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Tips para el hombre de levante


  • Let go of your outcome.
  • Strive for FUN.
  • You can never be certain that she won’t reject you, so give up on green lights (IOI) and GO.
  • You rely on “pickup” lines to eventually discard reliance on pickup lines.
  • Normal guys are boring and slightly awkward when /if talking to hot chicks
  • Even if you are totally boring and awkward, the worst you can be is normal.
  • NOT opening a girl means you are a selfish dick who wants to retain all the awesomeness in your life for just yourself.
  • She is just as nervous, if not more, than you.
  • Women go into public to be opened, they put on make up to be opened, their «girls nights» are designed to get dick.
  • See yourself as a man that women desire.
  • Know that you can and will please her.
  • Always assume that it’s on, that she desperately wants you, and that you hold all the cards.
  • Have the attitude that you are auditioning or testing the girls to see if they meet your standards.
  • Never focus on your looks (genes), focus on how you present yourself
  • You deserve the best of everything.
  • Be Energetic.
  • Be Well-groomed.
  • Be Sexual (Thoughts and Actions.)
  • Show desire through eyes.
  • Be Confident.
  • Be Relaxed.
  • Don’t be a friend; be a lover.
  • Slow movements
  • Minimal smiling
  • Contrapposto
  • Impatient outward glances
  • No hands in pockets
  • Open legs
  • Straight back
  • Hold your drink low
  • No fidgeting
  • Low vocal tone
  • Slow speech/accentuate every word
  • Don’t laugh at own jokes
  • Take up space
  • Avoid nervous tics/self-grooming
  • Pregnant pauses
  • Look straight or up, never down
  • Center yourself around your crotch


  • Don’t wait to approach her until she’s alone. Even if she likes you, her friends will soon drag her away.
  • Don’t stare at her for more than three seconds before approaching. Hesitate, and you’ll either creep her out or psyche yourself out.
  • Don’t be afraid to approach her just because there are men in the group. Often, you’ll discover that she’s with family, friends or co-workers.
  • Never open a conversation by apologizing. Phrases like «Excuse me…», «Pardon me…» and «I’m sorry, but…» make you sound like a beggar.
  • Don’t hit on her or give her a generic compliment. Instead, start a conversation with an entertaining anecdote or question, such as asking the group to suggest names for a three-legged cat or a store that sells 70s memorabilia. It may sound corny, but everyone loves to give their opinion.
  • Never, ever buy her a drink. You shouldn’t have to pay for her attention.
  • Don’t touch or grab her right away. If she touches you say, with a smile, «Hey now, hands off the merchandise»
  • Don’t lean in or hover over her. Stand up straight and, if the music’s too loud or she’s seated, simply speak up.
  • Don’t ask her what her name is, what she does for a living, or where she’s from. She’s bored of talking about the same things with every new guy she meets.
  • Don’t focus all your attention on her when she’s with other people. If you win her friends over, you’ll win her.

Approaching Groups – 2+

  • Approach indirectly. When you begin speaking, talk over your shoulder. Do not face directly or lean in. This will make them uncomfortable. As they become more comfortable with you, then you may turn in and join the group.
  • Do not hit on the woman you are interested in right away. Win over her friends first. Even ignore her, if you must – this will only pique her interest. If she does something silly, tell her friends: «You can dress her up, but you can’t take her anywhere!». This will make her friends feel safe with you and make her wonder how you could possibly be unaffected by her charms. Note: this should not be an insult, but more of a tease, like one might do to a little sister.
  • Enter with an energy level equal to or slightly above that of the group you’re approaching. Everyone’s out to have fun. If you are able to make them have a little more fun than they’re currently having, they’ll accept you.
  • Use a neutral entertaining opener. To start a conversation, ask a question that will pique the attention of most people. Two subjects fascinate everybody: relationships and the unknown. So ask, for example: «Where would you take someone on a blind date?»
  • Root the opener. If you don’t let the group know why you’re asking then they are going to think you’re taking a survey. So add a story: «I’m asking because my friend over there just moved to Los Angeles, and his boss has set him up with his daughter. It’s kind of a lose-lose proposition.»
  • Offer a time constraint. As soon as you approach, the first thing the group worries is, «How long does this guy plan on staying here?». Until you win them over with your humor, personality, or special skills, you must short-circuit that fear by telling them, «I can only stay for a second, because my friends are waiting over there.»
  • Demonstrate value. Now that you have approached and talked to the group, the next step is to make it so they don’t want you to leave. This is where any skill you know – or can learn – will come in handy, whether it be magic, hand-writing analysis, palm-reading, psychological personality tests, or teaching her something about herself. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly, if you pretend as if you are going to leave afterward and they drag you back to talk more.

Banter – HAVE FUN. Little Sister mentality

She Tells You Where She’s From

>“Oh no, a [location] girl? You guys are trouble.” When she asks why, “[location] girls are all brats” or “They’re always hitting on me. They’re really grabby.”

Artist, painter, sculptor?

>“Oh my god, you’re not going to ask to draw me naked, are you? I’m not falling for that again!”

Musician, poet, writer?

“So where do you get your inspiration for writing? Do you need someone to break your heart? Because I’m really good at that.”


>“Oh my god, are you a rich girl?! Because I’ve been looking for a rich girl so I can stay home all day and sit on the couch, eat potato chips and watch TV.”

Student ?

>“Oh my god, are you cutting classes right now?”


“I’ll take 17 cups of coffee.”

“I’ll take a large coffee. And put a little extra love in it for me!”

“I’ll take a massage and a warm bath.

“So what do they pay you here, like $10,000 a week? No? That’s too bad. I was going to ask you out. But I’m looking for a rich girl.”

You run into her again

“That’s so cute, are you following me?”

Talking about the weather ?

“Oh my god, I am hiring you as my meteorologist.” Or “What’s with this horrible weather? You did something to anger God, didn’t you?”

She’s carrying a shopping bag or says she went shopping ?

“What did you get me?” When she starts to answer cut her off and say “No wait, just surprise me with it later.”

She spills a drink or does something stupid ?

> “I can’t take you anywhere. Go wait in the car. This is why you can’t have nice things.”

You’re In line in front of her ?

> “You’re not trying to cut in front of me are you? Because I’m pretty tough”

Or if you’re in line behind her

“I’m not trying to cut in front of you. I wouldn’t do that. You look pretty tough.”

She Tells You Her Name and it’s Strange –

“Oh my god, you’re the fourth [her name] I’ve met today!”

Showing interest is a great conversational pivot from these banter examples to more serious conversation. At a high point during banter — when she’s laughing or smiling and generally digging the vibe — you show interest in a simple, straightforward way. Something like “You seem pretty cool” or “I dig you… you’re all right” works great.

Bonus – Masteron_The_Don’s Kino Specialty – THE BOOB TOUCH

You’ll need to be holding a drink in order for this to work.

When you’re talking to a girl and standing close to her, you lean in and talk into her ear while the hand that’s holding the drink makes contact with her boob.

Leave it there; you’ll be surprised at how many girls let you keep it there and they may actually push up against it.

Remember, this is the back of your hand touching her, so it seems totally unintentional.

If she backs away, you can immediately realize that she’s gonna take some effort, so if you want you can next her without wasting any more additional time. This move can be pulled off minutes after introduction.


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