reach across her, purposely make physical contact with her!

This will fly under her radar simply because it’s accidental, harmless and very common.

Now in my case from the other night, we sat across from each other (face to face) on a bench, so our knees were virtually touching. Every now and then [5-10 minutes], I would purposely brush my knees against hers. Once again, this will come across as accidental although it wasn’t on my part.

We sat on a bench exactly like this

We sat on a bench exactly like this

No big deal.

No objections. It was an accident😈.

Ok, another orchestrated moment of accidental KINO between us.

While both of us were gazing into the skies, as part of my seduction routine, I told her let’s play a little game of who can draw an animal shape in the sky with the star formations.

The purpose of me running this routine is to get closer to her covertly😈.

We took turns and I made out a camel in the sky. Total bullshit by the way😆.

Her turn!

She draws a dog-man or some shit like that.

I pretended as though I couldn’t make out the figure in the sky just so she can get closer to me to show me what she sees.

Me: “Where is it!? You sure!? That doesn’t look like a dog”

HB: “The cloud is covering the legs. Look to the left”.

At that point, my face was virtually pressed against hers.

This is appropriate in that the moment called for it.

It was also accidental…so it seemed😈.

She never recoiled nor appeared weirded out.

Intentional KINO:

Now, this’ where the real stuff happens and finesse and calibration are prerequisites.

You can’t spend the entire date or time with the girl relying strictly on accidental and situational KINO.

There comes a point where you have to go direct and phase shift into intentional/overt KINO (direct touching).

The feel-out process is over!

As we gazed into the stars, I mentioned something about a romantic setting, told her that her hair smells nice then I touched it. I stroked her locks for about 10 seconds as we both continue to gaze.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Warning: An Overt KINO move/touch should only be done BRIEFLY! Between 1-5 seconds!

Had I kept stroking her hair for an extended duration (over 10 seconds), it would’ve gotten awkward, she would’ve pulled away or motion for me to stop thus dampening the vibe a lot.
Keep it brief!

Ten minutes after the hair touching, I feigned being a bit chilly:

Me: “Damn I’m cold. Feel my hand, isn’t it cold”!?

She then feels my arm, essentially reciprocation of touching.

You want her to participate also.

That was the purpose of me pretending as though I was cold and getting her to feel my arm to gauge my superficial temperature.

Great move.

Now that she’d touched me, I now have psychological justification to touch her (arm) in return. So I touched her arm to see if her skin was also cold.

No objections.

That’s a great way to get her to touch you.

As I cited above; make it brief! Touch and let go. The longer you allow your touch linger, the more awkward it gets.

Extended touching comes later.

Now, what is taking place here is slow acclimation to each other’s touch, feel, hands, body, skin, etc.

It’s a crawl before you walk principle.

It doesn’t apply to ever situation, but it should within a date setting.

Rapid KINO escalation is NOT for newbies and guys who aren’t advanced in seduction.

A mechanical approach to escalation (as I’m breaking down) is advisable for starters until your Game gets to the level where you’re then able to see through the matrix and read certain non-verbal signals emitting from the girl.

Ok, so the date and I had become acclimated to touching and being touched.

No objections yet.

By the way, token resistance/objections should be expected.

It just so happened that this girl never threw any resistance my way. This is rare but does occur.

Ok, after gazing away @ the stars, the topic of planets came up. I said there were 9 planets: she claimed 10.

We debated and decided to google it. Remind you, the entire time, she’s sitting on 1 side of the bench while I’m on the opposite side facing her. Therefore, I wasn’t able to get a good view of her phone while she googled the planets. So what did I do?

I got up and sat right behind her:

Sort of like this but my legs were on both sides of her

Sort of like this but my legs were on both sides of her

Me: “I can’t see. No cheating please”.

HB: “How you gonna cheat by googling something”?

At this point, the KINO was heavy in that my cock was pressed up against her backside.

Did she get all weirded out?


Although I didn’t need a plausible reason at this point to touch her, the fact alone that I wasn’t able to see her phone’s screen that well, gave us all the reason for me to be closer to her and right up behind her. So it felt natural and plausible which induced zero resistance.

The KINO escalation was in overdrive as I began caressing her bare shoulders and her neck while we both looked at her phone.

A key thing to note here is that when you’re touching her; never acknowledge (verbally) what you’re doing.

Don’t say to her, “Your skin feel so soft”.

There’s a 75% chance that her ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) will get activated just from your statement of acknowledging what you’re doing.

The result will be she pulling away (however playfully), telling you to stop or any other form of resistance.

Therefore, never call attention (verbally) to what you’re doing.

If you’re rubbing her ass, don’t say: “Your butt feels nice”. Just do what you’re doing and talk about anything else.

Remember to be talking as you’re doing heavy KINO.

Silence will cause her to think.

Talking will distract her from thinking of the moment and what is happening.

Thinking is what you don’t want her to be doing at this point in the game.

Tell her to talk about her childhood days in school or something if you have to.

Anyway, so while I was rubbing her bare shoulders (for a few minutes), guess what we were talking about?

Muthafucking Saturn’s rings🙂😯 .

After seeing how receptive she was to such heavy KINO, it was time to double down and get sexual.

I kissed her on her neck once.

No objection.

Took her hand, led her to the pier’s edge while straddling her around the waist from behind.

Ass and hips grabbing ensued, which is an overt class of KINO.

No objections.

As we walked, I held her hand and fingers.

This sounds cheesy to some guys, but this form of PDA (Public Display of Affection) isn’t done to look romantic but to gauge how receptive she is to being touched and held.

I’ll talk about this more in another post [finger holding].

Now, as I mentioned in my previous article, the girl and I had kissed a combination of 7 times: she kissed me 3 times, I kissed her 4.

No objections.
Common Questions Pertaining To KINO (Touching)
FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]:

➜ “Kenny, do I need to do all this monotonous touch escalation? Why can’t I just skip all this slow stuff and just grab her ass right off the bat or make out with her right away”?

As I said eluded to earlier, if it’s a girl whom you’re chatting up during night game and you’re short on time (she has to go), you can escalate rapidly.

If it’s a girl whom you’re chatting up at the club; you can rapidly escalate.

Whenever your time is limited with a specific girl, you should always try to escalate faster.

However, if it’s a girl whom you’re on a so-called date with where you’re guaranteed at least an hour of time spent, you have no true need to escalate rapidly…unless you’re advanced at seduction and reading a girl’s body language.

➜ “Ok Kenny, so what is the point of KINO and touching anyway? Why can’t I just NOT touch her at all…or touch her later on during the date or whatever”?

Not touching her right away in the right ways (right steps), and if you do decided to get physical with her as the date whines down, 2 things will happen:

1.) You would’ve been too late which means less time to get physical.

2.) She will feel weirded out and often times violated.

You gave her ZERO clues that you were the touchy guy, and all of a sudden as if you got possessed by something- you decide to grab at her.

She will object in some form.

This will have been too sudden and unexpected.

➜ “What do I do if she objects to or rejects my attempt at touching and getting physical/sexual”?

Stay composed and try to be none reactive as possible.

If you try to hold her hand and she pulls away, you can either:

1.) Playfully hit her, “You are so fresh”!

2.) Continue talking, ignoring what just happened. After some time has elapsed, try again when you think you’ve done a bit more at warming her up to the idea.

➜ “I tried kissing her but she pulled away or said no”.

Once again, if you want to kiss a girl with the least possibility of rejection, you have to gradually initiate touching as I’d done on my recent insta-date.

Surly I could’ve kissed her from the inception, but her vibe didn’t permit for such rapid and spontaneous escalation.

So whenever you try kissing a guy who isn’t receptive as yet to it; it will backfire.

Touching and getting physical right away eliminates all of this. So when you do decide to kiss her or embrace her, she won’t be caught totally off guard (physically and psychologically).

Whenever a girl rejects your attempts to get physical with her, 9-10 times, it comes down to mis-calibration (bad timing) and a failure to read her body language correctly.

It also comes down to a failure in warming her up to the idea of being touched or kissed, etc.

➜ “Kenny, how did you learn to become so adroit and good at KINO and touching women”?

Vin Dicarlo aka Woodhaven, PUA and Seduction guru

Vin Dicarlo aka Woodhaven, PUA and Seduction guru

The greatest article I ever read on KINO and touching women was The DEL, Dicarlo’s Escalation Ladder.

It absolutely transformed my dating and sex life!

I read that post many years ago when I was still scared shit at the mere thought of touching women.

With the discovery of the DEL Escalation Ladder method of KINO Escalation, my game shot up 500%!

I slept with way more women from One-Night Stand pulls to girls whom I knew prior but was afraid to escalate on.

Practically everything I’d laid out in this article was straight out of the DEL [what I’d remembered] by the Pickup guru Vin Dicarlo.

His KINO method consists of touching but in a gradual manner: from light to heavy touching.

You guys who had read this article, please, and I mean fucking please, do NOT let in be in vain or just a form of entertainment to pass some time on a boring day.

Don’t be keyboard jockeys as we’d say in the pickup community.

Use the RLA principle: Read, Learn and Apply!

Had I been a keyboard jockey who read for the sake of reading or just to pass time, knowing I needed help with women, I would’ve never gotten my shit together!

When I first read Vin Dicarlo’s Escalation Ladder article, I instantly went out and put it to use the same night.

I failed miserably of course as would be expected, but gradually mastered it as I kept applying over the months upwards of a year.

Guys who are successful in life don’t (just) read! They act! So please re-read this article and take notes if you’re trying to take your game to the next level just as I did years ago.

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La guia para provocar a las minas

It’s high time we discussed the matter of how to tease bitches. It’s no exaggeration to say that teasing is the single most fundamental skill that you must master in your quest to become a pussy wizard of hallowed legend. But doing so can be a daunting task, especially if you lack the talent for wordplay or verbal improvisation that teasing often requires.

Fear not. The Sockpuppet has your back.

The truth is, teasing comes down to a simple formula…one which, once you internalize it, will serve as a solid framework for your practice of wordplay, and transform you into a prodigal panty-moistening predator.

The aim of this guide is to teach you this formula at its most fundamental level. From there, you will be able to add your own flairs and flourishes, developing a style that is truly your own.


1) There’s more to seduction than just teasing.

This guide will cover the verbal aspects of sexual escalation through teasing. But teasing, while certainly important, is not sufficient to get a bitch in bed. You must combine it with the other seduction essentials (such as kino, comfort-building, venue-changing, isolation, etc.) in order to bring home the lay. If all you do is tease and joke, then you’re nothing more than a performing monkey, a clown.

Work on all of the fundamentals together, and combine them with teasing to effect solid game.

2) Teasing is best used on girls who don’t already feel like they know you.

We all know that bitches have a dualistic mating strategy: they want the Jerkboy Alpha Sperm Donor to squirt a strong baby inside them, and they want a Dependable Beta Money Dispenser to foot the bill for their IKEA nesting instincts. The goal of teasing is to make girls rapidly identify you as the Sperm Donor so you can rustle their beef curtains ASAP. However, this is much harder to accomplish if the bitch has already mentally put you into the Beta category.

You should take this guide as a tutorial on how to quickly escalate towards sex with NEW bitches, or with bitches who haven’t seen you in a long time (effectively giving you a clean slate to rebuild your identity). Of course, you could be a fag and use this on your long-time oneitis if you really wanted to – just don’t be surprised when she becomes indignant with your sudden attempt to change categories, and the shit tests and shaming start raining down with biblical fury.

3) The hotter you are, the hotter the bitches you can successfully tease.

Sexual escalation from square-one means that first impressions reign supreme. Since humans use visual cues (fitness, fashion, posture, grooming) to make quick judgments, bitches will respond better to teasing if you look good. The higher your SMV, the higher quality of bitches you will permitted to target. The limit comes when she thinks she’s better than you. If she thinks she’s above you when you when you drop your line, your words will hit a stonewall bitchface – you’ll see it. This is a cue that you need to aim for lower targets for now and work on raising your SMV.

That’s not to say that all bitches have the correct measure of their own SMV. Bitches can be broken. From time to time you’ll run into bitches who are so self-entitled that no one short of George Clooney through a cocaine haze would have a chance. Don’t get discouraged if you throw out a practice tease and some lower-level bitch shuts you down. It just means that turbocunt is overestimating herself (pretty common, especially in the West), and you can happily move on to a more well-adjusted prospect. Don’t take this shit personally.

4) Never backpedal from a tease.

When you’ve spent your entire life treating bitches like Fabergé eggs, teasing and negging them may make you feel uncomfortable. You may feel a twinging instinct to smooth off your sick burn with a «just kidding» or some other man-boobed apology.

Do not fucking do this.

A strong man teases a bitch because she’s in HIS domain, and he’ll do as he likes. And a bitch is okay with being teased by a man she’s attracted to because she believes in his power, and his playful repartee is all the assurance she needs to know he’s on her side.

Don’t ruin your powerplay by checking if she’s okay. Women aren’t THAT fragile, you fucking sexist. Administer your clam slam with the knowledge that your bitch will be grateful that you’re in charge.

The Fundamentals of Teasing

Principle 1: Speak to women as though they are children – because emotionally, they are.

This should resonate with those of you who work with kids, have kids of your own, grew up with younger siblings, or interact with the kids of your family/friends.

When you speak to a child, they’ll typically respond in one of two ways: either they’ll grow increasingly excited and engaged, or they’ll suddenly disengage into flat-out boredom. The two responses are so dramatic that it’s impossible not to see it in their faces and body language. An interested child will smile, face you, fidget, bounce, paw at you, ask you an avalanche of follow up questions, etc. A bored child’s expression will become flat, their bodies will droop, their eyes will immediately begin searching for something else to stimulate them, or they’ll mutter an unceremonious «…oh» and straight-up walk away from you.

The way a child reacts to your words depends entirely on how you choose to speak with them and answer their questions. If you give them a long-winded fact-filled tirade that eliminates all mystery, they’ll get bored. If you entice them with a vague but dramatic image that stimulates their imagination, they’ll become captivated and animated.

Why is this?

Well, it’s not because kids don’t want their questions answered. It’s because they have short attention spans and a burning desire to play and learn. Children want to examine new ideas via their imaginations, because fantasy is much more compelling than facts. Facts are the provenance of reality, of responsibility, of adulthood. They’re not ready for that now. They want to fill in the unknown gaps with the spectacular.

The same is true of grown women. They have the same small passions and cravings for fantasy that children have – girls just want to have fun. Whether you believe the evopsych explanation for this or not is irrelevant, because you can speak to women as though they are children and observe first-hand that they respond identically to children.

This is why understanding children is a gateway to understanding women. If you can get good at holding the interest of kids, then you’re just a short trip away from holding the same power over bitches. There’s nothing that dries a vagina faster than a bland deluge of data, and there’s nothing that moistens a vagina faster than a vague riposte that lingers on the edge of plausible reality and leans toward exciting fantasy.

Execution:When you’re in seduction mode, don’t talk to a bitch in pure information as if she were an adult. Instead, tantalize her the way you would a child. Be vague whenever you can, and leave the task of filling in the details to her imagination. She’ll always make your stories bigger in her own mind than you could possibly accomplish as a boring fact-slinging braggart.

Principle 2: Use targeted disqualification to create tension and move in the direction of sex.

«Push-pull». It’s a term that is nearly as old as the seduction industry itself. It’s a classic tactic that builds sexual tension, sets fires to a woman’s loins, and fills her little head with more questions than she could ever hope to untangle while on an emotional high. «Does he like me? What is he thinking? Am I winning him over? What’s that feeling? Is this love? Oh my god, did I wet myself?»

Teasing is the foundation for creating a frame of push-pull.

A good tease should have several elements:

1) A good tease is an accusation.

Imagine you’re a hotshot lawyer, and you’re cross-examining this bitch. You’ve got no evidence against her, just a gut feeling that she’s up to no good. If you want to bring this case home, you need to stir up her feelings and get a rise out of her so she admits her crime to the courtroom in a fit of passion. This is the frame of mind you want to adopt when teasing – remorseless, relentless, and in pursuit of righteous lulz.

2) The accusation should be something that is obviously false.

The implausibility of the accusation is what distinguishes a tease from a real criticism.

Example: If you try to tease a gymnast chick by accusing her of being clumsy, she might think you’re leveling a serious criticism against her. Clumsiness is a real concern for someone in her trade. Your tease will come off as a mean-spirited exchange of facts. That will make you seem like a hostile, boring sperg with more interest in data than sex.

Instead, accuse the gymnast of being an obvious exhibitionist for enjoying those tight leotards a little toooooo much. Or ask her if spending so much time off the ground technically makes her an «airhead», cuz airheads make the worst girlfriends.

When it’s clear the accusation isn’t serious, that’s the signal to her that you’re inviting her to play. And by starting the game with her IMMEDIATELY on the defensive, you’ve established that she wins only when she has successfully qualified herself to you. You are both judge and prize.

3) The accusation should be something that, if true, disqualifies her from being a sex partner or girlfriend.

This is the push in the push-pull dynamic. An effective push makes a girl believe (if only superficially) that something she wants is getting farther away, and she must give chase if she ever hopes to have it. Girls want to have sex with and be the girlfriends/wives of dominant attractive men, so your push should disqualify her from these two things.

  • Tell the whore carrying an armload of Coach, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Tory Burch, and Yves Saint-Laurent shopping bags that you could obviously NEVER trust her to balance your joint bank account.
  • Tell the slut who’s begging for attention in the short skirt that her comprehensive discourse on anarcho-syndicated commune economics is too controversial for you to ever consider sleeping with her.
  • Tell the well-read, smarmy, pseudo-intellectual classical-lit booknerd bitch that she could learn a thing or two from reading the sex tips column in Cosmo – and no cheating with Cliff Notes.

Bitches know that sex is the only real tool they have for keeping a man’s attention. Tangled deep within their personal labyrinth of insecurities, they all KNOW this. That’s why the less urgently you seem to push towards sex, the more confused and intrigued she will be. In the mind of a woman, confusion and intrigue are sexual hydrazine primed to send your dickrocket on a tour of her inner rings.

4) Be aware of your surroundings to avoid pre-emptively activating her defenses.

Regular people (i.e. people who don’t come to the Red Pill for fucking dating advice like we losers) know instinctively that when a man sexually teases a woman, he wants to see her naked. This will backfire on you if you try to make a move in mixed company. «Mother hens», friends of hers that you haven’t yet won over, boyfriends, and jealous beta orbiters will move to throw a wrench in your carnal designs, and they’ll do it with a vulgarity that’s nigh impossible to recover from gracefully – a punishment for your presumptuous gaffe.

If you are in such mixed company and you find yourself with an tantalizing opportunity to neg a bitch, dial back your tease to something NON-SEXUAL in nature. The other rules for negging still apply, but cutting out the sex angle will give you a measure of plausible deniability from interceptors, yet still provide you with the superiority and DGAF position you need when the time comes for the real sexual escalation. Save your sexy negs for when the group is comfortable with you, or when you’ve isolated the bitch.

5) Turn a successful tease into a long game.

There are two common signs that your tease has struck gold:

  1. The bitch will respond with frantic amused denial as she tries (in her delighted disorientation) to ease you into a frame less tingle-inducing.
  2. The bitch will respond with keen purposeful escalation, agreeing and amplifying your accusations in the clear direction of mutual seduction.

If it’s case number 1, you’ll be captain of this mission from start to finish, so take charge and steer it. If it’s case number 2, then your fucking job is done already. Move to isolation when the time is right and shoot your abortion into her.

Either way, once you land a successful tease, you needn’t go digging for more unless the bitch needs some more warming. If that’s the case, make your next tease related somehow to the first, and compound her two medium sized «flaws» into one big disqualifying whopper.

Then, take whatever invented character flaw you’ve disqualified her for and turn it into a running gag that you reintroduce throughout your interactions with her. Let it become a private in-joke between you and her, a shared experience around which you can stir up memories of good feelings and build a deepening comfort which is critical for seduction.

Execution:Make your teases patently-absurd accusations that disqualify her from ever being your lover or girlfriend. You initialize the game (fun), you set the frame with her as the pursuer (you are judge and prize), you create a push-pull dynamic to keep her reeling and feeling (drama), you keep the subject on sex (as a preamble to later events in the evening, provided she impresses you), and you make your intentions clear as day (no creep, all stud).

Teasing in the Larger Context

So, now you know the lowdown of how to tease bitches. With enough practice, you’ll mix these principles into your own persona to create a surefire strategy for priming new lays.

But like many aspects of the Red Pill, teasing isn’t all about giggling girls and early-morning underwear hunting. It has greater significance when you consider it in a larger context.

Teasing is a type of qualification. It’s a strategy for enforcing your standards on women as a way of judging and filtering them. It’s not the only way to enforce your standards, merely the method of choice when dealing with women specifically.

There are other, special methods for qualifying and categorizing men, depending on what function they will have in your life. The same frame of mind that you use to filter bitches will also aid you in filtering friends, allies, business partners, and even competitors. A strong, responsible man pursues happiness through thoughtful, critical choices of his social connections.

Take some time and think about the ways in which you qualify and categorize new potential friends. What makes a man a good friend? Or a good business partner? What makes a man trustworthy or untrustworthy? Could you break down your filtering process for men, the way I’ve done for bitches here today? In what ways do you presently enforce your standards? In what ways could you stand to improve?

These are all important questions for you to consider in the long term, because sustainable happiness depends on your ability to filter a good social network.

But that’s the long term. For now, take the night off. Go forth, and let your teasing stir a chorus of giggles audible in the Halls of Vajhalla, where the brave may slay forever.



Confidence is absolutely key when it comes to teasing. Stuttering some sexual tease in a low mumble while not even making eye contact is a sure fire way to get slapped and labeled a creep. On the other hand, making your comment with an authoritative voice, staring her straight in the eyes, and with a grin that puts Jay from the Trident gum commercials to shame will build attraction like you wouldn’t believe.


I tried to capture this «surefire delivery» in my writing tone so I wouldn’t have to devote a separate section to it, but it bears repeating: if your body language, eye contact, and tone of voice are not congruent with your bold words, she won’t buy it.

The words ultimately matter less than the delivery. I’ve literally shouted «Bleurgah-bleurgah-bleeuuurrrrggggh!!» at a bitch and gotten her laughing.


Que quiere decir actuar «beta» o actuar «alfa»

Qué significa actuar beta

La diferencia entre un beta y un alfa (en cuanto a lo que es la interacción con una mujer) es que los beta validan demasiado a la mujer.

Uno da demasiada validación cuando le decís a una chica que «te gusta», o cuando le decís que es hermosa, o cuando le haces saber eso de otra forma (lenguaje corporal, miradas creep, etc).

Para la chica, esto implica una declaración tuya de que ella ya ganó el juego de la seducción, ella es el premio, y por lo tanto ella tiene el poder.

Ahora sabe que te tiene enganchado y que ya no necesita «esforzarse», porque ya le diste la cosa más preciada que ella podía obtener de vos (la validación), por tanto, te volvés prácticamente inútil para ella.

Qué quiere decir actuar alfa

Un tipo alfa sabe que lo más valioso que puede ofrecerle a una mujer es la validación, y no va a andar por ahi entregándoselo fácilmente.

La chica tiene que trabajar para poder ganarse esa validación, tiene que coquetearlo, tiene que demostrar interés, se tiene que calificar ante él.

Y mientras la chica haga un buen trabajo, el alfa va a ir dándole algunas migajas de validación cada tanto, como recompensa (nunca validación gratuita como hacen los beta), esto es importante porque estas migajas son también una señal de que vos podrías estar interesado en ella (si ella empieza a sentir que no le interesas para nada, puede terminar decidiendo que seguir lidiando con vos es una perdida de tiempo e irse) pero de nuevo, tales validaciones solo son recompensas por su buen comportamiento.

Y como la chica esta hambrienta de validación, y las validación alfa es de lo mejor que ella piensa que puede conseguir, va a trabajar más y más duro por obtenerla, eventualmente va a terminar abriendo las puertas para poder seguir obteniendo tu preciada atención.

Lección aprendida

Para no actuar como un beta, lo primero que tenes que hacer es dejar de dar validación y atención gratuitamente, deja que ella se esfuerce por conseguirla, ¡Convertite en un desafío para ella!

Y esto nos lleva a la ultima verdad de este artículo:

Por qué ser alfa igual no te asegura ponerla

Así que, estas jugando tus cartas inteligentemente, sos un desafío, y no estas regalando validación a las chicas.

Y acá es donde entra en juego tu VMS, en sí, si sos feo, pobre y gordo, incluso si sos «alfa» durante la interacción, es posible que el sexo nunca suceda.

Si no hay algo de atracción, todas esas cosas alfa-beta van derecho a la basura, no sirven para nada.

Las buenas noticias es que la mayoría de los hombres nunca pierden una sola oportunidad de regalar validación (que termina siendo de poco valor) a las chicas lindas, y así estas chicas terminan tan acostumbradas a que los bobos beta estén constantemente validandolas, que cuando ven a un hombre que puede mantenerse «alfa» ante su belleza, este extraño comportamiento tuyo es suficiente como para empezar un pequeño fuego de atracción, ellas ven el desafío («¿este tipo no esta embobado con mi belleza? ¿por qué no me presta la atención que los demás me dan? vamos a saber mas de el, a ver cuan «alfa» es en verdad…) y ahi empieza el juego de verdad.

De nuevo, si tu VMS es realmente muy bajo, lo que tenes que hacer es trabajar en el (hace musculación, conseguite un buen trabajo, vestite bien, mira los artículos de La Red Pill sobre como mejorar tu VMS)

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