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Volvete atrevido – Transformá a tu novia en tu putita personal


You’re in a LTR and you want to spice up your sex life. Or you have a few plates and you want them to be so sexually addicted to you that you can do no wrong. Here is how.


The way to a woman’s pussy is through her mind. If you possess her mind, you possess her pussy and heart. Patrice was right on point when he said that. So how do you possess a woman’s mind? By giving her the best, most dominant sex she’s ever had.

We see posts here all the time about women complaining that their husbands/boyfriends/etc aren’t dominant enough in bed. In a lot of these cases, the woman ends up cheating on their «significant other» with some random dude. Why? Because the random dude knows how to fuck.

Sex is about dominance. If you’re not dominanting a (normal, healthy) woman in bed, she’s not going to enjoy it. Here are a few ways you can become more dominant in bed. All of these techniques have been field tested.

  • Spanking. This is the most elementary way to do it, and you should start here. Doggy style? Cowgirl? Spank that ass lightly and see how she reacts. If it’s new to her, she may not be overly enthusiastic at first, but after a couple of tries she’ll be begging you to keep doing it. I got my girl’s booty completely red once, and I haven’t heard her complain about it once.
  • Pulling her hair. Once you’ve given your gal a good spanking, get a little more dominant. Reach out with your hand at the back of her head, and grab a good amount of her hair there, as close to the base of her hair as you can. Pull gently just enough to bring her head back a bit. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt her if you grab a good amount of hair. You are not grabbing the ends of her hair, stick closer to the roots. Enjoy the moans.
  • Light Choking. Once you’ve explored spanking and hair pulling, and she enjoyed it, you opened up a bit of your woman’s wild side, so you can try to push the envelope and get a little more rough with her. Place your hand on her throat, applying light pressure ONLY on the sides where the arteries are, NOT on her wind pipe. Try it on yourself first, the effect is profound. You don’t need much force. Remember, dominance is more about the psychological than the physical. Do this while you’re fucking her in missionary, or cowgirl. You can try reaching from behind during doggy but you have to be very careful about that wind pipe. Note: this is how I got my virgin girlfriend to cum from PIV for the first time. She’s since turned into a total pornstar in bed, and we’ve only been together for 2.5 months.
  • Permission to cum, Sir. Whether you’re fingering her, fucking her, or eating her pussy, have her tell you when she’s getting close. Then tell her she must ask for your permission before she cums. Make her beg for it for a while, asking her do you need it? How badly do you need it? Then finally tell her to be a good girl and cum for you. You can also never give her permission and stimulate her harder. If she can’t hold it back and cums, that’s how you know you’re doing a good job. At the end, hold her close and whisper in her ear that she’s a Good Girl, and that you are very pleased with her.
  • Pillow on her face. One day I’m having sex with my girl, and I didn’t feel like choking her, so I came up with the next best thing. We were surrounded by four pillows, and so I grab one and put it over her head, and applied gentle pressure on it. Mix that with fucking her hard, and she came within 60 seconds. Some variations of this I’ve tried: I don’t want you to look at me while I fuck you and cover her face up, letting the pillow rest without pressure on it. Experiment, have fun with it.
  • Anal play #1. So you want to have anal sex with your girl? Don’t be a pussy and lick that asshole. If she’s not hygienic about it, dump her and replace her with a clean model. My girl and I would be walking on campus, and she just loves it when I pull her into a corner, lift up her skirt (or pull her yoga pants down) and give her a few good licks. Once done, I’ll say something like come on hurry up already we’re gonna be late to class. You can have fun and make her say please pcadrian lick my ass I need it before you do it. My girl literally told me after the first time I licked her ass that she likes it because it feels naughty/dirty.
  • Anal play #2. Licking is the first step to getting her warmed up to anal sex. Fingering is the next. But you can’t just stick it in alone, you must couple it with either clitoral stimulation (eat her pussy during) or with G spot stimulation. The ass is going to amplify those sensations for her. Coconut oil is key here – the best lubricant for any sort of sex I’ve ever used. Vaginal, anal, you name it, coconut oil is universal. So next time you fingerfuck your girl, stick a finger up her ass (one had pussy, one hand ass, be sanitary about it). When she’s aroused, make her say out loud I’m a dirty slut and I love getting fucked in the ass pcadrian. Make her repeat that phrase until she cums. Don’t worry, she won’t be offended (if she is, DUMP her immediately).
  • Anal sex. Once your girl gets accustomed to anal play and is enjoying it, you’ve played with butt plugs (small first, then medium, build up to your dick size), it’s time for full on anal sex. Do some research, there’s many details here and I could write an entire post about it, but I don’t have time. The only tips I can give is: coconut oil, lots of coconut oil, and she MUST stimulate her clit during. Also, don’t forget to wash and pee after, thoroughly.
  • Shirt blindfold. When you take off her shirt, don’t take it off all the way. Leave it over her head, lift it up just enough to uncover her mouth, but leave her eyes covered so she can’t see. Kiss/lick her while you’re fucking her. When you cum, make her stick her tongue out and cum on it. She’s going to love every drop.
  • Cum play. When you cum on her stomach/ass/tits/etc, pick some up with your finger and have her taste it. Tell her the two of you are one now, that you want her to carry a part of you with her throughout the day. Doesn’t get more romantic than that. BTW this is how you get her to be OK with swallowing. Last night I introduced my girl to car sex, and after I finished on her stomach, I told her: you’re going to have to eat all of it, I didn’t bring any tissues for cleanup. Next thing I know, she’s lapping it up with her finger. She got most of it, and let the rest air dry. It was beautiful to watch.
  • Cum play #2. Women have an innate biological drive to make babies. So if you’re in a LTR (I’d be afraid to do this with plates), gently introduce the thought of you cumming innside her: you know what would feel really good right now, if I finished inside you, I want you to feel my cock pulsing and shooting my cum inside your pussy. Track your woman’s cycle (install the app Clue on your phone), and when she’s way outside the fertility window (eg she’s on her period), give her a nice big load. Of course, talk to her beforehand and explain to her how female fertility works (you do know this, don’t you? if not, read up on it). She has to be comfortable with the idea, and know that she won’t get pregnant. WARNING: within a couple of weeks, SHE WILL WANT TO GET PREGNANT so bad it will make her head spin. My girl is constantly telling me to finish inside her while she’s ovulating, and how badly she wants to give me a baby. Once you unleash this instinct in your woman, there is no way to put the beast back in the cage. So thread carefully with this one.
  • Other fantasies. I was working out with my girl once, and the program I have her on has glute bridges at the end. On her last set, I go between her legs, and tell her to keep going. My cock is rock hard, and as she’s moving up/down, I let it touch her pussy. That’s when I introduced the fantasy of Fuck The Gym Girl to her. Needless to say the sex was incredibly hot, both of us were sweaty as fuck, and I came within minutes. Other fantasies are Fuck The School Girl (I teach math). I don’t know what else we tried.. but don’t be afraid to get creative. If you want to play Fuck The MILF At The Park, then do so. Remember, if you’re enjoying it, she’s enjoying it too. Women are biologically wired to please their Alpha.


  • Women want to be dominanted in bed. Be the Alpha, or be the cuck. Your choice.
  • If your woman is not receptive to even the slightest bit of dominance (spanking), you are not her Alpha. She just doesn’t see you that way. It has nothing to do with her background (my girl was the sweetest, most conservative gal before she met me). Lift more, read more TRP, and if that doesn’t work, dump her and start over with a new one.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment (safely). What I have listed above are just a few ideas meant to get you started. The possibilities are endless.
  • Don’t forget to HAVE FUN. These are techniques, but for me they arise naturally. Don’t go about it like a nerd who’s calculating every move. Get in touch with that inner animal, and ravage her.
  • If you’re interested in G spot stimulation, /u/Clint_Redwood just released a great article on How To Make a Girl Squirt. Read it.

Stay smooth fellas!

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