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Para cuando tenes «La Charla», ella ya empacó y esta lista para irse


You know what ‘the talk’ is. You probably got it over the phone.

Her: “Can we talk?”

Her: “Do you think we will last?”

You not having takin’ the red pill, went all “honey what’s wrong? I know we fight sometimes but we’ll get through it I promise”

See, you made the mistake of believing this relationship was reconcilable. False. By the time you’ve had ‘the talk’, she’s already packed and planned her exit. It’s over bro. Time to move on.

Why Do Women Bring Up ‘The Talk’?

1) Closure

I say this all the time and it bears repeating: ALWAYS let them leave without consoling or trying to justify yourself or arguing against her or whatever. Just don’t react.

A ton of guys make this mistake. She’s gonna try to get you to chase her. If you don’t chase her however, in her mind you two are “unresolved” or “lack closure” and come back. Why?

“Closure” to girls is a basis to be unattractive to you. They can’t be more invested and just let go. They need something to support letting go. This could cover a whole post ultimately they need you to do something beta-ish to “get over you”. Else they’ll just become another Alpha Widow.

– Omlala on …And Ruth Gets Jealous

2) She’s Cheating and Needs ‘Closure’

3) Her Ego Needs Fluffing

She feels in need of validation and starts this drama in hopes that you tell her how important your relationship with her is and give her compliments and do more shit for her. What she doesn’t know is that by doing this, she only further decrease her own tingles.

4) Has a Lot Invested

‘The Talk’ doesn’t usually appear unless you’ve been together for awhile. In this case, it means the woman has a lot invested in you. She could be looking for a reason to stay, rather than leave (still packed and ready to leave just in case). And by ‘reason’, I mean become attractive in her eyes again. No one likes to think that their efforts were all for nothing.

The Secret Reason Women Do This: They’re Hypocrites

~”Men are romantics trying to be realists. Women are realists trying to be romantics” – Fartholomew Simpdaughter commented here

The only reason she feels comfortable destabilizing the relationship in this manner is because she has another option she’s considering. Women fear being alone on a level men will never understand. They need some kind of man in their lives to be emotionally stable. Women don’t simply unattach from one man and walk the lone rode, they transition from one man to the next. For this reason, she ensures she always has some dude to fall back on when things don’t work out.

Note: This does not have to be a boyfriend. Orbiters and some dude she fucks on the side will suffice.

Remember how she questioned your interactions with other women? Ever have a woman discuss her discomfort towards the actions of another woman towards you? A facebook like, a text, a phone call, a friend request, a compliment? I’m sure you have.

Women tell you to cut off all ties with other women because you’re together with her now, right? What do you need them for if you’re with meee?!?

Guess what? She told you that while simultaneously creating a safety net of men to fall back on should the relationship go south. All women have back-ups, new batters in line for the pussy plate should you strike out (Women are practical, “why WOULDN’T you cultivate more options?”). Women are masters at corralling male attention onto themselves while providing nothing in return. She not only gathers these guys, but she maintains their orbiting status on a regular basis by flaunting her body, insinuating the promise of pussy, or taking advantage or of a guy’s natural presumptions.

She will tease the beta orbiters just enough to keep them around to provide an ego boost and run errands for her with as little reciprocation as possible. It is also not uncommon for a woman to have ‘platonic’ conversations with Chad on the side as to entertain the idea of hooking up with him though she may not have an intent to pursue him just yet. A woman is a planet, and she periodically flashes a visual appealing aurora to have other men in space pull out their telescope and check to see if they can land their rocket.

These guys constantly communicate with her in person, through social media, texting, and phone calls. They tell her how pretty she is, help her with her problems (including those in your relationship), and try to woo her for a fuck. You’ve probably seen this in action while chilling at home with her. She receives a text from some guy you don’t know and she responds, then puts the phone down. You probably asked her what that was about. She probably said “oh, nothing”, “just a friend”. If you interrogate her on this, she will come up with all sorts of excuses for why she has these men in the vicinity, then flip the script and call you insecure and tell you you’re just imagining things. Don’t kid yourself, women are fully aware of the intentions these men hold and that she encourages this behavior.

You think I’m joking about how women blatantly use men to do shit for them?

Read: Women have men order them free pizza on tinder

Read: Women demand and get free money on twitter with
#GiveYourMoneytoWomen and posting their Paypal accounts

Read: Woman gets $1200/mo in free dinner dates from

Read: Women are using Tinder to con men into doing chores

How Do You Solve This?

You don’t. This issue didn’t just appear out of nowhere, it occurred in stages that you were unaware of. You fucked up at various points in the relationship, she just didn’t say anything about it (directly). The signs were all there, you just didn’t see them for what they were. Anything that you can salvage from redeeming yourself isn’t worth the effort. The relationship will never be the same with your past forever lingering in her mind.

It’s important that you don’t show any kind of emotion. Don’t even address this question. Mainstream advice will tell you to do one of two things:

  • 1) Beg for forgiveness, buy her flowers, and take her out somewhere nice.
  • 2) You need a ‘break’.

If you considered the first option, you’re a bitch. ‘Communication’ is validation-seeking behavior. The second option, however, has merit, but isn’t worded correctly. What you need to do is conduct Operation: Dread Game. Stop answering her calls and texts and just do your own thing and talk to other women. After a little bit, say “my bad, I was busy”. This will drive her nuts. Now the frame will be flipped back in your favor. Originally she tried to have you explain why she should stay, but now you made it about why you haven’t been paying her any attention. Women have a love/hate relationship with this. Is this manipulative? Yeah, but who gives a shit. They crave it and more importantly, it works. You should apply this ‘soft dread’ periodically to keep them on their toes. As a matter of fact, if you have shit going on in your life, you will necessarily do this automatically (‘naturally’). It creates the much needed drama for women without being ‘dramaful’.

Always remember gentlemen, your most powerful tool is the ability to walk away. She has to believe in her heart that you’ll entertain the thought of leaving if she ever acts out of line. YOU have to draw the line and be willing to drop everything at an instant and walk out the door should she cross it.

Wanna know more about this dread-game concept? Read below …

Read More: Dread Game Concept

Read More: Field Report of Dread Game Practice (Great comment section)

I typed in ‘dread game’ in the Red Pill Subreddit search bar, this is what i got. Start reading.


You probably were ‘alpha’ in the beginning, then started softening-up, began prioritizing her over yourself and believed you could let go ‘cuz unconditional love ‘n shit. Wrong. Always be the man that got her in the first place. The game never ends. Get used to it.

Read More: The Sixteen Commandments of Poon (Read #5 specifically)

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¿Nuevo en la red pill? ¿Dudando? Seguí estos pasos para verificar la verdad

Acá tenes una lista cortita pero efectiva de experimentos sociales que podes usar (mas allá de observar la realidad) para confirmar la red pill por vos mismo. Asegurate de que las chicas que elegís para los experimentos sean «unicornios», así cuando la caguen bien lindo y quedes bien crédulo. Es lo más efectivo.

El destructor de novios

Un truco de libro de Seducción, el destructor de novios, en realidad funciona mas como un creador de bloopers para divertirse que como rompe parejas.

Cuando veas una pareja que parezca «perfecta» y donde no se cumplan las condiciones de LRP (relaciones donde haya disparidad de VMS, polaridad de géneros, etc) deciles algo como «son la pareja PERFECTA, apuesto a que NUNCA pelean ni discuten sobre nada».

Hacé alguna variante de esta frase cada vez que los veas. «Hey! ¡Llegó el dúo dinámico!». Y quedate a calentarte por el fuego que iniciaste. Las parejas Bluepill tienen la odiosa tendencia a mentir sobre prácticamente todo en su vida. Detrás de escenas, sin embargo, hay una pelea constante por la felicidad. «Si solo el/ella… lo que sea«. Pero, para afuera, es todo rosas.

Vas a notar al observar con el tiempo que las parejas BP y RP responden de forma diferente a las situaciones socialmente sensibles como esta. Las parejas RP suelen comentar sobre cuán excitante es su vida, y suelen molestarse burlonamente entre si. Las parejas BP, en cambio, desvían el tema o empiezan a destacar sus bondades.

Pero el VMS es lo que dirige todo. Así que podes joder todo lo que quieras con una pareja que tenga una disparidad de SMV lo suficientemente grande.

Las parejas que tienen un SMV muy similar, reciben este tipo de situaciones sociales como un martillazo. Casi nunca es perfecto, si lo es solo para una persona, para quien sea que negoció el poder (a menudo la mujer). Sin embargo el que termina perdiendo en este intercambio de poderes, va a intentar en el futuro cercano recuperar parte de ese poder. Y esto va a causar problemas, y toda esa «fachada» de perfección se va a venir abajo. Vas a ver que este método es muy efectivo. Increíblemente efectivo.

Preguntas para una mujer recientemente separada

Cuando una relación falle, preguntale a la mujer «‘¿Qué cosas hiciste mal vos, que no fueron por culpa de él?»

Esta pregunta la va a ofender, porque presume que ella es capaz de hacer el mal. Y como las mujeres no aceptan responsabilidad por sus acciones, te debería servir como un fuerte indicador de que las mujeres son, de hecho, el adolescente mas responsable de la casa.

Si querés probar este tema de una forma socialmente aceptable y menos directa, preguntale «¿Qué salió mal?» Y vas a escuchar una lista de razones por las cuales él es la peor persona en la tierra y cómo ella no hizo nada malo. Aunque este tipo de respuestas son neutrales al sexo, ya que los hombres suelen decir lo mismo. El tema es cuando al hombre le insistís y lo llevas a ser introspectivo, vas a recibir respuestas honestas. Las mujeres no pueden hacerlo.

Una vez que se abrió con el tema, le preguntas, como si estuvieras sorprendido…

«Guau… Siempre pensé que estaban tan bien juntos y que nunca discutían… ¿Qué pasó?»

Y vas a ver confusión y consternación en su mirada. Ella ya reescribió la historia y ya no puede separar la ficción de la realidad. Los sentimientos definen la realidad chicos. Tratá de no reirtele en la cara, mantené una compostura de preocupación y validala.

¿Que tipo de hombre reemplazara a este ex?

Dejá que te cuente qué tipo de hombre va a reemplazar al hijo de puta con el que acaba de cortar, ¿Que tipo de hombre busca?

A medida que lo describa, vas a ver que van a haber un montón de conocidos en común que te vienen a la mente como compatibles. Hacé una lista mental de 20 o 30 tipos. No debería ser imposible.

Empezá a tirarle nombres, tratá de no reírte.

¿Juan? Oh es re bueno… buen trabajo. No es tu tipo. ¿Tampoco Marco? Eh pero es como tu lista del hombre perfecto pero real. !Y Nahuel! ¿Qué? ¿Por qué que Nahuel ni en pedo? ¡Ese tipo en su vida dijo un insulto!

No nos olvidemos de los forros

Ahora recomendale tus amigos mas alfa forros red pill que no coinciden ni en pedo con la lista de requisitos para el hombre perfecto, tratá que sean conocidos por ser forros.

¡NOOOO QUE ASCO! Y mirale la cara de lujuria cuando piensa como se la coje todos y cada uno de esos.

Tuviste que destruir la vida de algunas personas y dejar que algunos tontos se ahoguen con sus propias palabras. Pero si no te quedó claro cuando te lo dice el mismo caballo, nunca te va a quedar claro.

Disfrutá tu estadía, tratá de que tu parada en la estación del odio sea breve.

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Una mirada detallada al Push Pull, usos y desusos.

A detailed look at Push-Pull, and using well-scaled challenges to reach and maintain it.

This post started in the comments of a post recommending something like, «Let the woman shine.» This alone is no better for building attraction than doing all of the shining yourself; you can There have been several recent posts on the topic of too much push, whose examples serve to illustrate a particular conversation, but you have to learn the underlying principles of push-pull so you can engage each unique encounter on the fly as it happens.

The Nice GuyTM or Orbiter is stuck on all-pull, passively doing nice things for the woman and expecting this to induce her to make a move toward him, only to watch them get bored and ease away. The cad or overly aggressive gamer is stuck on all-push, and wonders why women flee from him and why he’s accused of sexual harassment or worse. In both extremes, failure or unwillingness to read the woman’s nonverbal communication is a big part of the underlying problem.

Understanding body language, proximity and position, eye contact etc doesn»t come naturally to everyone, but these are skills that can be improved upon with effort. The book What Every Body is Saying is a good resource. One of the most important axioms of body language is this: When there is a conflict between verbal and nonverbal communication, the nonverbal message is usually the truth. This is how you calibrate the level and pace of your escalations, and read her feedback like a pro and proceed correctly in the push-pull dance.

In conversation

A good conversation is like a lively game of table tennis. You start out easy to get a good volley going, then step up the challenges gradually till you find each others’ limits and weaknesses, then you play just beneath this discovered level to keep a good challenging rally going back and forth. Successful flirting often follows a similar pattern of starting easy, escalating at a measured pace, and reading your partner’s signals so you approach and test limits attentively, then dial back to where you’re both comfortable and playing equally, and give her the opportunity to show some chops and escalation of her own.

On a date with a Psychology student, you two are talking about her friend who’s having a lot of problems.

Good balance of push/pull- the sweet spot Like a good ping pong game where neither of you wants to put down the racquets when game time normally ends; these are the openings that turn to insta-dates, and the first dates where the second half is spent touching and kissing, and time just slips by.

  • Hit the conversational ball back so it steps the game forward in a measured fashion. «So do you think she’s having a rough patch, or does this qualify as a personality disorder?» This is nominally agreeing with her so far, but lightly challenging her with a relevant question.
  • The challenges come at a measured cadence, settling into a pattern something like, «Yes… Yes… Wait! (holding finger up) Yes… Yes… Wait! (slightly stronger challenge) It’s not unlike the Foot in the Door and «Yes ladder» sales techniques. However, in attraction (as opposed to sales), women will be turned off by a pure «yes» man; you need to meet the subtle challenges she offers, and bring relevant challenges of your own to the encounter.
  • After the last challenge, she’d likely bring up BPD; you’d listen and agree with a few points, then throw down a stronger challenge like, «So what’s your differential diagnosis? How are you sure it’s not ASD or NPD?» If you’re already out of your depth regarding Psychology, a worthwhile challenge at this point might be, «How are you sure it would be that, versus other similar disorders?»
  • Once you’ve established some push-pull, the amount of her touching, kissing etc should settle into a pattern of 2 or 3 from her to one from you; this is the Golden Ratio of flirting.
  • Signs that you’re in the zone include positive body language like orienting/leaning toward you, eye contact, calling you an asshole with a sly smile, sometimes interrupting or overlapping each other because you both have so much to say; whatever silences are not awkward.
  • Lesson learned: Both push (you advance a little) and pull (back off and let her advance a little) make for an interaction that continues and naturally escalates.

Too much pull- a weak opponent or yes-man. Duffing your game to always let her win is boring and makes you look like an unworthy schmuck; she’s staring at the locker room while you’re picking up the ball yet again, and wants to passively sidle away from your stupid, boring game.

  • There’s no escalation if you agree at every step, and never take a chance to step up your game.
  • Letting her make all the challenges and thus set all the parameters is entering her frame and beta behavior. If she’s really into you, she’ll try some initiation and escalation of her own, but will give up permanently if you don’t reciprocate timely.
  • There is no beat or cadence to the conversation, it’s just a boring, hands-down, one-note «yes-yes-yes-yes.» It is like the sales technique of a silent beggar, waiting to be thrown some coins.
  • Responses sound like, «Oh, poor girl! Yes… Yes… Wow, you really know a lot about psychology! Yes… You’re so smart!»
  • Signs and symptoms include neutral/bored body language like looking away, leaning back, slouching/slumping, yawning, flat affect/lack of animation and emotion, awkward silences and slow, short responses in conversation. Will make excuses and leave early, and forget all about you, unless of course she needs another beta orbiter/provisioner.
  • Lesson learned: Too much pull puts you into the boring, beta, nice guy friendzone. No challenge at all makes attraction die with a whimper. Not even low-SMV women are attracted to men in this category.

Too much push- an overly strong opponent You’re not seeking a level where you two can play back-and-forth, instead you return every shot with your maximum power and difficulty, whether it was offered easily or challengingly. She’s not having fun with you standing over her while she picks up the ball every move, and wants to actively flee the game.

  • There’s no chance of mutual escalation when you jump straight to the superior position and shut her down at every move.
  • The cadence is a thudding, hand-in-face, «Nope! WRONG! Nope! Nope! WRONG!» It is like the Door in Face technique, which sometimes has utility in asking for a date, but is a risky tool for building attraction during one.
  • Responses look like «She has BPD! No, it has to be this because X! No, you’re wrong because Y!» if knowledgeable about Psychology, and if not: «No, that’s stupid. She sounds stupid. No, that’s just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, she’s just X. Why do you waste your time with these people?»
  • Signs and symptoms include negative body language like looking down, leaning/orienting away; anger, calling you an asshole with a frown, hard stops and curt responses in the conversation, flouncing in anger. Will hold a grudge and go out of her way to spread negative things about you.
  • Lesson learned: Too much push gets you considered an asshole, but NOT in the good way. Except with the subset of low self-esteem women susceptible to strong negging, too much challenge with no softballs or rewards makes attraction die with a bang.

In physical escalation

I filter for LTR material, and find that an escalation pace of sex on the third date works well, with unqualified women dropping out before investing much time/effort, and the ones who continue through becoming good quality girlfriends and offering no resistance while enjoying this pace. If your game is ONS/same day sex, you’ll be working on an accelerated schedule so take what’s useful for you.

In the zone

  • Both of you are equally in timing and degree into touching, kissing, and all the minor escalations of romance. There’s no over-thinking, or thinking about it at all, everything comes naturally and just seems to click.
  • Even though you’re both giving green lights, a pattern of two steps forward, one back can be pleasant and exciting. This is the zone where «affirmative consent» is a mockery; you’re both aware and tuned-in to the encounter to fully communicate consent to proceed nonverbally, taking turns escalating.
  • Soft stops- Turning away from an early surprise kiss but offering her cheek and smiling, Breaking off a kiss but hugging you harder, moving your hands off her boobs to next to them while still kissing.
  • Soft no- standard ASD/LMR, where she says no to further escalation but with positive body language- smiling, touching etc. In practice, this means «Go back down one level and respectfully enjoy that as you were, and I’ll indicate real soon when to proceed again.» This is a form of fitness test- you are a man who goes after what he wants yet is respectful of boundaries: Captain material.
  • Use anticipation and teasing to increase attraction. Hold her hand, then let it go for a while. Go in for the kiss, but break it off a little soon leaving her wanting more.
  • Most men don’t know the power of teasing, they only push forward relentlessly according to many of the women I’ve discussed this with. At the moment I’m expected to kiss her, I’ll instead give her an Eskimo Kiss, touching noses and looking into each others eyes, then pull away. Next time, I’ll pull close to her face again and almost-kiss, but just run my finger or (pleasant!) breath gently across her lips, then pull away again. Soon, she will grab me and start kissing deeply and passionately. Same thing when I’m «expected» to start playing with her boobs. This is how you get a shy or unassertive woman engaged in the push-pull dance, with some push moves of her own.
  • The sweet spot between not enough and too much teasing varies widely from woman to woman. You want to play near the line between «exciting» and «Frustrating/boring,» but once you go over that line and it kills her mood, it’s hard to get the momentum back.

Too much pull

  • She does all of the initiating- first to touch, hold hand, kiss etc. She’s giving signals and offers, and you’re not noticing/taking them!
  • If she initiates a step, make damn sure you initiate the next logical step; her timing helps you calibrate yours if you’ve been unsure till this point.
  • A woman who’s really into you might make a move or two, but as the man, you’re expected to pick up the reins once she’s gotten your attention; even a lower SMV woman will switch off if you don’t. It’s downright humiliating to a woman for her advances to be dismissed. Women are way more subtle than men, so if you think you saw a sign, you did so proceed and observe her feedback.
  • She won’t just leave, she’ll leave angry, so get your act together and take the initiative to ESCALATE. Ramp up your push till she stops pulling, then enjoy the new equilibrium. Polish your sense of when she begins pulling again, and when and how far to push again.

Too much push

  • You are doing 100% of the initiating and escalating, and she is doing 100% of the interruption/breaking off of each act thereof. She never gets a chance to make any escalation signals before you forge ahead at each step.
  • Hard stops- pulling away from a kiss attempt, throwing your hands off her body, pushing away, negative body language, frowning/angry, de-escalating all the way to zero.
  • Hard NO- cold and unequivocal in response to an escalation attempt- not simple coy LMR. I haven’t gotten a hard NO in over 30 years, since my first GF in high school. Almost always comes after a large jump in the escalation process and/or several more subtle «Slow down» signals you missed or ignored.
  • This is the zone of not-so-false rape accusations and legit sexual harassment claims. The line honestly isn’t fine here at all; many problems will be avoided if you pay the fuck attention to your partner as you go, however headstrong and masculine your style may be.

In LTRs and marriage

The game changes once you become familiar with each other over time. It’s normal to settle into a more familiar routine together, however, A man can NEVER become complacent in his relationship, and stop actively giving his woman tingles. Not only must you keep yourself up physically, and in charge of your family as a strong Captain, you have to work to keep a good balance of Push-Pull alive in the relationship.

  • A Captain and First Mate model works well for long-term Red Pill relationships. This provides a good framework for a healthy power dynamic, within which both parties can push and pull with pleasant frisson. The man’s dominance is rooted in his competence as a leader; his woman is happy to be his partner and they are comfortable with a healthy banter.
  • Dominant/overbearing wife and Beta/henpecked husband is the result of the man offering all pull and no push. Passive aggression takes the place of healthy jibe and riposte.
  • A dominant man offering all push and no pull may end up with the illusion of having a faithful, obedient partner, but remember that slaves and subjects tend to rebel or flee. The man’s dominance is rooted in unhealthy insecurity.

Conclusion: Many gaming and relationship problems are the result of being stuck in an imbalance of all push or pull.

  • Push-pull is the engine of attraction in dating, and a leading element of successful long-term relationships.
  • Don’t despair that you have to reverse your personality and game 100% to the opposite. Fine tune it in the direction it needs to be, even just 5-10% from where it is now, you might find this lands your relationships back in the «sweet spot» where you both can push and pull.
  • Understanding nonverbal communication is critical to playing well.
  • Once you get the relationship into a healthy push-pull, with the right easy effort it can be maintained like this on cruise control. However, a man can NEVER become complacent and let the balance swing all one way, for this is easier to prevent than repair, and neither extreme is good.
  • Teasing and tempting a shy or unassertive lover into the push-pull zone is fun and safeguards against doubts and regrets after the fact.

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Ser Rechazado es mejor que Arrepentirse

Casi el 90% de lo que defendemos en La Red Pill se puede reducir a superar el miedo al rechazo. El 90% de los dilemas que enfrentan los AFC (Zoquete Frustrado Promedio), y la mayoría de las preocupaciones de los hombres de cara al sexo opuesto nacen de los métodos y actitudes que usan para reducir su exposición al rechazo femenino. Todos estos son buffers cuyo objetivo es reducir el potencial de rechazo a la intimidad. Claramente no solo los hombres usan estos buffers – las mujeres también hacen su parte – pero creo que seria mucho mas productivo para los hombres reconocer la predisposición que tienen y ver qué métodos usan, y como terminan incorporando estos buffers contra el rechazo en su propia psicología.

Prácticamente todos los típicos problemas que los hombres encuentran son causados por estos buffers:

RLD – Relaciones de Larga Distancia. El AFC acepta una RLD porque se basa en una aceptación previa de intimidad y al dejar de ser conveniente (dada la distancia) el tipo se queda aferrado a la «relación» porque es un buffer contra el potencial rechazo que le puede dar una nueva mujer si acepta que la relación esta terminada y vuelve a la soltería. Esta relación es percibida como «algo seguro», aunque rara vez sea gratificante.

Jugar a ser Amigos – A menudo después de un rechazo del estilo «podemos ser amigos» queda la percepción de que calificándose ante la chica y que con tiempo, ella «pueda llegar a» intimar con el. No importa cuan equivocado sea, el tiempo y esfuerzo utilizado por un AFC para probarse a si mismo como el próximo «novio perfecto» es un buffer contra futuros rechazos de cualquier mujer que pueda venir después. Esto se potencia con un sentido moralista del deber de realmente ser un Amigo de verdad a esta chica PPSA. En si, este buffer contra potenciales rechazos futuros es una dedicación equivocada hacia la chica PPSA. Otra variación de esta dinámica es la del «Capitán SalvaTrolas».

Email, Chat, etc – Podríamos incluir también cualquier tipo de conversación a largo y tendido en esta lista. La realidad es que cualquier tecnología que aparenta aumentar la comunicación en realidad sirve como un buffer (para ambos sexos) limitando la comunicación interpersonal. En el caso del AFC, la racionalización es que se puede mantener en constante contacto con la mujer que le interesa (lo cual en si es un error), pero solo le termina sirviendo como un buffer contra el rechazo de ella. La percepción latente parece ser que es mas fácil leer un rechazo (o escucharlo) que ser potencialmente rechazado en persona. Un montón de tipos me van a decir ahora que los textos y el chat son simplemente la forma en la que esta generación juega al juego de la Seducción. A mi favor argumento que cuando las comunicaciones digitales se vuelven tu método preferido para interactuar con las mujeres, es un buffer.

Facebook y las Citas Online – Este debería ser bastante obvio por las mismas razones que lo anterior – Las Citas Online son posiblemente el mayor buffer jamas concebido – particularmente para las mujeres menos agraciadas (o sea las mas feas). Es tan efectivo de hecho que hay negocios enteros que se pueden construir utilizando las inseguridades y miedo al rechazo que ambos sexos comparten.

Objetificación – Aunque no parezca obvio, ambos sexos tienden a cosificar al otro. Cuando pensamos en el tema naturalmente llegamos al a noción popular de que los hombres cosifican a las mujeres como objetos sexuales, pero las mujeres también tienen una tendencia a hacer lo mismo, cosificando a los hombres como «objetos de éxito». Es mas fácil aceptar el rechazo de una cosa que de un ser humano vivo y cantante. Y es por eso por lo que nos referimos a la comunicación entre los sexos como un «Juego». «Anotamos» o «Nos bajan», haciendo de esto un juego nos separamos personal y emocionalmente del rechazo. El buffer en este caso está en el lenguaje y el enfoque mental.

Idealización del Género – Esto sería el mito de la «Mujer de Calidad». El buffer opera con auto-limitaciones percibidas que se basan en la búsqueda de una pareja idea. Es por eso que existe la tendencia de enfocarse en una sola mujer (UNIquitis) o un solo tipo de mujer (un arquetipo del género). Al limitarse o enfocarse en solo una mujer (o un tipo de mujer) el potencial de rechazo disminuye y al mismo tiempo asegura que cualquier rechazo real viene de una mujer que luego va a ser considerada como una mujer que no calificaba de todas formas. Así, el Rechazo = ‘Mujer de poca calidad’ y por lo tanto no es un rechazo real. Este buffer funciona de manera similar al de Objetificación en donde la mujer que da el rechazo es reducida a un objeto.

Mentalidad de escasez – La mentalidad del «Agarro lo que puedo y debería estar feliz de que algo al menos conseguí» actúa como un buffer completamente opuesto al de Idealización. La carencia de algo causa motivación por conseguirlo, y al quedarse con «lo seguro» como si fuera «lo único», el potencial de nuevos rechazos termina siendo eliminado.

Mujeres mas viejas, Mujeres mas jóvenes – Podríamos incluir también cierto tipo de cuerpos en esta categoría, pero el buffer es en cierto tipo de mujeres que tienen una menor tendencia a rechazar un hombre gracias a circunstancias personales previas. El buffer de las «Puma» o «Cougar» es que una mujer mas grande, de acuerdo a las condiciones en las que se encuentre, va a estar mas propensa a aceptar los avances de un hombre mas joven. De la misma forma que una mujer muy joven esta mas abierta a aceptar los avances de un hombre mayor debido a su inocencia. Y que las gordas son mas fácil de encamar por la falta de sexo y atención que reciben. No es algo tan complejo, pero una preferencia internalizada hacia un cierto tipo de mujer se desarrolla al asociar ese tipo de mujer particular con la minimización del potencial de ser rechazado.

Ligas – Lo opuesto al buffer de tener «altos estándares» y se podría agrupar con el de Escasez. Siempre esta esa mujer a la que ciertos tipos realmente le temen porque es percibida como mucho mas valiosa que el AFC. Pensa en algo así como esa mina HB9+, directora corporativa que corre maratones, viaja un montón, tiene muchas buenas amigas, se viste bien, etc, etc, etc. El AFC se dice a si mismo «wow esta mina esta fuera de mi liga, me va a rechazar porque necesito tener A, B y C para tener un estatus social que la equipare y lograr que mínimamente se interese en mi». Ergo, la idea de las ligas es una racionalización útil como buffer contra el rechazo.

Pornografía – Seguro esto va a avivar la discusión entre los que están a favor y en contra de ella, pero el porno (de la forma en que los hombres lo usan) es un buffer contra el rechazo. El porno no responde, el porno no necesita un par de tragos para relajarse, ni requiere ningún tipo de habilidad social para lograr resultados. Es una liberación sexual conveniente, inmediata que solo necesita una PC o un celular y una conexión a Internet (o una revista si es que te va el estilo analógico). Podemos discutir el aspecto obsesivo-compulsivo del tema, o el razonamiento de «con mi novia disfrutamos de ver porno juntos», pero para el tipo soltero la raíz de todo el razonamiento es la de facilitar el porno como un Buffer. Debería agregar acá que esta es también la misma razón por la que las mujeres odian tanto a la pornografía (cuando la odian). El porno le da una recompensa al hombre gratuitamente, una recompensa y liberación que debería ser su mejor carta y que termina siendo completamente anulada y dejada sin valor cuando se enfrenta contra la posibilidad del hombre de acabar con una variedad infinita de experiencias sexuales con un solo click de su mouse. Es la posibilidad del acceso ilimitado a una cantidad ilimitada de sexo sin el estress de aprender métodos para ganarse ese acceso como recompensa.


Estos son solo algunos pocos ejemplos notables, pero una vez que te volves consciente a la forma en la que se manifiestan los buffers vas a empezar a verlos como lo que son y a entender por qué son útiles contra el rechazo. Los buffers suelen ser el camino del menor rechazo que terminan siendo adquiridos como parte de las «preferencias» personales. No tratan tanto sobre las «preferencias» sino mas sobre la motivación detrás de ellos.

Seguro debes estar pensando, «bueno y que, si no me gusta sentirme rechazado, ¿por que no utilizar buffers contra eso?». La razon principal para aceptar el rechazo en lugar de un buffer es que ser rechazado es mejor que sentir remordimientos. Releete la lista, ¿Cuantos de estos buffers se terminaron volviendo problemas mas grandes a largo plazo, en contraste con un rechazo doloroso pero corto? Los buffers tienen la tendencia de acumularse exponencialmente, en una cadena interminable donde uno encaja con el siguiente. Hasta que lo que originalmente era una metodología de prevención al rechazo se transforma en una parte real de tu personalidad. Después del suficiente tiempo estos buffers terminan volviéndose en «simplemente como soy».

Por ultimo, nada enseña mejor y mas fuerte que la experiencia real. El rechazo, ese rechazo real y crudo dicho en la cara que duele como la puta madre. Algo que termina siendo tan intolerable que los humanos conciben incontables construcciones sociales y psicológicas con la sola idea de evitarlo. Pero sin embargo no hay mejor maestro que quemarse con la leche. Como Hombre, vas a enfrentar el rechazo en muchas mas facetas de tu vida que solo en tus tratos con las mujeres. Los buffers que aprendas en un área de tu vida simplemente van a estorbarte cuando se transfieran a otros aspectos de ella. Todos estos buffers listados y muchos mas, se vuelven indicadores de la forma en la que manejas con seguridad la adversidad. Algunos te hacen ver como un maricón miedoso, otros son mas sutiles y terminan siendo una parte molesta de una personalidad internalizada, pero depender de ellos cada vez mas revela tu verdadera personalidad a las mujeres. ¿Sos lo suficientemente Alfa como para recibir un rechazo al mentón, sonreír con confianza y volver por mas? ¿O vas a correr, bloquearte y esconderte detrás de tu escudito de buffers?



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I received this email some time ago, but I felt it needed some serious consideration to give the concept the justice it deserved.

Rollo — You’ve been a major help to my understanding the underlying dynamics between men and women. I’ve observed them in bits and pieces over the years but never really understood the whys behind them or how to turn them in our favor.

It seems like one mid-term focus you have is on male-male dynamics, specifically fathers and sons. But I also wonder whether you’d consider writing more about bonding and support between men and how those relationships can anchor men’s lives at a time when male relationships are regarded with skepticism by larger society. Lately it’s struck me that men tend to innately trust the men they know and distrust those they don’t (and that it’s often the reverse for women). This inclines us to believe women when they decry the “assholes” who have mistreated them in the past while women are empathetic and credulous toward women whose character they don’t know and whom they’ve never met.

Many of us out here are lacking strong male relationships, and our small social circles translate to fewer men we innately trust and more men we innately don’t. Women seem to regard male friendships as a luxury at best–we should be focusing on career, family, and her needs–while women’s friendships are seen as a lifeline in their crazy, have-it-all world. Indeed, a man discouraging his SO’s friendships is widely seen as a sign of emotional abuse, whereas the reverse is “working on the relationship.”

This strikes me as a deep but largely untapped Red Pill well and could provide essential guidance for men looking to live a proud, constructive Red Pill life however women and children might fit into it. I’d definitely welcome your insights in future entries.

Look forward to every post!

Back in February Roosh proposed (and attempted to initiate) a worldwide event that would be a sort of ‘gathering of the tribes’ with the intent of having men get together in small local gatherings to “just have a beer and talk amongst like-minded men.” My impression of the real intent of in putting this together notwithstanding, I didn’t think it was a bad idea. However, the problem this kind of ‘tribes meeting’ suffers from is that it’s entirely contrived to put unfamiliar men together for no other purpose than to “have a beer and talk.” The problem with unfamiliar men coming together simply to meet and relate is a noble goal, however, the fundamental ways men communicate naturally makes the function of this gathering seem strange to men.

Women talk, men Do.

The best male friends I have share one or more common interests with me – a sport, a hobby, music, art, fishing, lifting, golf, etc. – and the best conversations I can remember with these friends occurred while we were engaged in some particular activity or event. Even just moving a friend into his new house; it’s about accomplishing something together and in that time relating about shit. When I lived in Florida some of the best conversations I had with my studio guys were during some project we had to collaborate on for a week or two.

Women, make time with the express purpose of talking between friends. Over coffee perhaps, but the act of communication is more important than the event or activity. Even a ‘stitch-and-bitch’ is simply an organized excuse to get together and relate. For women, communication is about context. They are rewarded by how that communication makes them feel. For Men communication is about content and they are rewarded by the interchange of information and ideas.

[…]From an evolutionary perspective, it’s likely that our hunter-gatherer tribal roles had a hand in men and women’s communication differences. Men went to hunt together and practiced the coordinated actions for a cooperative goal. Bringing down a prey animal would have been a very information-crucial effort; in fact the earliest cave paintings were essentially records of a successful hunt and instructions on how to do it. Early men’s communication would necessarily have been a content driven discourse or the tribe didn’t eat.

Similarly women’s communications would’ve been during gathering efforts and childcare. It would stand to reason that due to women’s more collectivist roles they would evolve to be more intuitive, and context oriented, rather than objective oriented. A common recognition in the manosphere is women’s predisposition toward collectivism and/or a more socialist bent to thinking about resource distribution. Whereas men tend to distribute rewards and resources primarily on merit, women have a tendency to spread resources collectively irrespective of merit. Again this predisposition is likely due to how women’s ‘hard-wiring’ evolved as part of the circumstances of their tribal roles.

From this perspective it’s a fairly easy follow to see how the tendency of men to distrust unfamiliar (out-group) men might be a response to a survival threat whereas women’s implicit trust of any member of the ‘sisterhood’ would be a species-survival benefit to the sex that requires the most parental investment and mutual support.

Divide & Conquer

In our post-masculine, feminine-primary social order it doesn’t take a Red Pill Lens to observe the many examples of how the Feminine Imperative goes to great lengths to destroy the intrasexual ‘tribalism’ of men. Since the time of the Sexual Revolution the social press of equalism has attempted to force a commonly accepted unisex expectation upon men to socialize and interact among themselves as women do.

The duplicity in this striving towards “equality” is, of course, the same we find in all of the socialization efforts of egalitarian equalism; demasculinizing men in the name of equality. A recent, rather glaring, example of this social push can be found (where else?) at Harvard University where more than 200 female students demonstrated against a new policy to discourage participation in single-gender clubs at the school. You see, women were very supportive of the breaking of gender barriers when it meant that men could no longer discriminate in male-exclusive (typically male-space) organizations, but when that same equalist metric was applied to women’s exclusive organizations, then the cries were accusations of insensitivity and the banners read “Women’s Groups Keep Women Safe.”

That’s a pretty fresh incident that outlines the dynamic, but it’s important to understand the underlying intent of the “fine for me, but not for thee” duplicity here. That intent is to divide and control men’s communication by expecting them to communicate as women do, and ideally to do so on their own accord by conditioning them to accept women’s communication means as the normatively correct way to communicate. As I’ve mentioned before, the most effective social conventions are the ones in which the participants willingly take part in and willingly encourage others to believe is correct.

Tribes vs. The Sisterhood

Because men have such varied interests, passions and endeavors based on them it’s easy to see how men compartmentalize themselves into various sub-tribes. Whether it’s team sports (almost always a male-oriented endeavor), cooperative enterprises, cooperative forms of art (rock bands have almost always been male space) or just hobbies men share, it is a natural progression for men to form sub-tribes within the larger whole of conventional masculinity.

Because of men’s’ outward reaching approach to interacting with the world around him, there’s really no unitary male tribe in the same fashion that the collective ‘Sisterhood’ of women represents. One of the primary strengths of the Feminine Imperative has been its unitary tribalism among women. We can see this evidenced in how saturated the Feminine Imperative has become into mainstream society and how it’s embedded itself into what would otherwise be diametrically opposed factions among women. Political, socioeconomic and religious affiliations of women (various sub-tribes) all become secondary to the interests of ‘womankind’ when embracing the collective benefits of being women and leveraging both their victim and protected statuses.

Thus, we see no cognitive dissonance when women simultaneously embrace a hostile opposition to one faction while still retaining the benefits that faction might offer to the larger whole of the Sisterhood. The Sisterhood is unitary first and then it is broken down into sub-tribes. Family, work, interests, political / religious compartmentalizations become sublimated to fostering the collective benefits of womankind.

While I can speculatively understand the socio-evolutionary underpinnings of how this psychological dynamic came to be, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out just how effective this unitary collectiveness has been in shaping society towards a social ideal that supports an unfettered drive towards women’s gender-coded need to optimize Hypergamy. This unitary, gender-primary tribalism has been (and is) the key to women’s unilateral social power – and even in social environments where women still suffer oppression, the Sisterhood will exercise this gender-tribalism.

Threat Assessments

Asserting any semblance of a unitary male tribalism is a direct threat to the Feminine Imperative. In The Threat I began the essay with this summation:

Nothing is more threatening yet simultaneously attractive to a woman than a man who is aware of his own value to women.

When I wrote this essay I did so from the perspective of women feeling vulnerable about interacting intimately with men who understood their own value to women and also understood how to leverage it. One of the reasons Game is so vilified, ridiculed and disqualified by the Sisterhood is because it puts this understanding into practice with women and, in theory, removes women from the optimization of Hypergamy. Red Pill awareness and Game lessens women’s control in that equation, which is sexy from the standpoint of dealing with a self-aware high SMV man, but also threatening from the perspective that her security depends on him acquiescing to her Frame and control.

Up to this point, Game has represented an individualized threat to women’s Hypergamous control, but there has always been a larger majority of men (Betas) who’ve been easily kept ignorant of their true potential for control. However, on a larger social landscape, the Feminine Imperative understands the risks involved in men forming a unitary tribe – a Brotherhood – based solely on benefitting and empowering men. The manosphere, while still effectively a collection of sub-tribes, represents a threat to the imperative because its base purpose is making men aware of their true state in a feminine-centric social order.

As such, any attempt to create male-specific, male-empowering organizations is made socially synonymous with either misogyny (hate) or homosexuality (shame). Ironically, the shame associated with homosexuality that a fem-centric society would otherwise rail against becomes an effective form of intra-gender shame when it’s applied to heterosexual collectives of men. Even suggestions of male-centered tribalism are attached with homosexual suspicions, and these come from within the collectives of men themselves.


The above picture is from an “academic” conference (class?) Mediated Feminisms: Activism and Resistance to Gender and Sexual Violence in the Digital Age held at UCL in London. There’s quite a bit more to this than just collecting and codifying the sub-tribes of the manosphere, more can be found here.

Now, granted, this conference is replete with all of the uninformed (not to mention willful ignorance) concern to be expected of contemporary feminists, but this does serve as a current example of how men organizing for the exclusive benefit of men is not just equated with misogyny, but potential violence. As a unitary collective of men, the manosphere terrifies the Feminine Imperative. That fear, however, doesn’t stem from any real prospective violence, but the potential for a larger ‘awareness’ in men of their own conditions and the roles they are expected to play to perpetuate a feminine-centric social order. They fear to lose the control that the ‘socially responsible’ ignorance of men provides them with.

Men’s predisposition to form sub-tribes and intrasexual competition (“lets you and him fight”) has always been a means of covert control by women, but even still the Feminine Imperative must insert its influence and oversight into those male spaces to make use of  them. Thus, by assuring that feminine primacy is equated with the idea of inclusive equalism, all Male Space is effectively required to be “unisex space” while all-female sub-tribes must remain exclusively female. For an easy example of this, compare and contrast the reactions to Harvard’s unisex institution of campus club equalism to the worldwide reactions to, and preemption of, the “Tribe” meetings only attempted to be organized by Return of Kings in February.

Making Men

By controlling men’s intrasex communications with each other the Feminine Imperative can limit men’s unified, collective, understanding of masculinity and male experiences. Feminine-primary society hates and is terrified of men defining and asserting masculinity for themselves (to the point of typifying it as potentially violent), but as connectivity progresses we will see a more concentrated effort to lock down the narrative and the means of men communicating male experiences.

I’ve detailed in many prior posts how the imperative has deliberately misdirected and confused men about a unified definition of masculinity. That confusion is designed to keep men guessing and doubting about their “security in their manhood” while asserting that the feminine-correct definition is the only legitimate definition of healthy, ‘non-toxic’, masculinity. This deliberate obfuscation and ambiguity about what amounts to ‘authentic masculinity’ is another means of controlling men’s awareness of their true masculine potential and value – a potential that they rightly fear will mean acquiescing to men’s power over their Hypergamous social and personal control. Anything less than a definition of masculinity that fosters female primacy and fempowerment is labeled “toxic masculinity” – literally and figuratively poisonous.

This is the real, operative reason behind the obsessive, often self-contradicting, need for control of male space by the Feminine Imperative. Oversight and infiltration of male sub-tribes and instituting a culture of self-policing of the narrative within those sub-tribes maintains a feminine-primary social order.

Building Better Betas

Since the time in which western(izing) societies shifted to unfettering Hypergamy on a social scale there has been various efforts to demasculinize – if not outright feminize – the larger majority of men. Today we’re seeing the results of, and still persistent efforts of this in much starker contrast as transgenderism and the social embrace of foisting gender-loathing on boys becomes institutionalized. A deliberate promotion of a social constructivist narrative about gender identity and the very early age at which children can “choose” a gender for themselves is beginning to be more and more reinforced in our present feminine-primary social order.

As a result of this, and likely into our near future, today’s men are conditioned to feel uncomfortable being “men”. That discomfort is a direct result of the ambiguity and misguidance about conventional masculinity the imperative has fostered in men when they were boys. This feminization creates a gender loathing, but that loathing comes as the result of an internal conflict between the feminine-correct “non-toxic” understanding of what masculinity ought to be and the conventional aspects of masculinity that men need to express as a result of their biology and birthright.

Effectively, this confusion has the purpose of creating discomfort in men among all-male sub-tribes. These masculine-confused men have difficulty with intersocial communication within the sub-tribes they’re supposed to have some sort of kin or in-group affiliation with.  Even the concept of “male bonding” has become a point of ridicule (something typical of male buffoons) or suspiciously homosexual , so, combined with the feminine identification most of these men default to, today’s “mangina” typically has more female friends and feels more comfortable communicating as women communicate. These men have been effectively conditioned to believe or feel that male interaction or organization is inherently wrong, uncomfortable or contrived, possibly even threatening if the organizing requires physical effort. Consequently, interacting as a male becomes ridiculous or superficial.

Pushing Back

What then is to be done about this conditioning? For all the efforts to destroy or regulate male tribalism, the Feminine Imperative still runs up against men’s evolved predispositions to interact with the outside world instead of fixating on the inside world of women. Below I’ve pieced together some actionable ideas that might help men come to a better, unitary way of fostering the male tribalism the Feminine Imperative would see destroyed or used as a tool of soci0-sexual control:

  • While it is vitally important to maintain a male-specific mental point of origin, together men need a center point of action. Women talk, men do. Men need a common purpose in which the tribe can focus its efforts on. Men need to build, coordinate, win, compete and problem solve amongst themselves. The ‘purpose’ of a tribe can’t simply be one of getting together as like-minded men; in fact, groups with such a declared purpose are often designed to be the most conciliatory and accommodating of the Feminine Imperative. Men require a common, passionate purpose to unite for.


  • Understand and accept that men will naturally form male hierarchies in virtually every context if that tribe is truly male-exclusive. There will be a reflexive resistance to this, but understand that the discomfort in acknowledging male hierarchies stems from the Feminine Imperative’s want to make any male authority a toxic form of masculinity. Contrary to feminine conditioning male hierarchies are not necessarily based on Dark Triad manipulations. That is the ‘fem-think’ – any male created hierarchy of authority is by definition evil Patriarchy.


  • Recognize existing male sub-tribes for what they are, but do so without labeling them as such. Don’t talk about Fight Club, do Fight Club. As with most other aspects of Red Pill aware Game, it is always better to demonstrate rather than explicate. There will always be an observer effect in place when you call a male group a “male group”. That tribe must exist for a passionate reason other than the express idea that it exists to be about men meeting up. Every sub-tribe I belong to, every collective interest I share with other men, even the instantly forming ones that arise from an immediate common need or function, all exist apart from “being” about men coming together.Worldwide “tribe” day failed much for the same reasons an organization like the Good Men Project fails – they are publicized as a gathering of men just “being” men.


  • Push back on the invasion of male space by being uncompromising in what you do and organize with passion. Make no concessions for women in any all-male space you create or join. There will always be a want to accommodate women and/or the fears of not being accommodating of feminine-primary mindsets within that all-male purview. Often this will come in subtle forms of anonymous White Knighting or reservations about a particular passion due to other men’s Blue Pill conditioning to always consider the feminine before considerations of themselves or the tribe. It is vitally important to the tribe to quash those sympathies and compromising attitudes as these are exactly the designs of the Feminine Imperative to destroy a tribe from within.Make no concessions for competency of women within the tribe if you find yourself in a unisex tribal situation. Even the U.S. military is guilty of reducing combat service requirements for women as recently as this month. If you are a father or you find yourself in a role of mentoring boys or young men it is imperative that you instill this no-compromise attitude in them and the organizations that they create themselves.


  • The primary Red Pill / Game tenets that you’ve learned with respect to women are entirely applicable in a larger scope when it comes to resisting the influences of the Feminine Imperative. Frame and a return to a collectively male-exclusive Mental Point of Origin are two of the primary tenets to apply to non-intimate applications of resistance in terms of aspects of society. Observations and the Red Pill Lens should inform your interactions with women and men on a social scale.


Finally, I want to close by restating that my approach to resisting the influences of the Feminine Imperative on a meta-social scale is the same bottom-up approach I used with unplugging men from their Blue Pill doldrums. Once men have taken the first steps in Red Pill awareness this new perspective has a tendency to expound into greater social understandings and a want for applications beyond hooking up with desirable women. That Red Pill awareness becomes a way of life, but moreover, it should inform us as men, as tribes, about how best to maintain ourselves as masculine-primary individuals and organizations.

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Cómo ponerla en la primera cita

Always assume that you’re going to bang – that is the best piece of advice I can give you.

1. Attire. Wear clothes you are comfortable in. I don’t mean actual comfort; I mean clothes that you have scored in before, or had compliments about. The aim is to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of insecurity regarding a new garment, or combination of garments. Being relaxed is key.

If you wear brown shoes, wear a brown belt. Black shoes, black belt. Don’t wear blue jeans and a blue shirt unless the shades of blue are extremely different. As a general rule, wear brown shoes + Brown belt with blue. The quality of your clothing is not as important as the colour coordination. Get used to looking at your clothes as a net effect. Generally, women are far more perceptive about colour coordination than men, you should be coordinated whilst not looking like you tried too hard.

Aftershave, perfume, whatever – do not over do it! If you’re going to trim nails, pubes, cut hair, whatever, do it 2-3 days before so by the time you are on the date you feel natural, (length of time for haircut to feel natural may be longer.)

2. Pre-drink. Have ONE pre-drink. In order to connect with the target you need to be on a similar level (Roosh: Bang) if you arrive drunk you’ll both sense it and the connection is lost. One drink will loosen you up and she will probably have done the same, thereby starting the date on the same level.

Avoid drugs before hand, cocaine makes you talk shit, your eyes look wide and they can sense something is off almost immediately. MDMA makes you seem too laid back and dreamy. Weed makes you too paranoid, and prescription meds generally zone you out. I have experimented with all the above to get an edge, and the only one that I’ve found can help is beta blockers, if you are REALLY nervous. Otherwise, that nervousness is actually needed in order to help form the connection, as on first dates, senses are heightened and the want to connect is already there. The other drug I sometimes take, are dick pills al a Brian Redban (JRE:784#). If the date is going well I might take ONE – it makes me horny which turns the girl on further, IF the date is going well. Sometimes I’ll drop before the date, just to see what happens, but that’s basically just to fuck with myself – if you want to take a dick pill, do it after you’ve begun to make out and grope.

3. Hold your frame on arrival. Don’t get lost in the nervous swirl of “how to play it” as you make your way there, or whilst you are waiting. Be natural. She will be nervous, therefore make your frame rock steady strong and calm, she will be more than happy to fall in to it.

Greet with big smile, open arms, double cheek kiss to double hand hold <- advanced move. Ask her how she is, do the polite “fine thank you”, “did you get here ok?” etc. Veering from the script of social norms too early is a risk.

If you meet outside somewhere, do not instantly start walking to the destination as soon as she arrives, have your little stop and chat, then you tell her, ok let’s go to XYZ. If you meet in a bar, similarly do not immediately ask her what drink she wants, have your little awkward first conversation, then tell her what you’re going to drink, and then ask her what she wants. Women as we know can be notoriously bad at making decisions, if she starts umming or looks confused about what drink to have – just suggest a mojito. 9 times out of 10 she will start to think she’s Carrie Bradshaw and will say “OK!”

4. Lead the interaction. Already have planned your approximate bar crawl – 3 bars is good. You are flexible and can roll with the punches, as the goal is to create the feeling of knowing each other more than you actually do (Neil Strauss: The Game) – and, gives you three opportunities to tell her where you’re going. Make it seem natural though, not like your some fucking weirdo that plans dates, which is what you have actually done.

After you practice you’ll find you have different routes for different towns that you have set in your head, this is when you’re a real baller. Bonus points if you can get them on public transport for a VERY small amount of time to get to the next bar. Trains > Buses.

5. Pay for the first round, and be prepared to pay for the entire date. I didn’t say it was equal opportunities – I said it was how to bang. Dates are different to club scenes where being overly generous is a beta move. On a date, paying is not quite the same. If she offers, let her pay. If she doesn’t you can either walk, or get your wallet. Realistically she’ll pay for one round, for your two. If you’re reading this screaming – “I never pay for two rounds or buy drinks for girls!” then you’re a faggot. I’m not saying be an open wallet, but there is a way to pay for things, which makes you lead; men have been doing it since the stone age, tap in to that.

6. Drink Selection Cocktails are good. Firstly the placebo NLP effects of saying “cock” (Can’t remember his name: The Game). Secondly, they contain shit loads of alcohol and taste like sugary drinks. Alcohol is a great lubricant. Be careful that you don’t drain you drink whilst she is still on the first 10% of hers. Avoid pints of lager, you’ll be pissing every 5 minutes, burping like a camel, and your breath will stink of shit. Bottles of Proseco to share are good, cocktails are great, and white wine is good, or shorts, i.e. Jack and Coke, Gin and Tonic etc.

Encourage selection of cocktails, choosing different cocktails, and the trying of each other’s cocktails. The combination of different alcohol will get you both more drunk, the shared experience will boost the date, and the sharing of different opinions on flavours inevitably leads to “UMMMMMMS!” and “oh yeah, try this one!” – all very positive and fun.

7. Conversation stay on script – to begin with; what do you do, what’s new, how did you and mutual friend meet, where did you go to college, etc. The intention is to not fuck it up or seem weird. RSD Julien calls this “dumbing down” and I have to agree. Start boring and work your way in to an interesting conversation. For years I would turn up and let all my freak out the bag instantly whilst being completely IDGAF about it. Yeah it worked most of the time, but I also scared a few off. This new boring and then gradually working up to interesting / quirky is giving me an improved success %. It also kind of plays in to frame; I don’t want to be too emotional too quickly, even if those emotions are positive and fun. I want to be rock steady cool and then gradually work my way in to the interaction like a natural. As the date progresses and the alcohol takes effect you will naturally begin to laugh more and talk about all sorts of things – even by agreeing to meet you she already has one foot in your bed, remember that.

8. First Kiss When she wants to be kissed – just do it. You know the moment, because you feel it. It should be taken at first opportunity; failure to do so for too long will severely damage your chances of getting the notch. Also gradually work an arm around her waist as you do it, they love a bit of groping. See Vin Di Carlo Escalation ladder for the basics.

9. Transitioning to the crib When it’s time to fuck – do it. Staying in the bar too late for the sake of it just means you’re too scared to take bang. After 3-4 drinks, just say “time to go home” and just act like she’s coming with you, if there’s any LMR or she starts saying about how SHE is going to get home, just say “I think you should come home with me” – hold eye contact, then begin to smile, then kiss. (Point 9 assumes point 8 has happened and that you’ve been passionately making out and groping her sufficiently).

10. Fucking. Get in to your room, make-out standing, pull at her clothes, and grope slowly but stronger than in the bar. If you’re able, PICK HER UP; put one arm between her legs up to your inner elbow, so that your bicep is almost touching where her pubes would be, and your inner elbow is right up against her vag. The other arm goes around her upper-back. Do this slowly, and then walk to your bed whilst holding eye contact, either throw or put her on the bed. For a film example see “last Tango in Paris” it’s in the first sex scene – As a Red Pill man you should be well acquainted with this film anyway for a variety of reasons that I won’t go in to now.

Don’t bother climbing on top for kissing and grinding with clothes on, just start pulling them off. Even if she starts to take them off herself, you carry on “helping” her, just make sure you’re not doing it too gently. Look at her with eyes of lust, in fact do everything with lust. You can also fully undress before bed, whatever you want to do, do it, whatever you want to taste, take it.

The first sexual encounter will usually define to a large extent how the sexual dynamic will be in future. When you cum, make noise, I know, it can be difficult, I myself was a mute lover for years, but trust me, you gotta get primal, throw in a few “ah fuck” ‘s as you get close, and pull her tight and do real power pumps as you see the stars (Sex God Method – for full explanation). I like to fuck like a wild animal then spoon like a baby.

Enjoy. Uncle Luke

(enlace al original en ingles)

La experiencia Beta

La mujer que no pudo lograr que un Alfa se comprometa con ella puede llegar a tratar bien a su BB al principio, no porque quiera engañarlo sino por la novedad de «al fin tengo un novio de verdad» que le hace sentir como si estuviera enamorada.

Incluso una súper viuda alfa puede llegar a sentirse atraída a su BB (Beta Bucks / Plata Beta) al comienzo.

Y no solo los Blue Pills caen en el engaño. Los Redpilleros también pueden llegar a caer, especialmente si les falta experiencia.


Me decidí a escribir sobre el tema porque vi bastantes tipos caer en esta trampa, ademas de que yo mismo estoy constantemente batallando contra esta ilusión. Es una trampa ingeniosa a la que es muy fácil caer. No pienses que la mujer va a sentir siempre frustración por haber terminado en una relación con un Beta.

Todos conocemos los síntomas de las relaciones BB. Sexo a cuentagotas (con suerte), quejas constantes, expectativas irreales de lo que el BB debería estar haciendo por ella, infidelidades, etc. En general la mujer se distancia del beta, no se esfuerza en nada de la relación, pero espera que el si se esfuerce un montón.

¿Como carajos cae alguien en esa trampa?

Podríamos asumir que ella intenta tentarlo porque quiere sentar cabeza y decide conscientemente engatusarlo, lo hace tratándolo bien, escondiendo sus «banderas rojas» y dándole al beta el mejor sexo de su vida.

Pero la situación no siempre es esta y el otro escenario posible (y también el mas probable) es aun mas deshonesto, porque encima es mas difícil de detectar.

Tomemos una mujer que estuvo intentando conseguir una relación de verdad con varios alfas, pero sin éxito. Veamos cómo se siente ella cuando un Billy Beta promedio pero justito lo suficientemente atractivo como para ponerse en pareja se pone en pareja con ella:

  • La mujer se siente validada de varias formas. Antes de su BB, solo obtenía validación por su cuerpo y sus habilidades en la cama. (Por eso los alfas la seguían viendo, esporádicamente). Hoy se siente validada por su personalidad y lo que sea que ella piensa que tiene para ofrecer en la relación, todo esto por el simple hecho de que el se puso en pareja con ella, y no se cansa de decirle lo especial que ella es. Billy Beta siendo quien es.
  • Lo mas atractivo de la relación, para ella, va a ser la validación/prueba social que conlleva tener un novio. Ya no va a ir sola a las fiestas y eventos. La gente la va a ver con un hombre leal que la adora. Hasta es posible que algunas mujeres la envidien (más validación). Pero lo mas importante de todo: El solo hecho de poder decir «Tengo novio» significa para ella mucho mas de lo que vos podes imaginar.
  • La mayoría de las trolas, incluso aquellas que mas defienden el sexo casual, odian cuando la gente las toma como trolas. No quieren que las vean como «fáciles». No quieren que los demás las vean como la mujer que no logra que un hombre se ponga en pareja con ella. Y tener un novio hace que inmediatamente parezca menos trola de lo que es.
  • Este hecho  y el tema de la prueba social le dan una mano con sus amigas. Una mujer es menos amenazante cuando tiene un novio. Sus amigas en pareja no tienen que andar preocupándose en que se le tire a sus novios. Y sus amigas solteras saben que no van a tener que competir con ella cuando salgan y se les tiren chicos lindos. Y encima de todo va a poder empezar a hablar de «cosas de pareja» que para las amigas es mas placentero que escuchar sus historias de troles. Combina todo junto y la mujer siente que su vida social esta mejorando, porque parece gustarle de pronto a las demás mujeres. Las mujeres odian a las trolas, tan simple como eso.
  • Ella va a amar las cosas románticas/de apoyo incondicional que hace su BB al inicio de la relación. Pero las va a amar porque para ella son algo nuevo. Probablemente estés pensando «ni ahí, no es nuevo para ella, siempre tuvo betas babosos que la amaban y que querían ganar su atención con regalos y cumplidos, escuchándola por horas, volviéndose su tampón emocional y apoyándola siempre que ella lo necesito». Y tenés razón. Pero la diferencia es que esta vez ella esta obteniendo todo eso de un hombre por el cual por lo menos siente un poco de atracción. Y la diferencia es el día y la noche. Lo suficiente como para que la haga sentirse bien y para que le guste lo suficiente para mostrarle a este tipo que le gusta. Básicamente todas las cosas betas que te decimos acá que no hagas van a jugar a favor del beta en esta situación. O sea, al comienzo.
  • Puede incluso suceder que hasta el sexo con el BB sea increíble, al comienzo. Solo porque este tipo de sexo íntimo y amoroso es nuevo para ella. Ya tiene bastante calle y encontrar alguien que le de una nueva experiencia en la cama puede llegar a encenderla un montón.

Ya vi todo lo de arriba un montón de veces y la lista ni siquiera está completa.

Combinemos ahora todo lo que ella obtiene de una:

Validación en todos los frentes, mejora de su vida social, un baboso arrastrado que hasta le gusta y una nueva experiencia sexual.

Esto es mas que suficiente para hacerle sentir atracción por su BB, incluso hacerle sentir que se enamoró de el.

No siente como si hubiera tenido que agarrar lo que había.

La mujer termina enamorada totalmente de esta nueva experiencia y nuevas sensaciones. No se enamora de el pero para ella va a parecer lo mismo. Y consecuentemente lo va a tratar como un alfa, al comienzo.

Va a comportarse de una forma que no podría simular intencionalmente si estuviera intentando atraer al BB conscientemente. Porque su afecto es genuino, al comienzo.

Pero, como sabemos los Redpilleros: una vez que la novedad del «al fin tengo novio!» se acaba, todas las enseñanzas de la dinámica AFBB vuelven a aplicarse. Ella empieza a molestarse con el, y tratarlo como el Billy Beta que es.

Podemos ver como esto puede tomar totalmente desprevenido al típico beta. Nada que nos sorprenda acá, y realmente tampoco es nuestro problema.

Lo interesante, eso si, es que esta situación también puede afectar a los redpilleros que están aprendiendo, aquellos que se conocen la teoría pero no tienen la practica. Estas son algunas de las cosas que pueden pasar si sos uno de esos:

  • Podes llegar a pensar que encontraste un unicornio. Esta chica no cumple con ninguna regla. Te comportas como un súper beta en su presencia y no parece haber ningún impacto negativo. Hasta ama tus trazas de personalidad beta.
  • Subestimas tus cualidades alfa y tu propia atracción. Conoces la escala de permitidos beta. Cuanto mas atractivo y alfa sos, mas te podes salir con la tuya haciendo cosas de beta. Sin embargo, en este escenario podes hacer cosas betas no por tus cualidades alfa y tu nivel de atracción, sino por la nueva experiencia que le estas dando. Y esta es la trampa: «¡Guau!, es tal cual como lo soñé. Soy un winner porque tengo todas las cualidades de un beta, pero ademas empece a hacer pesas y ya tengo un físico por encima del promedio. Y soy mas inteligente que los idiotas del gimnasio. Y porque me preocupo por ella. Piensa que puedo llegar a ser un mujeriego pero me respeta por elegir no ser uno.» Y pensás «Soy único porque no encontrás una combinación así en otros tipos, y eso es lo que me destaca de los demás. Soy el superman de las relaciones. Seguro que en la red pill no hablan de esta combinación porque a la mayoría solo les interesa las relaciones esporádicas y el sexo casual.» Esta forma de pensar es muy peligrosa y va a dañar tu motivación en trabajar en conseguir las cualidades alfa que la red pill respalda. Esta misma situación le paso a mis amigos, me pasó a mi, y juzgando algunas de las preguntas y artículos que se ven en los foros y en el sub, le pasa a un montón de redpilleros que acaban de completar sus primeros pasos de auto-superación.
  • Salir con esta chica te va a hacer sentir tal cual como si todo lo que hubieras estado esperando en tus años de Blue Pill se cumpliera. La frustración, la fase del enojo, todo lo que odias, todo eso que no querés que sea verdad, todo lo que soñabas con que la red pill estuviera equivocada… materializado en ella, dándote todo lo que querías, fomentando ese deseo de que la red pill exagera.
  • Esto es lo mas peligroso y dañino para vos redpillero cuyo objetivo final es una relación de largo plazo: dejas de girar platos y te comprometes demasiado pronto. ¿Así que tu objetivo es tener una relación duradera? Vas a sentirte como si ya hubieras cumplido tu propósito. Énfasis en propósito, porque no hay nada que te haga sentir mejor que haber cumplido tu propósito. (No necesito listar los porqué). Y ahí es cuando empezás a temer perderla y junto con ella tu estatus de «haber logrado tu propósito». Tenes miedo de perderla si seguís buscando y girando platos. Muchos redpilleros no entienden las razones de girar platos. Vamos a explicarlo muy brevemente acá: no giras platos solo porque te gusta tener sexo con muchas mujeres. Girar platos es una herramienta poderosisima para encontrar que tipo de mujer es compatible con vos, y ademas aprender a saber cuales son potables para tener una relación de verdad con ellas. Esta diseñado para darte una mentalidad de abundancia y lograr que realmente conozcas a la mujer antes de dar el salto a una relación. La razón por la que te quedas con ella no es solo porque te gusta el sexo y toda la boludez romántica que hacen juntos. Te quedas con ella porque ella probó ser compatible con vos. La elegís a ella entre una multitud de otras opciones (tus platos).
  • Si fuiste un beta toda tu vida, la cantidad de validación que vas a recibir en esta situación va a ser sobrecogedora. Uno de los primeros objetivos que cualquier redpillero debería ponerse es dejar de depender de cualquier tipo de validación. Pero la realidad es que no es fácil. Especialmente si hace mucho tiempo que no recibís algo de ella. Se precavido, incluso bien adentrado en tu camino redpillero, la necesidad de validación va a permanecer siendo tu punto más débil. Es tu talón de aquiles.

Combiná todo lo anterior y vas a poder empezar a entender como es que un beta que desarrolla algunas cualidades alfa y ha mejorado su atractividad puede terminar cayendo en la trampa de una viuda alfa incluso sabiendo la teoría de la Red Pill.

No. Caigas. En. Esta. Trampa.


Incluso aunque estés bien adentrado en tu camino redpillero de beta a alfa, necesitas estar al tanto del peligro de caer nuevamente en el mundo blue pill y de terminar enganchándote con una viuda alfa que celebra la novedad de «por fin tengo un novio». No, no encontraste tu unicornio, no, no deberías dejar de girar platos, no, no poder bajar la guardia.

Las reglas de La Red Pill siempre se aplican.

(enlace al original en ingles)

Resumen ejecutivo de la Red Pill — COMPLETISIMO


¿Qué es la Red Pill?

Este artículo explica por qué estamos acá y cuál es el foco de nuestra misión. En resumen lo que dice es que estamos acá para ayudarnos mutuamente con conocimientos y consejos y así mejorar nuestra ventaja:

Glosario y terminología

Varios de los términos que usamos en este lugar están explicados, aunque sea brevemente en ese artículo.

Lectura sobre los orígenes

Las siguientes entradas proveen el contexto y los orígenes sobre las razones por las que existe la Red Pill y a traves de los años ayudaron a moldear el foco de nuestra misión.

Los hombres no están contentos.
La burbuja de la misandria
La historia de Miguel
Confesiones de un perdedor reformado
El Hombre manipulado
El Sexo Polígamo

Lectura Teórica

Una vez que pudiste digerir el material anterior, seguí con la teoría. Cada sección se separa en fases para ayudarte a entender y reforzar los conceptos centrales y las filosofías que LRP adopta.

Fase 1: Las diferencias fundamentales sobre cómo aman el hombre y la mujer.

Mujeres enamoradas  y Hombres enamorados
Estos artículos contrastan de muy buena manera las diferencias de cómo expresan el romance los hombres y las mujeres. Sabemos que, al contrario de la creencia popular, son los hombres los verdaderos románticos de la sociedad. Un artículo que los sigue es Sobre el Amor y la Guerra, que se puede resumir con la frase «el concepto de amor de las mujeres no es el que les hacen creer a los hombres».

Programas de apareamiento
Cualquiera que esté familiarizado con los ciclos mensuales femeninos sabe muy bien que las preferencias de las mujeres cambian. Así también lo hacen sus deseos y atraccion hacia los hombres masculinos y afeminados. Lo principal es que durante la ovulación las mujeres muestran mas piel y tienden a preferir hombres mas dominantes y trazas «alfa».

Dos tipos de amor principales
Un tanteo superficial sobre el control del Relato. Rollo Tomassi se expandió mucho mas sobre el tema en su blog «El Hombre Racional».

Fase 2: El enfoque pluralista y mercenario de las mujeres a las relaciones.

Ley de Briffault
Un concepto central, con algunos corolarios que describe como las mujeres no expresan lealtad a los hombres beta por el cuidado, provisionamiento entregado previamente por el hombre-

Sobre el Valor y el Valor de las Mujeres
El valor que tanto hombres como mujeres aportan es diferente. El valor de las mujeres viene de ser mientras que el valor de los hombres viene de hacer. Para que una mujer pueda tener sexo, solo tiene que aparecer para que los hombres se le tiren. Para un hombre, tiene que bailar al ritmo de ella y ser de un alto estatus y esto y aquello y lo otro. Los hombres buscan sexo de las mujeres, y no al revés. Al contrario, las mujeres seleccionan que hombre de la multitud que la busca será con el que tendrá sexo.

Hipergamia 01: Las mujeres ven a los hombres como los hombres ven a los trabajos.

Hipergamia 02: Su percepción y contexto son TODO

Fase 3: Liberando a tu mente de la programación social «blue pill»

Powertalk 101

Este es un muy buen resumen de las piruetas mentales y jugadas de poder utilizadas en el lenguaje y sobre cómo las mujeres utilizan subterfugio para engañar a los hombres que no están al tanto del subtexto utilizado.

El manifiesto de la Red Pill y esta Compilación de Videos Red Pill

Expandimos un poco los conceptos encontrados en el Glosario de Terminos.

La Estrategia Sexual es Amoral

La seduccion y la estrategia sexual no tiene un valor moral intrinseco por si mismo; todo depende de como lo uses.

Fase 4: Entendiendo el poder, organización, y la tirania de las mujeres.

La utopía sexual al poder.

Este articulo discute la forma en la que el matrimonio y la monogamia restringe la hipergamia femenina para beneficiar a la civilización. Para aquellos que no estan familiarizados con la historia, Henry IV dijo, «No quiero que haya ningun campesino en mi reino que sea tan pobre que no tenga pollo en su guiso de los Domingos».  El ex presidente Hoover usó la misma linea de razonamiento en su campaña presidencial. El matrimonio y la monogamia y las convenciones sociales limitan a las mujeres a un solo compañero, le sirvio para proveer al hombre del equivalente sexual de «un pollo cada Domingo». Hacer eso fue bueno porque sirvió como incentivo  lo que llevó a los hombres a crear la civilización como la conocemos

En cuanto se forman harems para los hombres de elite y quedan grandes grupos de hombres sin acceso sexual, termina sucediendo una revuelta social.

La razón oculta por la que las mujeres “odian” a los hombres

La Internet le dio cabida a un nuevo tipo de grupo de apoyo masculino… o club de hombres, donde los hombres pueden comparan experiencias y ver si una mujer los esta cagando o no. Esto le quita a las mujeres un poder que venian disfruranto y se lo da a los hombres. En muchos casos para esos hombres tener ese poder es algo que les sucede por primera vez en su vida. A escala social las mujeres sienten este cambio como una amenaza y es por eso que nos atacan y pelean como una forma de volver a poner al genio en la botella.



Women: The Most Responsible Teenager In The House
There thread has created a lot of butthurt since it was made, but the theories in which it espouses are sound, particularly in dealing with women’s shit testing in long term relationships (LTR), the roles men and women are naturally predisposed to, and the establishment and enforcement of boundaries. This is the article that the thread is in response to.

Applying Red Pill Concepts To Your Daily Lives

48 Day of Power Supethread
48 Laws of Power from a Red Pill perspective.

All-in-One Legal Compilation Guide For Men
An unfortunately necessity in this day and age.

All-in-One Red Pill 101
This thread is a great primer of the Game aspect of TRP as described in the Introduction above. It also expands upon the core concepts found in the Glossary and Terms.

Feminist Shaming Tactics and What You Can’t Say
It’s important to familiarize yourself with the logical fallacies and bad faith arguments feminists use when discussing gender issues online and in the media, and how the media is controlled/constrained by those in power to service the feminine imperative. Note: The essay is linked in the What You Can’t Say thread, and is not the thread itself.

A how-to guide for creating goals and staying on track.

LTR Checklist and Unicorn Hunting
A great list of red (and green) flags to help you ascertain if a woman is worthy of your commitment.

Life is short so make it a good one. And don’t sweat the small stuff.

Shit Tests 101
Comprehensive introduction to shit tests.

Shit Tests 201
In effect this was a follow-up to the above thread on Shit Tests.

The Red Pill Interacting With Other Subreddits
This thread offers some practical advice for dealing with other subreddits that are vehemently «blue pull» and their alternatives.

(Enlace al original en Ingles)

«¿Por qué?» es una pregunta estúpida

¿Por qué? versus ¿Cómo?

Por qué es lo que nos trajo a los míticos dioses Griegos, cómo es lo que nos dio el motor a vapor.
Por qué desarrolló la idea de la igualdad de género, cómo nos permitió tener sexo usando la seducción.
Por qué es la pregunta que hace un nene de 9 años, cómo es la pregunta que hace un hombre.

Si sabes ingles, y tenes unos 30 minutos, acá tenes una charla TED donde David Deutch da una explicación sobre buenas y malas explicaciones.

Antes de la Revolución Científica, se creía que todo lo importante y conocible ya se sabía, escrito en antiguas escrituras e instituciones, y en algunas reglas de oro muy prácticas – que sin embargo estaban arraigadas de dogmas, y muchas falsedades. Así que pensaban que el conocimiento venia de las autoridades, las cuales realmente sabían muy poco. Y por lo tanto el progreso dependía de aprender a rechazar la autoridad de los hombres sabios, sacerdotes, tradiciones y gobernantes. Es por eso que la Revolución Científica tuvo que tener un contexto mas amplio.

Yo pienso que La Red Pill y la hombresfera en general sigue el mismo camino que la revolución científica. Nadie en la era de la ilustración tenia problemas de replicación en sus papers de investigación, tampoco tenían papers. Lo que hacían era intentar cosas, reportar lo que encontraban y buscarle una explicación después, simple. Si no funcionaba, al otro día leías su obituario en el diario. La clave son las explicaciones que no pueden ser modificadas para coincidir con los hechos. La red pill todavía esta en su infancia, y generalizando un poco, la hombresfera existe solo desde que maduraron los millenials, creados por la demografía que tuvo la Generación X. Esto nos llevo al hoy, donde hay un montón de por qué.

Todos esos por qué son basura, todos y cada uno de ellos.

Las mujeres son AWALT por un montón de razones

  • Padres malos
  • Validación de los Beta
  • Internet
  • Tinder
  • Divorcio sin consecuencias
  • Globalismo

¿O sea, al final de cuentas, importa realmente el por que? ¿Es algo más que simple masturbación mental? No lo veo como útil. Quizá hay alguna formula mágica, alguna legislación perfecta que haga que el mundo funcione diferente, no seriamos los primeros egomaniacos que pensamos que podemos cambiar el mundo. El tema es que el objetivo de La Red Pill no es cambiar el mundo, de hecho la imposibilidad de controlar el mundo es lo que nos motiva a entender como funciona para sacarle mayor provecho. Solo somos unos tipos compartiendo notas y observaciones.

Esta alta variabilidad es una clara señal de una mala explicación, porque sin una razón funcional para preferir una variante sobre la otra, defender una por encima de otra es irracional. En si, lo que hace a la diferencia y nos permite progresar es buscar buenas explicaciones, las que no varían fácilmente y al mismo tiempo explican el fenómeno.

De nuevo, esta es la razón por la que por que es una mala pregunta. Quizá tengas suerte y la respuesta sea la correcta, pero hay demasiadas variables, así que lo mas probable es que no tengas esa suerte. ¿Ella es AWALT por que X? Solo se necesita un tipo que le lavó la cabeza a la hija para pensar que es un hombre, o una autista con tetas para que se te caiga toda la explicación. ¿Para qué? ¿Para que puedas ignorar las obvias señales que ves a tu alrededor? Anda a cagar. Los hombres no aprendieron Seducción para aprender por qué no la estaban poniendo. Lo hicieron para aprender cómo ponerla. Y lo que vos necesitas es aprender a cómo ser hombre, preguntarle a otros hombres cómo lo hicieron, escuchá qué funcionó, y aplicalo en vos mismo.

Hacela simple, hace lo que funciona, soltá lo que no

No lo puedo simplificar más, ni hacerlo mas accionable ni mas difícil de que te mientas a vos mismo que con este consejo. Si tenes que buscar una razón para explicar por qué estas haciendo estupideces,  es porque te estas mintiendo a vos mismo. La gente no es difícil de entender, una vez que dejas de leerlas a través de tu propio ego. Las mujeres quieren el juguete del estante de más arriba, el mismo juguete que no las quiere a ellas.

Podríamos seguir por día con ejemplos. Lo único que se pone en tu camino para evitar que consigas lo que vos querés, sos vos, y tus expectativas estúpidas. Es tan simple que la gente se ríe de lo simple que es. ¿Qué? ¿Solo levantá pesas y volvete seguro de vos mismo? ¿Si no tenes una posibilidad de mínimo 50/50 ni te calentés? Ja, todo el mundo sabe eso, ¡es sentido común!. Excepto que no lo es. Todo el mundo esta seguro de si mismo, y piensa que está en forma, igual que todo el mundo empieza una pelea con un plan… el cual funciona perfecto hasta que te ponen una piña en la cara.


Deja de preocuparte por el por qué, por qué hacen lo que hacen, por qué deberías levantar pesas, cerra esa boca de maricón cuando te den ganas de llorar. Deja de pensar que tenes que convencerla de cada decisión que tomas, y de por que no podes persuadirla de que te chupe la pija mientras le contás tus planes para la casa. ¿Por que, por que, por que sos un maricón?

Basta de pensar en por qué y empezá a pensar en cómo

  • ¿Como lograr que gente valiosa te adore? Se valioso.
  • ¿Cómo logras ponerla? Se atractivo, no seas no atractivo.
  • ¿Cómo te volvés atractivo? Vestite bien, ejercitá, come bien, larga los vicios.
  • ¿Cómo evitas ser no atractivo? No llores como un maricón, se irracionalmente seguro en vos mismo, internalizá que vos sos el premio, tomá control de tu vida.

Te garantizo de que si empezás a ganar músculos, perder grasa y dejas de actuar como un nene o una mujer, el 80% del trabajo ya está hecho. Nunca me puse a pensar por qué funciona, no esta dentro del plan hacerlo tampoco.

Tu plan es ser valioso, simplemente por ser valioso, por qué es la pregunta de los vagos, porque les da una razón para dudar de las cosas, en lugar de ir y ver si funcionan por si mismos. Por qué es la pregunta que le haces a la gente mas valiosa que vos, para darte una razón para desestimar lo que te dicen, si es que siquiera te responden. La gente realmente valiosa no pierde el tiempo en un nene preguntando por qué tiene que comer vegetales, están demasiado ocupados con su propia vida.

Asi que dejá de preguntar por qué y empezá a preguntar cómo.

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A pedido

La Red Pill fue un esfuerzo de un año que hice para devolver parte del enorme esfuerzo que hace la comunidad para ayudar a los hombres.

En términos de éxito, es rotundo, mas de 1500 visitas semanales y varios contactos personales (con los cuales estamos mejorando día a día).

En la cola de novedades hay infinidad de artículos, opiniones, puntos de vista novedosos… pero la comunidad es tan grande y abarca a tantos de nosotros que me sería imposible seguirlos a todos. Y estoy lejos de ser una voz autorizada en ningún tema, como para especializar al blog en algún nicho.

Es por eso que este blog inicia una nueva etapa, la etapa para la cual decidí crearlo, y es la de fomentar una comunidad de hombres que pensemos y actuemos de forma similar. Por eso, a partir de ahora empieza la etapa de generación de contenido a pedido, ustedes piden, yo los ayudo, el blog crece, la comunidad se fortalece.

Espero sus comentarios.


-José Redpill.